Salmon Fishing 2009

Today my family and I went on our yearly salmon fishing trip in Door County Wisconsin. We use Reel Action Fishing Charters. They had a newer boat this year that is much larger, and nicer than some of their other charter fishing boats.

We left the dock at about 4:00am this morning. We got a total of nine salmon this year. Six of the salmon were all about eight pounds. Two of them were larger being at nineteen and sixteen pounds. Jay fought and landed the nineteen pound salmon. Dee hooked the sixteen pound salmon, but it fought really hard and I helped her reel it in for the last part of its fight. It fought all the way up to the back of the boat, definitely the best fight we had this trip. Dee fought it for about a third of the fight and when she handed me the rod there was still about 415 yards of line out. I also caught an eight pound salmon and a smaller three pound one as well. Trent landed an eight pound coho salmon, which I guess is one fo the biggest they have seen since the average size of coho salmon are about three pounds.

So all in all a great fishing trip. I am really tired and still feel like I am on the boat being rocked back and forth. We got a lot of meat to bring back with us and am looking forward to eating it.