Recently I went to a work conference and learened a whole lot of new stuff.  One of the new apps I had not heard of was called Wunderlist.  Now this program caught my attention as my wife does a lot of to do lists.  The problem is this is still all done on paper, and not her iPhone.  This means they are often forgotten, and could be lost.  I had looked into finding a more cloud based solution, such as Dropbox, but that just lacked a whole lot of simplicity.

However at the conference I attended one of the talks I went to mentioned Wunderlist.  Wunderlist is a cloud based to do list application.  You can create different lists with different tasks as you can with most other to do list applications.  The big difference is, it is in the cloud!  This allows you to create, modify, and update your to do lists using a computer (Windows, Mac, or Linux) or from your iOS or Android devices, or even from just a basic web browser on any computer.

Now my wife can create her to do lists on her computer, such as her grocery list, and pull them up on the iPhone at the grocery store.  As she marks items completed, they are sync’d to the cloud so when she gets home her to do lists are all update already.  We can even share to do lists between each other through the cloud.

So if you are like my wife and I, and are on the go constantly switching between multiple devices I would highly recommend Wunderlist so that your to do lists can switch with you.  The best part of this powerful tool is, that it is free.