Missions:  91-100
91.   Charlie Rogers v1.2

Drax and Angel continue to help out the city of Chicago while Venom and Tempest work to put together Charlie's body in hopes that they can  return his new nova energy to his body.  Meanwhile Bastat is returned to Chicago by the Helgen after being rescued from her disappearance.  She finds Drax and returns to Nova Corps where she decides to stay with them and help them out.  Soon the I-Spy program indicates a  quantum signature by the danger room, when the team arrives they find that there are two knights trying to take Charlie's program out of the  danger room.  Drax is able to defeat them before they can adapt.  The team decides to head out and look for more incoming knights, Drax  stays behind to guard the danger room.  Soon Angel find two guards unconscious outside the hanger.  She contacts Drax who heads down the tube, but senses danger and turns invisible.  When he reaches the hanger it is filled with some sort of gas that makes him lightheaded.  Before he passes out he teleports outside, but remains invisible.  Angel not having heard from Drax heads to the hanger to check it out.  When she finds it filled with gas she opens the door as the cloud of gas heads out and begins to knock the people of the airport unconscious.  When Drax comes to eight hours later, he finds the hanger open and the danger room had been hacked.  He  contacts Angel and they find that there Charlie has been taken and a metal panel had been broken into using some sort of acid.  When Bastat comes down to the danger room she finds that it smells like Venom, even though Venom is in South Dakota.  The team quickly realizes that it was in fact Gaia that had broken into the building and taken Charlie.  Drax follows as Bastat tracks down Gaia's scent across the airport. Eventually they find that she was picked up by Nocturn and taken away.  They are able track a plane that is heading over Missouri, they head to intercept it and find a ship with Nazi symbols on it.  Soon Drax mysteriously flies the jet into the ground, but is only able to save Drax.  When it impacts they find that Bastat almost returns from the dead and rejoins the team, however Drax remains almost a zombie.  Angel and Bastat phase into the jet and are able to take back the box that contains Charlie.  Once they get it, several knights are released from the jet to pursue and recapture the box.  A missile is also released from the jet, but it emits a flash of light before Angel can destroy it.  Soon Angel is contacted by Drax, not trusting anyone she contacts Venom and Tempest to take the box to them.  Tempest flies out to create a storm from to slow down the knights while Angel takes the box containing Charlie to Venom in the Wilson facility.  Tempest is unable however to stop the knights before they adapt, but the Nazi jet does turn around before being ripped apart by the storm.  Drax follows the jet and finds that the knights knock out and seriously hurt Tempest, causing Drax to go into rage, releasing him from Dr. Mindbender's control.  Drax, Bastat, and Angel work to take out the knights before they can adapt.  Angel is able to take the weapons out of Tempest and Drax allowing them to regenerate.  The team then heads down to the lab to try and release Charlie, but when they do his energy quickly returns to his body and Charlie wakes up remembering nothing.  The team does not tell Charlie he is a nova because they do not want him to over react since his new body is still very fragile.
92.   Knightmares

Drax awakens in the morning not to find himself in his room at Nova Corps, but he is lying in bed next to his wife Morgan.  He quickly realizes that he also has none of his powers.  Morgan wakes up and greets him as she heads downstairs to make breakfast.  She reminds him that this is his week off and that she would like to spend some time with her husband, she then tells him to go and wake up Jonathan.  A little unsure of what is going on Drax recognizes his old house in Washington, DC.  He makes his way to Jonathan's room where there is a little five year old boy waiting for him.  He takes him downstairs to breakfast, where Morgan reminds him that he needs to go to parent / teacher conference and leave Jonathan with the baby sitter.  That morning Duncan takes his son to the park where he meets another couple, Charlie and Sally Rogers who are there with their daughter Cindy.  They have lunch together and Duncan is late getting back to the house where he finds Jonathan's baby sitter, Charlene waiting for them.  He then heads off to the school and meets Morgan and they have a conference with Jonathan's kindergarten teacher, Cassandra Dennings.  As he is talking to Ms. Dennings, he is suddenly shocked to find himself still talking to her, but she is now her nova self Angel, and they are in front of the mission board at Nova Corps.  Drax then meets with the team where the discuss the issue that knights have been sighted in Chicago stealing hardware.  They decide to head off to investigate when all of a sudden Drax finds himself talking to Ms. Dennings again about Jonathan fighting with a young boy at school named Damien Killian.  Soon he heads to the doctors office as Dr. Alexis Montgomery gives him his examination before heading on vacation from the CIA.  She tells him he has a rare disease that he needs to be treated for that could cause him to have hallucinations.  He then heads home just as Charlene is leaving.  That night Morgan comes home and they have a family dinner and get Jonathan ready to leave with his friend Curt Trekle, whose Dad is also Ivan Trekle, who Drax knows as Grykus.  Also that night Duncan sees a white hole open in space as tentacles try to reach out and grab him, but he is able to get away.  The next morning Jonathan leaves with his friends and Duncan finds that everyone here is baseline and there are no novas.  Morgan and Duncan head off for a weekend in New England while Jonathan is away.  Soon however, he finds himself as Drax back at Nova Corps where he takes a mission to break up a bank heist.  There he finds two knights and begins to fight them, as he does he finds himself in a jewelry store in New England having just swung at the clerk Morgan now upset, leaves the store as Duncan rushes to apologize to her.  They have a wonderful dinner, and head to the beach.  The next morning the tentacles again reach for Duncan and he avoids them.  Soon after he returns to the Nova Corps team where they are disappointed in him for risking their lives and they are concerned about this reality switching as Venom can find nothing wrong with him, nor Angel.  They continue to work on the problem with the knights in Chicago until Drax switches again, and he is home with Morgan as Jonathan comes back from fishing.  The next day he goes to another doctor who confirms what Dr. Montgomery had told him about the rare virus causing hallucinations and that he needs help.  That day in school Jonathan gets in trouble for defending others against Damien using some techniques his Uncle Ivan had taught him.  Duncan talks with the boy before they all head out to dinner.  At dinner Duncan switches back to a battle between the knights and Nova Corps.  He watches as his team falls without him able to help.  Then Dred appears and tells him he should have rejoined the Helgen, but instead his pride has cost him the lives of his teammates.  Soon he appears back in the restaurant as Duncan, again the white tendrils come at him faster and more numerous before, and he suddenly wakes up, at Nova Corps on one of Venom's medical tables with Angel and Zeroth above him.  Zeroth explains that he was mindscaped by Dred and in a coma for two days, while the strained their powers to bring him back.  Zeroth also explains the normal life that he saw was his minds way of fighting Dred telepathy and that the tendrils were him and Angel reaching out to him, but their appearance was distorted by Dred's telepathy.  Zeroth and Angel rest after working for two days to bring back Drax, and even with Dred distorting his mind to bring him to the Helgen, Drax got the mixed blessing of having his family back if only for a moment.
93.   The One

Drax goes and talks with Tony Aramond on Ibiza and finds out knights are abducting novas and that Tony wants Nova Corps to solve it quickly  and quietly.  Drax is also contacted by the Lady of the Lake who tells him to protect Angel's children and also gives him an unknown gift.  Meanwhile back at Nova Corps, Angel confronts Tempest about his mood and finds he is upset about DK and Cindy has broken up with him again.  She also discovers that TEOTWAWKI announces it is moving its Chicago office to Florida.  The team is then contacted by Sheriff Albright, from Pofolk, New Mexico.  Angel and Bastat head out to investigate where they find that knights have come and cleaned out Corn's lab, taking with them unknown Corn technology.  They encounter corn bots when Angel is shot, Bastat brings her back where Venom finds that Angel is going to have twins.  Angel is then telepathically linked with Dred who offers her sanctuary for her and her babies despite Drax's position with the Helgen.  Angel refuses Dred's offer and chooses to stay with her team.  Douglas Owen then announces he is making Venom a full time scientist and is dissolving the Nova Corps corporation and taking over.  Angel finds that his mind has been altered and there is no more Puck, only a very crude Owen.  Before he leaves the team abducts him from the airport and takes him to Soni while they head to Ibiza.  At the airport Knight himself, talks with Venom and Bastat and informs them that a rogue knight called The One that has become sentient and is on Ibiza.  He tells them they are not to destroy it as it would cause a massive explosion.  The team talks Charlie into going in order to keep him safe, and maybe even use his help against the knights.  As the team heads to Ibiza, they leave Owen with Zeroth at Soni and continue on their way.  On the plane Drax talks to Tempest about what is bothering him, and finds that Tempest also has lived the memories of the alternate life with him and Morgan.  Realizing this was the gift the Lady of the Lake gave to him, he comforts his son.  When they arrive on Ibiza they are greeted by a limo that takes them immediately to the Quantum Casino.  Once the arrive they are greeted by personal assistants, very gorgeous baselines who are there to meet their every need or desire.  Bastat immediately take her cabana boy and disappears to her room.  After sometime Drax and Bastat head out at night to check out Ibiza and to find some clues.  Meanwhile Angel decides to patrol by air while Venom watches over Charlie and Tempest stays stuck in his room by his assistant.  Eventually Tempest is able to break free and goes with Venom to help protect Charlie.  Eventually Bastat and Drax ran into Fabin, who was there tracking for one of Corn's devices.  They used Fabin to lead them to some knights who were attacking a young nova girl.  When the fought the knights they found tendrils going out of them into the girl.  Drax and Bastat quickly took care of the knights and broke then tendrils which covered them with black ooze.  Soon the rest of the team arrived where Venom analyzed the black ooze and found it to be a powerful acid.  Drax had Tempest create a rain storm to wash it off of them but not before Bastat and he lost their eufiber.  Venom found that the girl had lost most of her internal organs and was not going to survive long, Venom then took a sample back to examine it.  Venom discovered that the acid broke the body down to a basic quantum liquid.  The next morning everyone headed out to enjoy a day on Ibiza with their personal assistants.  Tempest however was tricked by his assistant and got really drunk.  Zeroth contacts Angel and says that he was able to break the mindscape of Douglas Owen, but not knowing who it really was, freed Puck leaving him with no memories.  He then disappeared and left to wander the world.  At breakfast a knight disguised as a young girl working as Charlie's personal assistant attempted to capture Charlie.  Drax was able to stop her and she was overloaded by Charlie.  The team now knowing the knights are capable of looking like people, watch Charlie with more care.  That night they head back out and run into Fabin and Professor Corn.  They make a deal with Corn that he can lead them to The One if they return a small box that he has in his possession.  They agree and they find the hiding place where 16 knights and the one are located.  Drax, Angel, and Charlie head into the lair while the rest of the team stays outside to fight the knights.  The team notices as they fight them, none of these knights are adapting.  Inside, Drax finds The One knight shrouded in a white cloak and wired into a pedestal.  Drax rips the pedestal from the ground while Angel fights the other knights in the lair.  After some time Charlie arcs in white energy and leaves for the matrix of wires that the knights were using.  There he begins to fight them on his own while Angel holds his now, lifeless body.  The One drops from the pedestal and begins fighting Drax.  Different tendrils come from it and reach out to Drax.  They eventually touch him and to his surprise Drax remains unharmed.  Soon after The One teleports and  turns silver, exhibiting Drax's own powers.  It goes after Angel and Drax grabs on to it.  In a display of pure power, Drax channels and enormous amount of quantum and rips the arms from The One.  The One then teleports away, leaving the team to clean up the lair and the rest of the knights.  After doing so they take some vacation time and stay at the Quantum Casino on Ibiza.
94.   Orientation

The team reunites on Ibiza after working separately on their own problems.  Charlie is happy to announce that Owen has returned and put everything back to the way it should be, and that they may all return home to Chicago.  Drax introduces DK7 to the team, however before they leave they find that both Santo and Bastat are missing.  Eventually they find Bastat passed out in an alley with no memory of how she came to be there.  The team is then able to find Santo and head to the jet to leave, there Tempest and DK7 say good-bye as she remains there to disappear from the sight of Proteus.  When they arrive back at Chicago everyone heads off to continue their work, while Angel and Drax take Bastat and Santo to the danger room to run them through the Mr. Man program.  Soon the team is back doing assignments in Chicago.  Drax and Santo head out to stop a high speed car chase that Santo brings to an abrupt end using a force field to stop the car.  Meanwhile Venom and Bastat head to the park to stop a gunman holding two runners captive, they are able to sneak up on the gunman but Bastat's instincts take over and before they realize it she has shredded the gunman into a puddle.  Venom quickly covers it by growing plants while the now shocked and terrified hostages are returned to the authorities.  Drax and Santo arrive on the scene where Santo discovers that the man's gun is actually a lightning gun and that he keeps for himself.  Elsewhere Tempest is able to stop a fiery blaze within a building, and Angel attempts to contact Nexus and explain why it has been months since she talked to him.  Eventually the team is given and assignment to break up a drug deal going down that night that has known novas involved.  That night the team breaks into two groups, Drax, Angel, and Tempest head to the top of the building while Venom, Santo, and Bastat sneak into the bottom of the building.  Santo quickly sense quantum and they discover that they dealers are making Soma, a drug created by taking hormones directly from a novas node, leaving them dead.  Venom unable to save the young nova from the process, they prepare to leave when they are stopped by guards.  Santo creates a force field from the bullets and tries to reason with the guards, meanwhile Venom summons roaches and bats to take care of the guards and sends them fleeing out of the building.  Santo is then able to sense another quantum signature and they find yet another nova that is being drained from her node.  Venom is able to save her but only if they get the nova girl back to Nova Corps.  Santo creates a portal and sends Venom and the patient back to her lab to begin surgery.  Bastat and Santo then head out of the building.  Meanwhile on the top floor Drax overhears the conversation between the two dealers, and attempts to take one of them out, but the guy that he hits seems to absorb the energy from his attack into his body.  Quickly the guy assumes it is his business partner as Drax is invisible and blasts a hole right through the middle of him.  Soon a fight breaks out and Drax begins knocking out several of the gunman in the room.  Eventually Tempest flies into help and the nova dealer also blasts him sending Tempest falling to the ground.  Drax goes into rage and takes out several more men before heading to the ground to save Tempest.  There Tempest recovers while the enraged Drax stands there guarding him.  Meanwhile back at the top floor the now very charged nova dealer encounters Angel who uses her mental powers to attack his mind, causing a brain hemorrhage and killing the nova dealer.  Soon the police arrive and are able to round up the rest of the thugs while the team returns home to Nova Corps.
95.   The Northern Lights

The day starts out with Santo stealing a donut from Charlene that escalates into a major confrontation and battle. The team then receives a mission to go to northern Canada near Alaska and retrieve a technological device that was being transported by Hoffman Industries. Drax has Tempest do some research on Hoffman Industries and they discover that Hoffman Industries makes office furniture. Soon they all get on the jet and fly to the coordinates they are given where the plane transporting the device went down. Soon the jet's systems are disrupted by some sort of force, along with all other electrical devices. Soon the team sees a nova flying across the sky leaving behind her a trail of the northern lights. Drax tries to get close to her while Angel puts an illusion on the jet. However the nova seems to sense the jet and finds it, in order to keep the team's secret Angel mentally attacks the nova, causing her to explode in a bright flash of the northern lights.  After several hours the team woke up and noticed that only Angel, Venom, and Tempest were still present.  Quickly they began to search for their teammates, but had no success.  Angel was not able to sense any of their minds telepathically.  Soon Venom caught the scent and tracks of a giant cat-like creature.  Realizing that Bastat had once again mutated they began to track her down as it was their only lead.  After quite sometime Venom led the team to a place where there had been some sort of battle.  There Venom caught her own scent and they realized that Gaia had picked up Bastat in her mutated condition some time ago.  The team then returned to Chicago in an attempt to try and find their other missing teammates.  With no luck, Angel then decided that if she could not find Bastat, perhaps she could find Gaia.  She then telepathically searched for Venom's mind and also found Gaia's.  Tempest, Venom, and Angel then headed for a small town in Idaho where Angel had sensed Gaia's mind.  There in an abandoned church the found a group of knights protecting a doorway.  Tempest using himself as a decoy lured the knights away while Angel and Venom were able to make it into the lab.  However their first attempt was unsuccessful as it ended in a stale mate and Tempest was severely hurt and captured by the knights.  However when Angel and Venom regrouped they came up with a plan in which Venom got close to all the knights, then Angel phased her and they headed to the lab.  There they found not only Bastat and Tempest, but also Jareth as well.  Gaia quickly used Tempest as a hostage and told them to get back, but when they engaged her she infected him with a virus that caused his plant fibers to grow uncontrolled.  Venom then found Gaia as Angel grabbed her unconscious team members and took them to safety.  When she returned she phased out Gaia's heart, but Gaia was able to survive and escape, but not without looking at Angel in awe and mentioning something about finding the energy matrix.  They then returned to Chicago where Venom was just barely able to save Tempest.  She also began to treat Bastat again, as well as working on Jareth, the Goblin King.
96.   The Choices We Make

Drax returns from being on Ibiza and finds that his package from Tony has arrived.  He talks with Angel and discovers that Santo is missing, Tempest is recovering, and Bastat is still a mutant cat creature.  He also learns that Angel was able to recover Jareth from Gaia and that he is also recovering.  Soon the team is dispatched because of group of young novas are blasting Chicago.  Venom stays with her patients as Drax and Angel head out to deal with the young menace.  When they get there Drax subdues three of them and Angel mentally blasts one of them, however it is as if the young nova had just awoken from a dream.  Meanwhile back and Nova Corps Venom stays in the lab as she hears loud explosions and the lights flicker.  She also discovers she is unable to contact Drax and Angel.  Soon the noises stop and Drax and Angel return from dealing with the young menace only to find that Charlie's office is trashed and he is missing.  Tempest finally crawls out of bed and reports back to duty.  Soon they find that the lobby has been hit with a gas and that there are knights disguised as people down there.  Tempest and Angel quickly head there as Tempest tries to air out the lobby most of the knights converge on Angel as two of them stay behind for Tempest.  Angel flees and tries to escape them, but Drax quickly takes his new weapon and sets it up on a dock by Lake Michigan.  Angel leads the knights there and Drax blows them all out of the sky with his new weapon.  Meanwhile back at Nova Corps Venom is greeted by Gaia, Nocturn, and Mindbender who try and abduct her, but she is able to avoid them as Jareth awakens and protects her.  He takes Venom and meets with the rest of the team by Lake Michigan.  Soon Drax heads back for Tempest as quickly as he can only to find an empty building.  Drax does find a glowing pedestal with two knights guarding it.  He quickly takes out the knights but a transparent head emerges from the pedestal and identifies itself as Knight.  He offers Drax a trade, Tempest for Angel, however he also guarantees no harm will come to Angel.  The team quickly contacts Grykus and sets up a portal to keep the team from harm.  Drax meets in the park per Knights orders and in an instant Nocturn is there holding Tempest and Tim, the jackal surrounded by knights.  Drax tries to negotiate with Nocturn and learns that Knight is there as well.  He asks Knight if he could have Nocturn as part of the trade and Knight agrees.  Angel steps in front of the portal and scans Tempest's mind in which he tells her four things.  He tells her that he has Charlie in his communicator, and that he is wired with C4 to kill Drax.  Tempest also telepathically tells Angel that he knows what they have planned and he cannot allow her to be taken, and he asks Angel to tell his Dad that he loves him.  Suddenly Tempest summons a lightning bolt from the sky onto himself, causing an explosion killing him, Nocturn, Tim, and several knights.  Drax in shock begins to search frantically for Tempest as Angel flies forth from the portal.  Venom and Grykus stand by watching in amazement.  Soon Drax pulls himself together and begins to fight off the many knights now going after Angel, but there are too many and eventually they take Angel.  When Angel awakens she is on a table and Knight tells her that he is dying and that he needs the energy matrix from her babies to resurrect himself.  Knight offers to Angel the choice of which child as the procedure need only take one of her children's lives.  Angel tells him to choose as she cannot make that decision, but to leave her one of them.  Knight then begins the procedure as Angel is desperation pushes the communicator Dred gave her.  She falls unconscious and when she wakes up she is on the Avalon with Dred.  Dred tells her that she is not a prisoner and Angel contacts Drax who is still at Nova Corps with Venom trying to find her.  Angel tells Drax what happened and that she is with Dred and feels safe with him and wants to stay.  Angel requests of Dred to see Venom and he does arrange it and brings Venom to the Avalon.  There Venom examines Angel and finds that the daughter could die as most of her energy has been extracted, but Angel's son will be OK, and that only time will tell.  Venom then returns to Nova Corps where Drax decides that she should take her patients and go to South Dakota while he stays in Chicago and tries to figure things out for both himself and the team.
97.   A Call To Arms

As Venom reaches South Dakota, she realizes she must go back and help put Nova Corps back together.  Bastat comes to and goes back with Venom, however Charlie's stays behind at Wilson to be re-introduced into his body.  As they fly back Venom tells Bastat all that has happened.  Meanwhile back at Nova Corps Drax attempts to help out with normal missions in Chicago, but his frustrations shows as the casualties of the crime scenes begin to climb.  Soon Santo returns to Nova Corps, and Drax fills him in some when Venom returns as well.  Venom talks to Drax about needing to pull things together as a team.  Soon they find that the park has been destroyed when they get there they find a partial body on the ground.  Soon they find that it was DK7 that had destroyed the park and that she is being controlled by Cthulu.  Soon they fight Cthulu and free DK7 where she tells Drax that she was trying to revive Tempest.  Shortly there after she leaves and is not heard from again.  Drax then says there is something he has to do and has Santo warp him to the cabin in Canada where he buries the remains of Jonathan next to Morgan's grave.  While he is there Drax also asks Dred to speak with him, Dred appears with Lotus and Zantique.  There Dred answers Drax's questions and informs him that he is keeping Angel safe from harm, and that when the time comes Drax will get his chance at Knight.  Meanwhile the rest of the team hears of an attack Nebraska of a lake being completely evaporated along with a few fishermen.  Venom leads the team while Drax returns, there they find the remains of a knight base along with several of the knight bodies and parts.  The radiation still seems high but is going away at an accelerated rate.  Meanwhile Angel informs Drax telepathically that Dred has attacked Knight and destroyed one of his labs.  Suddenly Angel falls very ill and by Dred's request Venom, Bastat, and Santo are brought on board the Avalon.  Venom looks at Angel and finds that the quantum signatures her babies have stabilized, leaving her daughter a baseline, with no chance for eruption, he son however will still grow to be a nova.  Drax returns to Nova Corps and informs the team of what Angel had said as Venom tells Drax what they found.  Meanwhile a small mountain village is attacked in a similar fashion, killing sixty people.  Angel again informs Drax of the Helgen's success.  Drax then hears from Sonique who tells him that she is tracking the Avalon heading towards Africa.  Drax tells Sonique of his plans to trade himself to Dred for Angel, and that after talking to her there is still a reason for him to go on.  Soon Nova Corps is called in by Team Tomorrow to aid them in attacking the Avalon over Africa.  Before they leave Drax is contacted by Knight who offers him a deal, he will restore Tempest exactly as he was, with no catches as long as Drax takes his team and walks away from the battle.  Drax agrees reluctantly, and Knight promises to deliver Tempest to him.  When the team arrives in Africa they find 20,000 baseline villagers are already dead, amongst several knights.  The first wave of Team Tomorrow members have forgotten their mission and are cleaning the wreckage when the others arrive.  Drax and the rest of the team head towards Ibiza and rest there before returning to Chicago.
98.   Eye of the Storm 

On the Avalon the medical team removes Electrode from the device after destroying the village in Africa and escaping Team Tomorrow.  Dred leaves on business while Angel explores the ship.  She overhears a conversation and realizes that Tony Aramond has been working with Lord Dred and the Helgen.  As she continues to explore she comes across Lord Dred's journal from his meetings with the Lady of the Lake.  In it she learns that Dred has known of a great many things far in advance to them actually happening.  She also realizes that Dred knew this war against Knight was coming, and that Drax would be the one to stop him.  She also reads in the journal that it talks about Drax's eruption and how it would happen, and that his legacy would lead nova kind to a golden age free from the rule of man.  Meanwhile on Ibiza, Drax meets with Tony and acquires some new ammunition for his gun.  When they go to return to Chicago they find that Bastat has run off with her cabana boy and that Santo has returned to Cuba.  Drax and Venom then return to Chicago alone where they are surprised to find Douglas Owen waiting for them there.  They discuss the situation with the team and Owen offers to help as Puck so that they may continue to work on missions and not lose business.  He also puts the rest of the team on suspension and sends a fruit basket to Drax for the loss of his son Tempest.  Venom heads off to the coast of Florida and stops a nova from trying to steal uranium rods from a sub they had crashed.  Meanwhile Drax goes to northern California and tries to recover an energy mapping device for the UTI research facility.  He finds that the facility was broken into and the object was stolen by corn bots.  Drax realizes that this device is similar to the one that Knight stole from Corn.  He gets it back for the facility but decides to keep it himself as the facility lacks the security to keep it from getting stolen again, UTI agrees reluctantly.  Back on the Avalon Dred returns in time for Knight to launch a counter attack.  The knights are able to get past their defenses and infect the Avalon with their virus programming.  The ship begins to explode in the battle and a piece of metal is lodged into Dred's skull.  Zantique, Lotus, and Angel are able to escape with Dred and get him to Chicago where Venom is able to remove the piece of metal and Ivory heals him.  Angel and Drax talk briefly before Zantique moves Dred to a secret location, Angel leaves with them.  Angel then returns with Lotus and Zantique and meet with Drax in which the teams make an uneasy alliance.  Lotus stays with Angel to represent the Helgen and to protect Angel as a request from Lord Dred.  To make things easier she turns herself into Santo to participate on the team.  Owen then leaves as the team has finally come together again.  Soon Angel has a vision of Tempest heading to the cabin.  The team instantly leaves for the cabin where they find the area covered in a deadly storm.  They get into the cabin where they find Tempest covered in a blanket and huddled in a corner.  They talk to him only to find that he is not really Tempest, just a clone of him.  Tempest questions himself and does not expect to be welcomed back to the team as he is not really himself.  Drax and Angel talk to him and make him realize they do not care and that as far as they are concerned, he is Tempest.  As they leave Drax finds a note from Knight reminding him that he has fulfilled his end of the bargain.  They take Tempest back to Nova Corps where Venom examines him and finds that she cannot even tell he is a clone, nor can Angel find anything wrong with his mind, only the fear of not fitting in.  Drax spends sometime with him and before not too long Tempest is pretty much back to his old self.
99.   Knight Fall

Drax and Tempest spend some much deserved time together on missions and just relaxing as the team gets back to their old selves.  With the team finally back together again, Drax takes them all out to eat at the Russian Tea Room, including Lotus who is still posing as Santo.  They also invite Charlie Rogers and his mother along to join them.  However when the team finishes their meal Drax is stopped in the alley and met by Dr. Mindbender who offers him a truce.  Mindbender explains that he is afraid of Knight and wants Drax to stop him on one condition, that he allow Mindbender to go free and unharmed.  Drax agrees and Mindbender gives him the location and plans to Knight's base where he is preparing to merge himself with The One knight.  Drax immediately calls a team meeting back at Nova Corps and also invites Charlie.  They discuss their plans to get into the base and stop Knight.  They decide to tell Charlie that he is a nova and try and train him quickly as they will need his powers to disable to the knights.  Lotus coordinates with Zantique that the Helgen will be standing by once the team gets the shields down and will help draw some of the knights away so they can stop Knight.  Angel also receives an anonymous gift of several devices that were recovered from the Avalon by the Directive.  The team is able to sneak through the entrance when the guards change and get into Knight's base.  Tempest and Charlie head to the control room to link Charlie up to the knights to disable them.  They fight through many Knights and when they get there Tempest links Charlie to the knights network and uploads him.  Charlie then tries to disable the knight network while Tempest holds the room and keeps the knights out.  Meanwhile Angel, Venom, and Lotus posing as Santo head to the generator to shut down the energy shielding to let in the Helgen teams to fight the knights.  As the rest of the team works to disable the knights and the base, Drax takes his gun and heads to the bowels of the base looking for Knight.  There he finds Mindbender leaving and lets him go as part of the deal.  Soon Drax finds the room where Knight is and discovers that he is there and there is a ring of light that makes him real.  Drax and Knight quickly realize the other is there and come to a stand still.  Knight finally convinces Drax to leave or he will release 3000 knights on him, enough to kill him.  Drax agrees and leaves the room, soon he goes back in as Knight has already begun the transfer, Drax uses his gun and starts shooting the machines.  The room explodes in a brilliant flash of light as Drax gets away.  Meanwhile after fighting several knights Angel, Venom, and Lotus have destroyed the generator.  Soon Gaia appears with several knights and challenges Venom to a duel.  As they begin to fight they do little to no damage to each other, becoming frustrated Angel blasts Gaia several times with her choir bolt until Venom delivers the last punch dropping her to the floor.  They quickly reduce her remains to ash and Lotus opens a portal and sends them into the depths of space.  Elsewhere as the base begins to explode and fall apart Tempest is able to recovery Charlie and bring him back to his body, however neither one of them knows the extent of which Charlie was able to stop the knights.  Lotus gets them all out before the base explodes, the team then stands there in the Outback of Australia and watch as the Helgen finish off the few knights that attempt to leave the base.
100.   Corn Critters

As Lotus continues to blend into the team, both Bastat and Santo return from their trips leaving her to hide so that no one will know she is there.  Angel talks to Lotus and she decides to return to the Helgen providing Angel contact her if needed.  Drax talks with Charlie and Bastat and Santo are re-instated into the team and begin working on missions as if they had never left.  The team is then given a mission where they head to a desert town in Arizona to investigate the missing townspeople and authorities that have entered into the town.  Tempest, Angel, and Drax fly overhead to scout out the town while Venom summons scorpions for any thing they may encounter in the town.  Bastat rides in a jeep with Santo that was loaned to them by the local police.  Soon Drax descends into the town and while Angel looks from above.  She tells Drax that she sees a werewolf like creature near a dead family.  Drax heads to the house and engages the wolf creature but finds that the wolf does not go very far from the bodies.  Meanwhile Bastat senses something running near the jeep as her and Santo head towards the town.  They stop and get out just as the jeep is attacked.  Soon they find themselves fighting some sort of creature that runs on all fours and is about the size of a small car.  They are able to take the creature down before Venom arrives on their location.  Meanwhile in the town while Drax is sparring with the wolf, several of the same creatures encountered by Santo and Bastat emerge from the ground and begin attacking.  Drax is quickly overwhelmed as many of them gang up on him, Angel is able to head down and pull him out as she takes him back to the barricade.  Soon Santo, Bastat, and Venom are overrun by the creatures as they emerge from the ground.  Santo quickly opens portals for them to escape in as Tempest picks up the wolf in a twister and takes him back to the barricade.  Venom quickly examines Drax only to find that he is dead and the plant fiber is not growing to repair his body.  Meanwhile Tempest brings the wolf creature, who has not passed out and become human, to the ambulance where the begin to treat his wounds.  Venom does not give up on Drax and tries everything she can, but with no success.  Angel pulls herself together and goes to tell Tempest, who then loses control and unleashes a powerful tornado on the town trying to kill the creatures, but only levels the town as the creatures escape back underground.  Angel is telepathically able to calm him down in order for the team to return to Chicago to figure out another plan.  Under the grief of their fallen leader, the team continues to try and figure out a way to stop the creatures.  Bastat gets cleaned up while Venom begins to analyze the blood from the creatures.  She finds that they are infected by some sort of virus.  The wolf man wakes up and Santo greets him and finds that his name is Matthew Ajax and that his family was killed and he was protecting them in the house.  He offers to help the team stop the creatures and punish the person responsible for this.  Santo also finds that Baron Von Freezemore has come from Latnia to check in on Angel.  Tempest, Angel, and Santo head back to the remains of the town to look for clues and find one house standing unharmed from the storm.  Angel takes Tempest in where they find a lab owned by Professor Corn and are able to learn that the creatures were created by him using Gaia's research.  Angel looks under the house and finds a cavern filled with hundreds of the creatures, soon they are discovered and the creatures attack, Tempest is able to get the data off of the computer for Venom to analyze.  Santo opens a warp and the three novas return back to the Nova Corps building in Chicago.  When they arrive they find that Ajax has turned back into a wolf and is chasing Bastat through the Nova Corps building.  Venom is able to tranquilize him and put him in the danger room until he returns back to a person.  Bastat and Santo decide to continue working some of the missions there in Chicago while the team continues to solve the creature problem.  Venom and Angel head to the lab to analyze the data recovered from the lab while Tempest takes a break in his room.  As Venom continues to work in the lab she is startled when Drax awakens and asks her what has happened.  Angel quickly reacts as Venom is shocked, however the stress is too much for Angel and she goes into labor.  They contact Tempest who arrives and is over joyed to see his father, but is a little overwhelmed as Angel goes into labor.  Venom makes Angel comfortable while she studies Drax, she finds that the plant fiber skeleton has evolved and that when he died it put him into some sort of stasis until it could regenerate him and bring him back.  While Angel is giving birth, Dred appears and says that they need to take her and Venom away as Corn is coming for his research.  They agree and Tempest has Charlie memorize the data so that they can give the disk back to Corn.  Soon Corn arrives and Drax hands over the disk reluctantly.  As soon as that is done Angel requests that she return to Nova Corps and Dred complies.  Venom is able to then deliver the twins that Angel names Alecia Dennings Freezemore, and Christopher Dennings Freezemore after Tempest.  The team soon finds that the son has the power to phase himself and objects at a distance.  Angel sees Floyd and has Floyd use his powers to stop Christopher from doing anymore phasing.  Venom is then free to analyze the research and finds that the infection is a virus that was put there to destroy the creatures.  She also discovers in the research that there is a vitamin that the creatures need to stop the virus from destroying them.  She is quickly able to create a solution that will stop the vitamin and speed up the virus to kill the creatures.  Venom contacts Mr. Owen to head to South Dakota to manufacture a lot of the solution to kill the creatures.  As the night progresses Drax is contacted by the technicians about a man being locked in the danger room.  Drax releases Ajax and finds that he is the wolf man and that he was protecting his dead family.  Drax tells him that Professor Corn was behind the creatures and that the team would take care of them.  Ajax then sets out on his own to hunt down Professor Corn and exact his revenge upon him.  Later that night Angel is visited by Tempest who asks her a lot of questions about Christopher, but she does not think anything of it.  The next morning Angel is greeted by Charlene who brings Angel a bracelet for Christopher that will inhibit his powers.  Angel then meets Tempest and finds he has no memory of talking with her the night before.  They scan the security logs and find an anti-quantum signature that revolved around Tempest.  Angel realizes that can mean only one person, Brimstone, that was interested in Christopher.  Angel leaves the twins in the care of Ivory and rejoins the team to finish the mission in Arizona.  Drax and Venom agree that they will stock a cargo plane full of meat injected with Venom's solution.  They gather this together as the team then flies to the remains of the town in Arizona.  As they begin to drop meat from the plane the creatures quickly come to the surface and begin feeding, as they do they start to explode and fizz with puss as the solution begins working.  Angel takes Tempest down into the cavern below where they find incubators with embryos in them.  Tempest and Angel quickly destroy them while the creatures feed above.  After the town is now filled with infectious goo, the team decides to pour the gas from the cargo plane over the small town, Tempest then hits it with a lightning bolt setting in on fire and destroying the diseased carcasses once and for all.  They alert the local authorities that the town has been destroyed along with the creatures.  The team then heads back to Chicago from some much deserved rest, but when they get there Angel finds that Charlene has become a great baby sitter for her children while she was gone.