Missions:  81-90
81.   Seperate Ways

Angel begins by talking to Floyd about his new powers as Dr. Sauron rushes into the Nova Corps building in a frenzy.  He asks Angel if everything is all right and she says things are.  Sauron says that he has arrived too late, Angel asks him what the matter is, but before he can tell her a white wall of fire comes and encompasses everything.  In the blink of an eye Sauron looks around and finds himself standing in a donut shop where the Nova Corps building once stood.  He knows that the past was changed and that time has re-written itself.  Knowing that Athena is behind it, he quickly begins to look up the Nova Corps team members.  He finds that Dr. Alexis Montgomery is now working at the research facility known as Project Utopia.  He heads to New York and contacts her, after trying to convince her of his story that time is incorrect and that she is living a lie, she agrees only for the purpose of learning the scientific possibility of time travel.  Sauron tells her to meet him at a donut shop in Chicago in five days and disappears.  Sauron then tracks Cassandra Dennings down and finds that she is a former Cerebrum agent who now runs a sanctuary outside of Las Vegas.  He goes there and tries to tell her his story, she believes him after she received a vision of it and after reading his mind.  He also asks her to meet him at the donut shop in Chicago.  Sauron then learns that Tempest is still called Tempest and is now a member of Team Tomorrow.  Sauron tries to convince Tempest of his story, but fails.  He is however is able to convince the boy that he has information concerning his parents and to meet him at the donut shop in Chicago, and to come alone.  Sauron continues to do more research, but cannot find neither Drax nor DK.  Sauron sets a trap at a Washington DC orphanage that the missing baby Jonathan Knight has been discovered.  Later that night he waits for Drax to show up, and a man wearing a metal mask does appear.  Sauron learns that Duncan Knight is now called Damaj K and works for the Elites, a group of novas that win battles for the highest bidder.  Sauron tells Damaj K that he can help him get his son Jonathan back if he helps Sauron stop Athena.  Damaj K agrees and Sauron and him head back to Chicago to meet with the others and to find DK.  Sauron goes to the donut shop and introduces everyone to each other and then leaves them to head out into the streets to find DK, but asks that they all remain at the donut shop until he returns.  While they are there a nova blasts the building destroying it, but all survive and move to the Holiday Inn hotel.  Meanwhile Sauron finds DK and learns that he is called Damien and now runs the mobs of Chicago.  Damien learns of the attack on the building and that someone had hired one of his local nova henchmen to do it.  Damien agrees to work with Sauron only to stop them from destroying his city and from attracting an investigation to him.  They then learn that they are at the hotel and meet them there.  Once they arrive they are attacked by a group of baselines, Damaj K quickly dispenses with all of them before any more attacks can be made.  Sauron then tells everyone that there timeline is incorrect and that they must go back in time with him and stop a nova named Athena from killing a small boy named Diedrick Romanov that will be vital to their future as a team called Nova Corps.  No one really believes Sauron until he opens a time portal and takes them back to Romania.  Once there they setup camp and begin to wait for Athena to arrive, sure enough she does and before the attacks begin she bribes Damaj K with the lives of his wife and son.  By manipulating the now weakened timeline Athena pulls Jonathan and Morgan Knight to the present and offers Damaj K a new life with them if he simply leaves.  He agrees, however the team is baffled that at the same time Athena pulled Jonathan and Morgan Knight that Tempest disappeared as well.  Sauron then tricks Damien into helping him and  Damien kills Jonathan and Morgan Knight and makes it look as though Athena did it.  Damaj K quickly kills her, but after she is gone they find themselves still there.  Sauron realizing that time has not fixed itself has the team split up and look for Diedrick Romanov.  Dr. Montgomery finds him, and also finds Athena there as well, however she has no memory of the alternate future, and is in fact the original Athena that created the problem.  The team encounters her, and Damaj K finds her and destroys her as well.  As soon as she is gone Sauron finds himself in the lobby of Nova Corps.  He talks with Angel and verifies that everyone is OK and leaves as quickly as he came, leaving the team members with no memory of their alternate selves.
82.   Mind Tricks

The mission starts out with Tempest and Drax helping out at a local gas plant.  Tempest contacts Angel for back up as Drax seems to have disappeared again.  Angel informs Venom of what has happened, and heads to the gas plant.  When she arrives they discover a crystal ball that is thrown at Angel from a mysterious source.  They take it back and find that it plays the opening credits to the movie Labyrinth.  Tempest checks the latest news since the team now knows that the Goblin King is still alive.  They find that Ernest Hoggle has been killed and that his body was found in the small town of Little Rock, Idaho.  They also discover that the company has been turned over to his son, Alvin Hoggle, who has a history of crime and drug use.  Angel contacts that authorities in Little Rock only to find that something weird is going on up there and that the towns people are missing.  Soon the team gets another crystal ball from the Goblin King that tells them they have thirteen hours in which to solve his labyrinth, or Charlie, Charlene, and Sally will be his forever.  Angel tries to sense the Goblin King's mind, only to find that Brimstone is protecting it, revealing that he is working with his brother, Baron Von Freezemore.  As the team begins to leave for Little Rock, Venom comes down with a mysterious case of amnesia and only remembers returning from her trip to Wilson Enterprises several weeks ago.  Not have time to investigate, the team heads to Little Rock.  Once there they find the town missing, and also the entrance into a great dome inside a mountain that begins the labyrinth.  Angel discovers that the Goblin King is using some quantum shielding, preventing her from phasing through the walls and ceilings.  After several attempts of making it through, the team gets split up.  Angel eventually comes across Charlene dressed in a Ludo outfit, they work together to get to the castle while Tempest and Venom get captured.  Tempest and Venom are able to free each other and head towards the castle, but before they can get there Angel and Charlene confront the Goblin King.  Seeing Angel, he sets off a flash from a blue crystal ball just as Angel destroys it, when Angel awakens she finds herself in Charlene's body, with no sign of her own.  Tempest and Venom make it to the castle and rescue their friends and leave the labyrinth with no sign of the people from the town.  When they return to Nova Corps, Venom is able to setup a quantum device in a eufiber suit so that it can sustain Angel's mind in Charlene.
83.   The Goblin Queen

Drax awakens in a room at the Quantum Casino hotel on Ibiza.  He quickly contacts Tony Aramond who tells Drax that he attacked a woman at the Amp Room bar.  Tony says he was able to get Drax back to the casino before he was linked to the crime.  Tony gives Drax a suit and sends him home to Chicago.  There Drax learns that Angel's mind is trapped in Charlene's body.  Soon enough Nova Corps is attacked by a woman claiming to be the Goblin Queen, she lures them back to the labyrinth located in Little Rock, Idaho, in an attempt to destroy the rest of the Nova Corps team.  As the team goes through the labyrinth, they learn that it has changed as they go through more dangerous perils.  Soon they all come across a giant scorpion, as they attack it they learn it is mechanical and being driven by goblins that have been mutated from the towns people of Little Rock.  After sometime they come across the Goblin Queen and tell her what Jareth has told her is a lie, after reading their minds she agrees and helps them.  Soon enough they reach the castle and after fighting off the Goblin King, they re-use the device and return Angel to her body, allowing Charlene to control her own body.  The team then returns to Nova Corps and awaits the next attack from the Freezemore brothers.
84.   Celestial Resurrection

After Nova Corps returns from defeating the Goblin King they get back to normal doing missions in Chicago.  Drax and Tempest go out and rescue people caught in a train wreck while Venom works in the lab, and DK is still no where to be seen.  Soon Angel goes out on a mission and runs into Shockwave, who heads back to Nova Corps and meets with Charlie and Douglas Owen.  Soon Angel is contacted to meet someone, her and Shockwave go and meet him only to find that it is Henry Opdahl, the Prime Minister of Latnia.  He says that he escaped Freezemore's cryo-chamber and made his way to Nova Corps.  He asks Angel protect him and that he is severely sick with a cold.  Angel takes him back to Venom and they head to a safe house where Venom can treat him.  Shockwave remains at Nova Corps and trains in the danger room.  Soon Angel is contacted by Tempest who tells her that Drax lost it again and knocked Tempest out and disappeared.  Angel says they have no time and has Tempest head back to the Nova Corps building and wait for her.  Soon they discover that someone is after Henry Opdahl when Angel meets a young woman at the Nova Corps building.  Angel is able to get away with the help of Tempest, but Tempest is attacked and made powerless by a nova named Quasar.  Angel leaves Venom with Opdahl again and goes to get Tempest.  She then heads back to find clues about Henry's captors.  While she is gone Tempest awakens and attacks Venom, Angel immediately returns to find that Brimstone himself is inhabiting the body of Tempest.  He makes a deal with Angel to trade Tempest for Opdahl.  Angel reluctantly agrees and they all meet back at the Nova Corps building.  There Angel, Venom, and Shockwave find Celest and Quasar waiting for Brimstone.  Angel gives the novas Opdahl, as soon as she does they fly off as Tempest falls to the ground.  When he wakes up he sees the novas leaving with Opdahl and defies Angel's orders and knocks them out of the sky.  When he does Angel catches Opdahl and takes him to safety.  Celest pursues her while Shockwave knocks out Quasar.  When that happens Celest returns to fight Shockwave but is entangled in vines by Venom.  Shockwave not understanding why Nova Corps is attacking Celest of N-Vector stands idly by while Celest telepathically knocks Venom out.  Tempest lands and grabs a thing of venomox from Venom but Celest forces him to use it on himself with her telekinesis.  Tempest quickly grabs another and is successful in subduing her.  Angel then returns and is able to break the memory barrier in her mind.  Confused and still left with the mystery of how she survived, Celest leaves to return to her life as a television psychic, leaving Nova Corps with Henry Opdahl and the lifeless body of Quasar.  Shockwave becomes bored with the adventure and takes off again, returning to his playboy life.
85.   Sanctuary

Angel immediately hides Henry Opdahl in another safe house, while Tempest searches the city for signs of Drax or DK.  After a while he sees a homeless man get dragged into a hole of white light and disappear.  Angel is then contacted by someone to meet her at a diner.  She does and discovers his name is George and that he has suffered from an explosion escaping from a cult and is looking for her help.  She has Ivory heal him and helps him recover his memories.  He remembers his cousin and Angel heads to a bad part of town disguised as a drug addict to recover his cousins calendar.  They find that him and his cousin were recruited in a warehouse by a woman named Treanna.  They also discover that the cult is the Cult of Sanctus run by Swarm and they are the ones abducting homeless people for Swarm to feed on.  George wanted out but a device in his head was set off when he tried to escape.  That night Tempest and Angel head out disguised as street people while Venom tracks them from Nova Corps.  Soon enough they are taken through a portal.  Tempest feels something touch his hand and loses some of his powers.  Venom finds that they are in Chile, she grabs the jet and heads there.  Once there she finds her teammates and they come up with a plan of using a sleeping gas to take out the hundreds of people in the cavern.  Then Angel and Tempest will lead the novas back to Venom after she summons an army of animals and plants.  Venom comes up with something that will work, but before Tempest and Angel get to the cavern they are attacked by several members of the cult.  Tempest subdues them with a hurricane, while Angel reads their minds.  Meanwhile Venom is attacked by several cult members as well, but uses the animal army to stop them.  Angel and Tempest head back to help her, they then try and go back to gas the cavern and after succeeding they find that it is empty.  As the team tries to enter the plane, Tempest is sucked through a portal.  Angel tries to blast at Treanna but as she does the portal disappears and Angel hits the plane instead.  Treanna tells Tempest that her and Skull want out from underneath Swarm and that they want to meet with Nova Corps in half an hour.  They return Tempest to Nova Corps, but Angel does not believe that Treanna is sincere.  They team heads off to meet at the cavern, but Tempest is attacked and disappears through a portal as he falls.  Angel destroys his attackers while her and Venom try to figure out what to do next.  Tempest awakens to find Treanna and DK standing over him.  DK says he cannot stay and that he must finish some things before returning to Nova Corps.  Treanna contacts Angel and has her meet in another cavern there her and Skull try to ask for her help, and return Tempest healed and unharmed.  They agree to help and head into the cavern with Swarm after the cult members have left.  There they battle Swarm and another nova named Shydox.  Skull kills Shydox, but Swarm escapes before they can catch him.  They try to follow but do not find him, Treanna stays to help release the cult members from their implants.  After a while Drax comes out of the jungle carrying the remains of Swarm with him.  He says he woke up at Nova Corps and Treanna came and took him here with a portal.  The team takes a commercial flight him and has the technicians return to pick up the jet as they head back to Chicago.
86.   The Sinod I

As the team returns home, Drax feels an itching on his back.  When they return to Nova Corps he takes his shirt off and finds a blister the size of a fist under his should blade.  He quickly has Venom analyze it, however when she takes a sample it fills with blood.  After some tests Venom determines it is a very complex form of cancer.  She quickly tests the rest of the team, when she does she also finds that Angel is pregnant.  Putting that with her visions, Angel quickly comes to the conclusion that it was in fact the Goblin King that got her pregnant.  Venom continues to work on discovering this new cancer when Angel and Drax are called to a conference room to meet someone.  There they meet a man who says his name is Musashi, and that he has come for Drax as Drax killed his sister.  After some discussion they realize that Musashi's sister was Tanya Kornowski, the red haired girl that Drax had killed in the Amp Room on Ibiza.  Drax explains he was not in control of himself at the time, Musashi is able to sense his thoughts and agrees with Drax, but requests to remain to discover what is in fact going on.  They then head to the lab to have Musashi tested for the virus as well.  There Venom tells them that she has discovered it is in fact a nova of some kind, that it has quantum and it is sentient, and that its rate of infection Drax has about a week before he dies.  Drax and Angel quickly deduce that this is what has been making Drax black out for some time now.  She also tells them that she found foreign DNA in Drax, and it matched that of Halloween Jack.  Drax realizes when he killed Halloween Jack he got infected because Halloween Jack was infected.  Musashi tells them that he was going to meet his sister because she claimed that something was infecting their hometown.  The team is also careful what they tell Tempest as not to upset him too much.  Soon Angel gets a vision of DK sacrificing himself, and soon after Puck appears in Venom's lab with an unknown woman.  They both look severely beaten and fall unconscious immediately.  Soon after Drax got a message from an anonymous person requesting the return of the two people he had.  Drax was to put them in a white van in the alley in one hour, or they would be taken by force.  Soon after they were able to wake Puck up and ask him a few questions.  Puck tells them that the woman's name is Keasha, and that her, DK, and himself were abducted by an organization called Proteus.  Puck would not tell them much about Proteus, only that the three of them had had dealings with them in the past, and the less they knew the better.  He also told him that they had tortured the three of them asking about something called the Sinod.  Puck also told them that it was DK that allowed them to escape and that he had stayed back to hold them off so Puck could teleport himself and Keasha out.  Drax tells Puck about the fact that they will be coming for him and Keasha, and that Venom needs to go away to continue her work on the cancerous virus.  Puck tells them he only has a little energy left and that he could only take one person.  They agreed to protect Keasha so Puck could take Venom to her lab at Wilson to continue research.  She quickly gathered her things and they left in a plink.  Drax tells Charlie to clear the building as trouble is coming, Charlie does so without question.  Soon after a white van shows up in the alley next to Nova Corps, Drax turns invisible, and so does Musashi.  They both head out to the van, but find that it is dangerous, after sometime they open it and Angel tries to create an illusion of Puck and Keasha being put into the van.  Soon the team realizes that there is no traffic on the street and the area has been cleared.  Soon the block fills with people in eufiber suits.  Angel takes the unconscious Keasha and phases her into the building next door.  Meanwhile Drax and Musashi attempt to flee but are hit with a white light that suppresses their powers for a time.  Tempest is able to pick them up into the clouds using the wind, but soon he is hit as well.  He holds onto the two of them while they continue to be propelled by the winds.  Soon they find their powers return as the people begin to swarm the Nova Corps building.  Musashi is telekinetically throws a dumpster on some of the men while Drax heads to the roof, there he encounters some more men in suits and quickly disperses with them.  Meanwhile Tempest makes it to the roof and rests while his powers return.  Musashi then sees men on the roof across from Nova Corps, he mentally forces one of them to open fire on his friends, taking down that group of men.  Angel finds that Proteus men come after her too, she heads to the danger room but is blasted with white energy, Keasha awakens and Angel says she must trust her.  The two then head for one of the tubes and then onto the sub.  They get into the sub and find their way out to lake Michigan.  There Keasha tells Angel that she used to work for Proteus and they are after the Sinod, a nova that is tainted into a monstrosity, it is a cancerous virus that infects its victims and dominates them until their bodies are useless.  It then uses these bodies to create a flesh mound, a master hive for itself.  Angel quickly realizes this is what Drax has.  Back at Nova Corps Tempest regains his powers and freezes some of the Proteus men in place.  Drax also notices that they have some kind of scanner that goes off when they get close to only Drax.  After sometime the guys are able to subdue all of the men within the Nova Corps building.  Angel and Keasha return and Keasha tells the team, and Venom about the Sinod.  Drax realizes that the scanners were tracking the Sinod and not him.  Musashi then leaves, offering his services if Nova Corps needs him again, while Venom works diligently to find a cure for Drax.
87.   The Sinod II

The team continues to worry as there appears to be no signs of DK, and Drax is not getting any better.  Angel places a tracker under Drax's skin so they can track him if he loses it again.  Drax decides to take some time and spend with his son before he dies, he also contacts Sonique to inform her that he may only have a few days left on earth.  While Drax and Tempest are spending time together, Drax loses it and disappears.  Tempest is able to follow him with the tracker to Missouri, Angel worried about the danger decides to contact Puck to follow Drax and stop him.  Venom contacts Angel and informs her that she found a way to cure a normal cancer similar to the Sinod.  She then tells Angel if she could only make the Sinod baseline, she could probably cure it, but that venomox does not work since it cannot alter the DNA of the Sinod.  Venom says that they need to attack it on an energy level, but it would take a machine of great power to disrupt the quantum of the Sinod and that the scientists capable of building one would not want to help Drax.  Angel decides to start looking on opnet for machinery or novas that could disrupt quantum fields.  Venom also informs Drax of her discovery.  Angel works late into the night with no success, while she is working Floyd the janitor comes and to clean the computer lab. It is at that moment Angel realizes that Floyd's powers may be able to do it.  Angel contacts Venom and explains that Floyd is a nova capable of disrupting quantum fields and making novas baseline.  Venom tells Angel to watch Floyd while she makes the return trip to Nova Corps.  A short time later Angel can no longer contact Tempest, and Puck appears in the medical lab with Tempest's bloody body.  They let him rest while the plant fibers re-grow.  However Puck disappears in mid-sentence leaving Angel alone with Tempest.  Angel takes Floyd and heads out to where they encountered Drax to look for clues, there she finds a lot of blood covering the ground, and the tracker she put in Drax.  Later on, Drax wakes up naked in a field next to Puck.  They walk into town and find that they are in Oakland, Kentucky.  The town appears to be deserted, Puck then teleports him and Drax back to Nova Corps.  Meanwhile, back at Nova Corps Venom returns to her lab to find Tempest blowing a hole in the wall, realizing he has been infected, she uses venomox to sedate him.  Angel and Floyd return and they begin using the cure on Tempest with success.  At this moment Puck and Drax appear in the medical lab, and Venom has Floyd use his powers on them so that she can begin curing them as well.  Within a couple of hours Puck and Tempest are cured, but Drax takes much longer as his infection is far more advanced.  Angel is then contacted by a man that offers to help them stop the Sinod and that they would provide a team of scientists to help acquire it.  Angel reluctantly agrees despite the warnings from Keasha and sets them up in a conference room downstairs.  Meanwhile in Venom's lab, Sonique bursts in with Charlie in tow to see Drax one last time.  Venom tells her to get out, and a fight breaks with Tempest and Venom against Sonique.  Angel is able to make it to the lab and apologizes to Sonique and takes her to a room to rest and recover.  She tells Sonique that Tempest is a little protective of his father, Sonique is shocked to hear this, and Angel leaves not to do anymore damage.  Drax wakes up and they tell him of the attack on Sonique, he goes and talks with her.  She then leaves and heads to the Holiday Inn.  Angel also tells him that the scientists want to use him to find the Sinod, but he has already been cured by Venom.  The team talks with the scientists and heads to Oakland, Kentucky where Drax and Puck woke up.  There they are attacked by several animals infected with the Sinod.  The reach the clearing in front of a cave where they are attacked by several novas.  One of them turns Tempest and Venom to stone before Drax can stop him.  Angel holds Floyd phased while the battle insues.  Drax reaches the inside of the cavern and there he finds that walls are covered with several body parts, one of them being a little girl.  He goes into rage and begins to go into the Sinod, when he comes out he teleports to freedom before he can be infected again.  Keasha and the scientists with their two novas fend for themselves in the meadow.  Keasha is able to take several blasts from a very powerful nova, but the two novas protecting the scientists die.  Soon on the horizon Puck appears with Charlie and the Nova Corps jet.  Keasha is able to protect them, however after being attacked several times they lose two of them, and Angel is able to phase and save the third.  Drax tries to help Keasha but is mentally dominated by Dr. Zeroth, who tells Drax to remove his clothes and follow him.  One nova alters the gravity around Keasha sending her into the air, but she is saved by Puck.  Puck is even able to teleport Drax away before they can infect him again.  Drax awakens in the hotel room of Sonique naked, there he discovers that he had sent her two dozen roses and she was very tipsy from drinking.  Puck re-appears and takes Drax to the Nova Corps jet before anything happens between him and Sonique.  He gets a new uniform and finds that there is no one left to fight.  Angel brings Floyd to the jet with the rest of the team, she decided to take the scientist into the cavern to look for the root of the Sinod to assemble their machine.  Charlie takes the jet into orbit so the team can rest before they fight again.  Drax wakes up recharged to find Tempest sleeping on his shoulder and no longer being a stone statue.  The team separates into two teams, one to fight the novas in the front, and the other to take the machine into the root to fight the Sinod.  Angel, Venom, Puck, Keasha, and the scientist head into the deep cavern to fight Sinod using the abilities of Puck and Angel.  Charlie flies the jet with Floyd while Drax and Tempest head into the meadow to fight the novas.  As they battle several other novas come to fight that were infected by the Sinod from the outside world, Tempest is able to stop most of them with the weather while Drax fights hand to hand.  Meanwhile, the team inside the cavern gets the machine assembled and working, but they are attacked and Keasha gets infected.  In order to stop her from destroying the machine, Angel kills her.  Puck leaves and heads to the meadow to help fight the oncoming novas.  Eventually the Sinod dies, and the scientist takes his sample.  A clean up team arrives and Nova Corps is allowed to cure some of the infected survivors.  They also return to Nova Corps to make sure there is no contamination in the building, and they destroy Keasha's body.  Angel asks them to return DK, but they deny knowing anything about it and leave.
88.   Revenge Served Cold I

The mission starts out with Angel having morning sickness due to her pregnancy.  Drax meets with Sonique who sets up a date with him to discuss the situations between them.  Drax also talks to Tempest to convince him to let up on Sonique and give her a fighting chance.  Meanwhile, Venom and Mr. Owen are touring the world attending press conferences and science symposiums.  In an attempt to help Tempest with all the missions he is covering, Angel heads out to a hostage situation where they find a group of masked people carrying lightning guns led by a snake-like nova.  Angel contacts Drax for back up and after some fighting they are able to free the hostages after Drax rips the arms off of the snake-like nova, however the nova escapes by somehow shedding his skin when Drax captures him.  The team heads back to Nova Corps as Angel gets sick again and Drax has to get ready for his date with Sonique.  Drax is picked up in a limo and taken to the Russian Tea Room, a very luxurious restaurant in Chicago.  There in a private dining room he meets Sonique where they talk about teaming up for the upcoming battle with Freezemore and Brimstone.  Sonique also tells Drax that after his near death experience she is tired of not risking things because she fears her father and that they should pursue a relationship.  Drax agrees, but says they need to go slow and keep their focus on the events at hand.  Drax heads back to Nova Corps to find Angel still sick and eating food to try and offset the effects of her pregnancy.  Venom returns to Nova Corps for a couple of weeks to rest before going back out with Mr.  Owen.  Drax calls and talks to Sonique to schedule a time for them to plan how to deal with Latnia as on the news they discover that Latnia has expanded its borders into Turkey, Iraq, and Romania stating that they are protecting these countries from rogue nova teams.  After investigating they find that Latnia is being backed by an anonymous person worth about 500 billion dollars and full of high tech weaponry.  However they are unable to meet with Sonique as Steve shows up beaten and says that Sonique was abducted by a giant snake-like nova.  Putting things together Drax and Angel get a pretty good idea of who has been backing Freezemore.  Angel also gets a message from Brimstone telling her it is almost time for her to give him her body, or Tempest dies.  Angel not wanting to endanger her unborn child does not want to pursue this option.  Drax contacts Soni to tell them about Sonique, Soni then leaves and heads to join Nova Corps in Chicago to rescue her.  That night before they arrive Drax is visited by Lord Dred in his dreams who tells him he must save Sonique.  Drax accuses Dred of backing Freezemore, Dred denies it and says it was through another Teragen faction that Freezemore got backing and that he is trying to start a war between novas and baselines, an act that Dred would never do.  Dred also says he would never back someone who would hurt his daughter, Drax agreeing and not knowing how much of it is truth agrees to work with him this time.  Dred offers the hand of friendship but Drax does not fully accept it.  Dred does give Drax a package that arrives the next day containing some of the meteorite and a electro-shield generator.  Tempest identifies that the generator should deflect any electrical attack and that it appears to be made to fit the Nova Corps jet.  Later that morning Nova Corps are joined by the Soni team, Empath, Breaker, Midas, and Sprite.  They wake up Steve from the medical lab.  They then break into two teams, Midas and Venom will head to Mexico in an attempt to place the ruby meteorite on the pedestal and trap Brimstone at dawn, while the rest of them head to Latnia in the Nova Corps jet.  As they head on their way Drax finds out from Charlie that Team Tomorrow has sent in its own team to retrieve some other members that had went into Latnia and disappeared.  They coordinate their efforts with Team Tomorrow as they head into the Latnian Protectorate airspace.  Meanwhile Venom and Midas are taken out of the sky when their jet mysteriously loses all power and crashed just a few miles outside of the temple.  When the rest of the team heads into the airspace Angel gets a sick feeling as if the Goblin King were near.  They are then attacked by exploding crystal balls and flying Hummers with lightning guns mounted on them.  The team activates the electrostatic generator and heads into battle.  Eventually their plane is brought to a stop by a nova, Drax subdues her but is mesmerized by a woman looking like Sonique.  Angel leaves the jet and dominates Drax back on board and attacks the Sonique look alike.  When they return to the jet the realize that the look alike was in fact Sonique.  Drax teleports and brings her back on board where they find she is in critical condition.  Drax talks to everyone as they decide to continue into battle and fly further into Latnian airspace.
89.   Revenge Served Cold II

The Soni and Nova Corps teams continue to fly into the airspace of the Latnian Protectorate, while Drax tries to lift the team's spirits after Sonique is badly hurt.  Soon Angel is contact by Douglas Owen for a very brief moment as he tries to warn them of danger as Drax senses something coming.  Suddenly the jet and the team's communicators start to arc energy and change, the two teams evacuate the jet and remove the communicators just in time, but are unable to save the jet.  Drax is able to get the two teams to shelter before they are discovered by the Protectorate.  Soon Owen calls Angel on her cell phone and tells her that a virus hiding in the Nova Corps system was set loose and tried to assimilate the building, and was moderately successful.  He also tells her that Charlie was working late and was partially assimilated by the virus, and was in critical condition at the hospital.  As they hide in an abandoned building Angel gets sick as the Goblin King draws near.  They see guards going around in a hovering tank, picking people out of the rubble to take them to an imprisonment camp.  They suspect that the Goblin King is in the tank.  A little while later a guard moves away from the tank and takes position in front of the building where the teams are hiding.  The watch him as he contacts Dr. Mindbender and alerts him that the Protectorate does not know of him, and that they were successful in taking down the jet and the Nova Corps team.  Once he is done talking to Mindbender, Drax quickly takes him out, now knowing it was Knight that tried to destroy the team and possibly could be responsible for Charlie's death.  As the teams continue to hide Drax sense something wrong as Tempest disappears in white light, and several novas of the Protectorate begin to ambush the two teams.  Angel tries to fly and take them out, but is frozen in time.  As the two teams begin to fight, Drax is dominated by a telepath and actually ends up killing the Soni team member, Empath.  As he next tries to attack Shift, Shift immediately turns into Drax's dead wife, Morgan, launching Drax into a deadly rage.  When Drax comes to he is alone with no one around, only the bloody remitments of Empath.  Drax is able to remember what he had done before going into rage.  Later Angel wakes up in a checkered room alone with the Goblin King who offers Angel one last chance to join him, she refuses him and he leaves her.  As Drax continues to look for more clues he stumbles on to some of the novas of the Protectorate, knowing he cannot defeat them all he offers to surrender to find out where his teammates went.  The immobilize Drax and take him before Baron Von Freezemore.  There Brimstone gloats over Drax reminding him that Angel will soon be his and his team dead.  He freezes Drax, but as he does Drax takes on last breath.  They take Drax into a giant freeze room where he sees Tempest and the rest of the Soni team there.  Meanwhile in Mexico, Venom and Midas find themselves in front of the temple surrounded by guards and novas from the Latnian Protectorate.  Venom decides that they need to take the temple to stop Brimstone and trap him back into the ruby.  She quickly summons jungle cats, but much to her surprise, a cat-like nova named Bastat appears and they begin to talk.  They find that Bastat was hired by the Protectorate to stop them, but her animal instincts drew her to Venom.  Learning that Bastat only wanted money, Midas used his powers to turn rocks into gold to out bid the Latnian Protectorate.  Bastat agrees to help them get into the temple by going back and attacking from within while they attack the outside.  Soon they attack and find that Bastat cuts through the guards like cat toys.  Midas and Venom are also able to help subdue the guards and the novas as they begin to attack.  They then get control of the temple where Midas is able to re-open the inner chamber after DK had sealed it a long time ago.  There he begins to setup the ruby to capture Brimstone.  Bastat finds a generator device and turns it off, soon all of the teams electrical systems begin working again, and Venom is immediately contact by Owen.  Owen tells her of Charlie's situation and asks her to activate her GPS, as soon as she does to Bastat's amazement, Venom disappears with a resounding "plink".  A little while later a white haired, elf eared man enters and Bastat tries to stop him.  Asking Midas who this was, Midas of course remembers him as Puck and tells Bastat he is not to be trusted.  Puck tries to explain to Bastat that he is a friend, she watches him carefully as another nova team approaches.  He quickly creates an illusion over the temple so that the nova team will not see it, just as the sun rises and strikes the ruby that Midas put on the altar.  Back in Latnia, Drax breaks free of the ice and gasps for air.  He then immediately frees Tempest who is able to melt the freezer.  Meanwhile Brimstone goes to Angel and reminds her that the time for the exchange is now, and requests she let him enter he body.  She argues and buys herself time as he leaves promising to return in a little while.  After he is gone, suddenly Angel's cell phone rings, when she answers it she hears only modem noises, scared she points it away from herself as a beam of energy shoots from it and opens the door to her chamber.  At the same time, Drax's cell phone rings also and does the same thing, freeing the two teams from the freezer.  Drax quickly begins to lead them out, but runs into the Goblin King.  Drax sneaks up on him and quickly ends his life for the torment and pain he has caused to Angel.  Brimstone returns before Angel can leave, and requests she let him in or he will kill her friends.  Angel using her telepathy lets him in, but only to contain him.  As they mentally fight for control, the Baron runs from the room, and encounters Drax.  The rest of the team goes with Drax as Shift stays behind to take care of the Baron.  Soon, when they get there they find Angel going out of her mind as her and Brimstone fight for control.  Suddenly a dark energy is pulled from her body and sent into the air, at the same time Angel loses consciousness as her body glows white, and next to her forms the Goblin King.  When he comes to he immediately teleports away, escaping one more time, after Angel's baby had saved his life.  Angel awakens as herself and the team is grateful that Venom and Midas were successful in Mexico.  When they get back upstairs they find that Shift is posing as Henry Opdahl and has set everything right with the Baron.  The team is given awards and sent home, on the Baron's jet.  When they return to Chicago Owen has them taken to the Hyatt suite because the Nova Corps building is not safe.  There the two teams collect themselves and Angel has Ivory heal Sonique.  After talking to Drax and finding out about Empath she takes her team back to Boston.  Meanwhile Owen requests a meeting with the team for the next day, giving them time to see Charlie.  The team is shocked to find out that Charlene is watching him like a hawk, but are irritated when she blames them for now being there to save him.  Venom says that she is unable to help him as his body is being assimilated with the virus, and is being turned into a machine.  Soon Drax is contacted by the Chicago airport, and is notified that the Nova Corps jet has returned with no pilot.  Drax and Tempest had to the airport where Tempest finds that there is no trace of the virus, and the jet systems are back to being as new as they were when they go the jet.  Puzzled and scared, they head back to rest before meeting with Owen the next day.  Before the team meets with Owen, Owen talks to Drax and tells him that they need to continue to keep a good image as the situation and attack has scared some of the stock holders, and that TEOTWAWKI has already made a bid on the Nova Corps company.  They then meet with the rest of the team where Owen puts Drax in charge, and has Charlene work as a liaison to help take care of things for the team.  Soon the Nova Corps team heads to Boston to attend Empath's funeral, they are relieved to find that no one blames Drax, not even Empath's parents.  Afterwards Angel heads back to work with Charlene on the Nova Corps transition, as Drax and Tempest head to Canada for some father and son time.  Meanwhile Venom moves Charlie to her Wilson facility in South Dakota to hopefully find a way to bring him back.
90.   Corn Front

Angel is contacted by Mr. Owen who tells her that the building has fixed itself from the knight virus.  Drax and Tempest are fishing up on their lake in Canada as Drax assures Tempest that Charlie will be alright.  All of a sudden Tempest gets sick as the warm summer day turns into a frigid winter afternoon.  Drax carries Tempest to his corvette and sets out to Wilson Enterprises to get Venom to look at Tempest.  Meanwhile at Wilson, Venom discovers that Charlie actually has a node in his head.  The node does not appear to have any quantum in it, but it definitely is a node, indicating Charlie may have erupted.  Meanwhile in Chicago, Angel and Charlene continue to run the make-shift Nova Corps with Grykus' help, while unknown to them, the cat nova Bastat searches out the city with the possible want of joining them.  Soon, she is contacted by Lord Dred who offers her a position with the Helgen, she says she needs time to think about it.  Later, she finds her way into the Nova Nightshade and spends a very eccentric evening with Zantique.  Afterwards they find a young nova being beaten by some baselines, and they rescue him, Zantique re-emphasizes Dred's point that baselines need to be put in their place.  After Drax finally makes his way to Venom, they find out that Tempest is being affected by radiation poisoning that is coming in through his quantum  signature, and that it is warping his signature.  Meanwhile the team find reports from around the world of devastating weather that coincides with Tempest's symptoms.  Drax decides to return to Chicago to work with Angel while Venom finds a way to help Charlie and Tempest.  Drax contact Grykus who opens a warp back to Chicago.  That night, while at the new building, the old one is struck by lightning, Drax heads over to investigate and finds that Bastat is investigating it also.  Drax invites her along, and soon enough they run into Fabin, who tells Bastat everything.  Drax is able to find out that Corn has created a device that mirrors Tempest's quantum signature to create devastating weather, but because it is artificial the radiation is seeping into Tempest.  Drax is able to switch that Fabin is carrying and send him back with a cell phone.  Drax again uses Grykus and takes the device to Venom who learns that it only monitors the machine and that Corn has satellites in orbit to create this effect.  Soon however, Wilson Enterprises is attacked by a regiment of corn bots.  Drax, Angel, Bastat, Grykus, and Puck arrive to defend it.  Angel saves the security guard while Bastat accidentally activates a transporter device on the corn bot, making her and it disappear.  There is too much gunfire and Drax watches as Grykus and Puck fall to the corn bots.  He takes care of the rest of them and then rushes Grykus' body to Venom who cryo-freezes it until the can find a way to bring him back.  Angel picks up Puck's body, just as it disappears in blue light.  Drax returns to Chicago and tells Mary that Grykus didn't make it.  Angel and Drax decide to take matters into their own hands and head to one of the satellites to stop Corn.  There they find that Corn has not only created his quantum radiation for Tempest, but for Angel and Drax as well.  As they get close the satellite turns silver and begins to glow gold, making it hard for the two of them to get close.  Per Corn's request they return to Chicago while he begins to hold countries for ransom with his weather device.  When they get back, the room Angel is in turns black as a while light shines down from above, there she finds Puck has come back, and has brought with him Grykus.  Puck tells her not to ask how.  Mary is over joyed to see Grykus, but hits him and tells him not to ever do that again.  Drax contacts Sonique about the satellites and gives her the information they have, Sonique is able to pinpoint their location and the team heads out to destroy them.  When the encounter the first one, Puck uses his abilities to draw off the corn destroyers while the team deals with the satellite.  Soon Drax finds that Tempest is better, and had Grykus drop him off to help them.  After some time they are able to destroy the first three, but the fourth one explodes on its own, leaving the team wondering how.  The team returns to Chicago where they find the old building back up and running, when the head in the danger room is on.  Drax and Angel enter it only to find themselves in Charlie's office with Charlie.  They talk to him and realize he has no memory of what has been going on.  Drax and Angel quickly figure out that it was Charlie that helped them all those times as a nova, even though he has no memory of it.  The inform Tempest and Venom who go to Wilson to find a way to return Charlie back to his body, while Angel and Drax keep Charlie busy in the danger room.