IE7 Pro

I found this really cool add-on for Internet Explorer 7 that makes it surf a lot faster. Imagine the speed of Firefox, but coming from Internet Explorer. I definitely recommend checking this out.

On other techie note, today was pretty good. I drove down to Winona MN to help a friend fix their wireless router and do a go through on their desktop. Put on XP Service Pack 3 and moved them from McAfee to AVG antivirus. AVG is another good free program I would recommend. It is a good antivirus / anti-spyware program.

They bought me dinner and their daughter was way funny. Anyways, that is enough techie tips for one night.

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  1. Aurora says:

    Any time you want to go back out to eat with our way funny daughter, you’re welcome to. Torturing you kept her totally entertained.