iOS 5

Recently Apple released their new iOS 5 upgrade for iPods, iPhones, and iPads.  There are a lot of new features that come with this release, such as iMessage, a Camera icon on the lock screen, and even some new native apps for Reminders.  Another great feature that they have released is the iCloud so some of the apps can sync to the iCloud and across multiple devices.  iOS 5 also allows you to sync wirelessly and even install updates directly without the use of a computer.  I don’t want to spend a ton of time outlining all these new features, mostly because I am still learning them myself.  More information can be found at

So instead of talking about all the new bells and whistles, let’s focus on getting you upgraded first.  There are a few things you will need to know to get ready for this release, as it is a major one.

  • iTunes:  You will need to make sure you upgrade the iTunes client on your computer before you even begin the upgrade process.  This is because you cannot upgrade your devices unless your iTunes is at least at version 10.5.  You can do this by using the Apple Software Update tool, just make sure you only do iTunes and Quicktime.  I run iTunes on a Windows PC, and don’t really care for having Safari.
  • Backup:  Once iTunes is all updated, plug in your device and do a backup of it before you begin doing the update.  Just plug in your device, then transfer your purchases by right clicking.  Once that is done right click again and select backup.  More information can be found in my previous post on Updating Your iPhone.
  • Update:  It is now finally time to take the plunge and hit the Update button in iTunes.  You will be asked to agree to a license agreement, go ahead and do this.  Just follow the prompts and take the default options and the upgrade will download and then install.
  • Be Patient:  This upgrade will take a while before it is done.  It is going to download, wipe your phone, reinstall it, restore your data and copy your apps and music back.  So basically it is totally recreating your iPhone.  My iPhone had a lot of apps and at one point I was worried it was stuck, but it wasn’t.  Just hang in there and let it take its time.  Mine was about 45 minutes for my iPhone.
  • Options:  Once your iPhone, iPad, or iPod is done updating you will be asked on the device a series of questions / options.  Just go through them and pick the default or correct answers.  Personally I did not choose to do the iCloud at this time, I want to get more familiar with the iOS 5 before using it.  If you want to use it please feel free, I just chose not to at this time.
  • Enjoy:  You are all done, so give it a try!  If you are like me now is the time to take a look at the new features site and play with some of the options.  You will notice a lot of your icons have moved, you can move them back and re-organize them.

That’s it, you should be all set for the iOS 5 on your mobile Apple device.  As I said I am still learning some of these new features and will probably post more about them specifically as I come to love or hate them.