Missions:  71-80
71.   Meeting of the Minds

Venom comes to and finds herself in a darkroom.  The only thing she can hear are two voices arguing, as she stands up a light bulb dimly lights the room and she notices Electrode holding onto it.  She also find Professor Corn in the room, they tell her she was brought there to solve the problem of cellular structure with the machine.  Venom learns that the machine will actually create a clone of the nova and when the two touch they will both explode, and that the clone will be attracted to the original.  Venom refuses to help until Halloween Jack steps in and changes her mind, she then completes the work on the machine with the help of Electrode and Professor Corn.  Angel and Tempest stay back at Nova Corps to search for Venom and to put some of the clues from the folder together.  Drax talks to Puck and finds that Sonique has the coordinates from where he took the folder, Drax tries to call her, but is unable to reach her.  He then gets into his corvette and heads at hyper speed back up to Oregon to meet with Sonique.  However on his way up he discovers and ambush of shadows and novas waiting for him, he hides his corvette and flies the rest of the way invisible.  When he gets there he finds that Sonique and her team look pretty beaten up, he asks Sonique for the coordinates and tells her to be careful as he believes she is being setup.  She gives him the coordinates and Drax finds they are in Africa.  He heads back to his corvette, when Drax gets there he finds that the armies of the shadows have spanned all around and are looking for him.  Drax gets in his corvette and tries to drive away, but one of the shadows is able to blast the corvette with a radiation gun before Drax can escape.  He calls Angel and Tempest to pick him up in the jet from Oregon, they immediately leave to go and get him.  In the meantime Drax starts to deal with the people that destroyed his car.  When the jet arrives it hovers over the battle field, Drax now realizing that the shadows will start to shoot at it call Tempest and asks him to freeze the ground.  Tempest does so and freezes everyone, revealing Drax in a coat of frost.  Drax flies to the jet as a nova takes a swing at him from the ground with a tree, but Drax is able to make aboard the jet without being harmed.  The team then heads off to Africa to find Venom and stop the Shadow Master.
72.   Rage Against the Machine

The team arrives in Africa, when they get there Angel and Tempest head out to find the coordinates, and Drax recovers from his fighting with the shadows.  Angel and Tempest discover that the coordinates lead to a mountain protected by a force field.  Meanwhile in the jet Drax gets a call from Sonique that asks him for help as they are losing the battle to the shadows in Oregon.  Drax immediately calls Puck and asks him for help, after sometime of arguing he agrees.  He then calls Drax back and says that the Soni are safe and offers a gift of friendship.  Drax agrees and he finds a naked Sonique dropped off in the jet with him.  Drax covers her up and calls Puck back, who agrees to take her home this time.  Angel call Drax in the jet and tell him that they found a mountain protected by a force field.  Drax heads out still feeling a little weak from his earlier confrontation.  After sometime of trying to get in, the team finds that there are shadows patrolling the perimeter around the mountain.  Drax knocks one out and takes his uniform in order to get inside.  He then meets with one of the other shadows patrolling the perimeter and finds that they are about to test the machine, and that the machine will create a clone of the nova and they will explode upon contact.  Drax talks the other guard into getting into the base so they can watch the festivities, the guard agrees and they make their way into the base.  There Drax is taken to a room where there is a machine with Electrode strapped in it.  Venom and Professor Corn are held at gun point by nine other guards, while the Shadow Master and Halloween Jack watch from behind protected glass.  The machine begins to make a bluish colored clone of Electrode, as the clone is formed Electrode screams for help.  Venom tries to help him, but is unable to.  Drax sneaks behind the machine and is able to break it enough to stop the cloning process.  However he is too late and the Electrode clone is set free, Drax frees Electrode and kills his clone.  Drax then is able to knock out the guards holding Venom and Professor Corn as he leads the three of them to safety.  On his way out he destroys the machine with a radiation gun and notices that the Shadow Master and Halloween Jack have disappeared.  Meanwhile, outside the mountain Angel and Tempest notice the guards leaving the base and heading for the jet.  Tempest heads toward the jet and creates a gale to blow them away, as he does so Angel disarms some of the shadows trying to shoot at Tempest.  When Angel looks up she sees Halloween Jack appear behind Tempest, Tempest tries to dodge but is unable to and gets cut across his gut.  Angel grabs the now unconscious Tempest and flies him away to a tribal village where they agree to take care of him.  She then flies back to the mountain only to see Halloween Jack disappear from the jet, and watch the jet fly up and hover.  Meanwhile Drax is able to brake the others out of the mountain base, as soon as they are outside Professor Corn disappears and Electrode it taken in a ring of smoke.  Venom begins to look at the jet while Angel goes to find Tempest.  As soon as Drax steps on the jet it hyper thrusts into the mountain destroying it.  When Angel reaches Tempest she finds the tribal people worshipping him as a king, and they have pictures of a golden winged goddess giving him to them.  She wakes him up and discovers that the village had tattooed him, they then leave and head back to meet up with Venom and Drax.  They find the jet destroyed, and take a commercial jet out of Kenya to get home.  But when the reach their lay over in New York Drax is taken to a hanger and asked to sign papers as Sonique has given him one of the Soni jets to replace the now destroyed Nova Corps jet, the team then heads back to Chicago.
73.   Corn Stalkers I

The team learns that Sally is putting together a calendar and meet with her and the photographer in order to stop them.  The convince Sally to use action pictures from the missions and not do a photography session.  The team also gets a new jet from Wilson Enterprises, this one being a lot more armored and tougher.  Nova Corps is then hired by a Rashoud Facility in New Jersey to investigate the death of two of its doctors and five of its patients.  When the team gets there they find the Directive have already arrived and have cleaned most of the evidence up.  Venom is able to go to the morgue and perform an autopsy on the bodies, there she finds the doctors were ripped apart while the five nova patients had their nodes surgically removed, and that something had wrapped around their heads.  Back at the facility Angel, DK, and Tempest learn that whatever these things where they crawled in through the air vents.  Drax turns invisible and takes a look through some of the Directive evidence only to find that this attack is linked with a Rashoud facility in California and a homicide in Nebraska involving all novas.  The team then learns that the line from California to New Jersey forms on orbital pattern, so they take the jet and head for outer space.  There they find the cob, which quickly disappears and make a course adjustment.  The team barely escapes some of Professor Corn's robots as his ship disappears.  DK and Tempest quickly plot Corn's course and find that it would take him to Chicago.  The team heads home and goes to the Rashoud facility in Chicago and sets up security cameras.  Angel, Tempest, and Venom watch back at Nova Corps while Drax and DK cover the building there.  Later that night the Nova Corps building is attacked by Corn destroyers, most of the building is destroyed and DK runs back to help his team mates.    Venom is able to imprison a destroyer in a tree while Tempest blows the others away.  While he is gone, Drax stays at the facility and notices hundreds of small spider like robots break into the building and start to attack the children there.  Drax is able to fight most of them off, but when he sees on girl who doesn't make it, he goes into rage and starts attacking the robots without focus.  The team is able to take care of the Corn destroyers and head to the facility to help Drax, Angel is able to get a few of the children out of the building, but when DK arrives he unleashes a blast and takes out most of the building, and drives the robots away.  As soon as they are gone, DK absorbs the damage he caused back into himself, hurting himself severely.  He then takes some more of the damage from some of the children that were hurt from his power stunt, as he drops to the floor.  The team arrives to find DK dead, not even his power to destroy objects seems to be working.  Tempest immediately gets upset and leaves into the now oncoming thunderstorm.  Angel and Venom work with Dr. Morris, head of the facility, to gather the children that survived and put the ones that died into a room until the authorities arrive.  Drax takes DK back to the Nova Corps building to find the building destroyed, he then heads back to the facility.  On the way back he notices DK's body start to crackle with entropic energy as DK awakens and seems to be all right.  Drax shows the team who are happy to see their teammate alive again.  The team returns to the Nova Corps building as the technicians arrive to repair and, and to plan their next move against Professor Corn.
74.   Corn Stalkers II

When DK is finished resting he begins to work with the technicians to rebuild the Nova Corps building.  While DK is working the rest of the team meets to try and find a way to track down Professor Corn.  Soon Drax gets a call from a technician in the lobby asking him to come down and break up a fight.  When Drax and the team arrives they see Charlene and a technician fighting.  When the pull them apart they discover that Charlene was fighting over a bagel, and the technician who stole her bagel was in fact Fabin.  When the team confronts Fabin they find he is disguised as a technician in order to place a bag of the spider robots called stalkers.  DK takes the bag and destroys them all and Drax follows Fabin back to a shuttle hidden in an alley.  Drax sneaks aboard the shuttle with Fabin as the team tracks him on the GPS.  They find that he disappears somewhere in space.  The team heads for the jet and plots a coarse to the place where Drax disappeared.  When Drax gets off the shuttle with Fabin he finds himself in a giant hanger bay, Fabin walks through a doorway where beams of light scan him.  Drax not wanting to set off the alarms by teleporting tries so sneak through the door hoping his invisibility will keep him undetected.  As he goes through the door the beams of light scan him, when he gets to the other side all of the doors in the room close and lock.  Then a hologram of Professor Corn appears and tells Drax to show himself, Drax does and Corn tells him that he will extract his node and add it to his experiment.  As they talk Professor Corn notices that the Nova Corps jet is under way and approaching the Cob.  Professor Corn leaves Drax and goes to deal with the rest of the team.  Professor Corn addresses the team and Angel tells him to give them Drax back, she then phases and tries to enter the Cob but fails.  She then notices several stalkers glowing gold released to deal with her, she they are Angel unphases.  She also notices several non golden stalkers heading for the jet.  Some of the non phased stalkers go after Angel and she hyper speeds away and then heads back to the jet.  DK heads to the top of the to fight off the stalkers, he takes several blasts at them before they reach the jet.  Once they get to the jet they try to drill into the jet and DK's head.  DK it able to deal with the ones attacking him, meanwhile Tempest locked down the controls and systems on the jet and then blasted a bolt of lightning through the hull of the jet destroying the rest of the stalkers.  The golden stalkers then move in after Angel and she phases DK as he protects her by using his powers.  Meanwhile on the Cob, Drax uses one of Electrode's pulses to disrupt the force fields in the Cob and is able to teleport to the jet while DK continues to protect Angel.  After sometime they defeat the stalkers and the jet tries to leave as the Cob locks on with a tractor beam.  DK then goes back outside and blasts the Cob to destroy the tractor beam.  The jet then hyper thrusts with DK still on the hull, but they stop and get him inside before they enter the atmosphere.  Then Professor Corn contacts the jet asking them to surrender, but before the team agrees they ask Professor Corn his plan.  Professor Corn tells them that he is building a nova with the combination of all of the novas into one nova named Goliath and that their powers and nodes will be added to him as well.  The team agrees that they have to destroy this nova with all powers of all the other novas.  Tempest takes and re-programs the virus called Ludo that the Goblin King used to take over the Soni satellite system, and set it to go off as soon as the team set off their communicators.  Ludo gets programmed to shutdown the Cobs systems and activate the hyper-thrusters to head towards outer space.  When the team arrives they find Fabin meets them to escort them to the stalkers to remove their nodes, Tempest then activates Ludo.  The team convinces Fabin to show them Goliath, when they see him DK notices that he can unbalance the quantum signatures within him and that would cause a giant quantum explosion.  DK unbalances Goliath as Angel convinces Fabin to take them back to the jet, as they do so, they meet Professor Corn, and as Professor Corn tries to stop them he notices that his computer system does not respond.  The team is able to get on the jet and escape as the Cob hyper thrusts into space just before it blows up into a blue light show.  When the team returns they notice that Sally has put together some Nova Corps merchandise including a T-shirt of DK saving the kids at the Rashoud facility.  Angel and Drax then make sure to pass those out to the kids that DK saved, when DK finds out he is less that enthusiastic.
75.   Revelations

The mission starts out with everyone working on smaller problems.  Drax goes to Tennessee to fix a domestic disturbance problem, but as he leaves town he sees it destroyed in a pillar of fire.  When he gets back to town he finds a man in a trench coat with a priest's collar walking through the town blessing people.  Drax grabs him and asks him what happened and the man says he is a messenger of God here to bring about the end of the world.  Drax releases him and the man disappears in a blast of fire.  Drax contacts the team to inform them of what happened and to keep their eyes open.  Drax then gets a mission to investigate an airplane crash near New York.  Angel starts to get weird missions and goes to meet Drax there.  There in the wreckage the team discovers that the plane was carrying cargo from Labrynth Technologies to Pressman International.  Venom backs this claim up by telling the team that Labrynth Technologies sold BioMedical Plus to Pressman International.  As Angel and Drax dig through the wreckage to save the people and look for clues, Tempest tells Venom he found the fire guy and heads to Wisconsin.  Soon Tempest contacts Drax and tells him he has the priest pinned against the wall.  When the team gets to Wisconsin they find that Tempest is gone, and the only thing left is a melted communicator.  Angel gets a vision where her and the priest talk, he tells her his name is Gabriel and that Tempest is safe, when Angel comes to she is not quite herself.  The team tracks Gabriel to Michigan where they encounter him after destroying another town flying above the ruble on wings of fire.  Drax attempts to attack him, but finds that he is phased and that he cannot touch him.  Soon Gabriel disappears as Angel stares off in the distance, when the team looks around they find Tempest standing there looking confused.  As Drax talks to him, he finds that Tempest has been mentally manipulated and believes that Gabriel is his father.  Drax now upset calls upon his friend Grykus to take Tempest back to Nova Corps and watch him.  Drax and Venom wake Angel up from her vision, and find her not to be herself.  She tells the team that she keeps having visions of her and Gabriel.  After a while Angel snaps and claims that Tempest is her and Gabriel's son, and she hyper-flies back to Nova Corps to get him.  Drax calls Grykus and gets back to Tempest who starts to fight Drax, Drax knocks him out and has Venom put him on a venomox drip to keep him unconscious and has Grykus and Venom take him away.  Angel returns to the building and her and Drax fight over Tempest and Drax tells her that if she wants a son with Gabriel to go have one, but to leave his alone.  Angel takes off and Drax heads to meet Grykus and Venom back in Michigan.  Angel then contacts Puck to have him help her to get Tempest and tells him that Drax has been mentally dominated.  Puck agrees to help and heads to Michigan to find Venom, there he talks to her and finds out that it is Angel with the problem.  Puck follows Grykus to Tempest's hiding spot and takes him.  When everyone meets in Michigan Angel and Drax continue fighting over Tempest as Grykus and Venom watch.  Soon a giant head of Puck rises from the ground and asks everyone what is going on.  He then tells everyone that he has Tempest and will return him to the highest bidder.  Just then Gabriel appears and hypnotizes Puck as Puck disappears.  Gabriel goes to Angel and takes her by the hand as the two of them disappear in fire.  Venom notices that they both touched while being phased, and Drax begins to get upset fearing that he has lost Tempest.  Just then he notices Puck standing next to him, Puck says that people shouldn't try to hypnotize his illusions and that he will take Tempest away and keep him safe since the team is worth more money to him in the long run.  Drax then contacts Sonique and hires Empath to help sort out Angel's mind.  The team pick up Empath from Boston and gather together back at Nova Corps.  There they find Angel and Empath is able to un-manipulate her emotions.  Then Angel finds Gabriel's mind as Drax turns invisible and Angel attunes and holos him so that he will be unseen.  Angel then goes to Gabriel as Drax punches him and takes him out, Angel much upset at the death of Gabriel takes the body away to bury it.  Drax has Puck return Tempest and Empath fixes his emotions too.  Venom runs some tests on the Gabriel's blood from Drax's shirt and finds that the DNA matches Angel's exactly.  Tempest feeling upset at hurting his father gets tickets to the Cubs game for him and Drax.  Drax then surprises Tempest by calling the manager of the Cubs and having it setup that Tempest could throw the first pitch.  Tempest and Drax are then able to enjoy one, uneventful, normal day together.
76.   Growing Pains I

The mission starts off with the team discovering a note from Drax stating that he had to go away on personal business for five days and not to contact him.  The team also notices that DK is not around either and has disappeared somewhere in Chicago.  Angel tries to contact him and he tells her he has an infection and doesn't want to endanger the team at the moment.  Meanwhile, Venom gets asked to go to New York to be part of a panel for a science conference, she agrees and leaves immediately.  When she gets there, after a few speakers she notices that Dr. Reginald Cyrus is introduced, and recognizes him as Nocturn.  He makes several comments about trusting colleagues, and then makes a presentation on Venom's plant fiber research.  Venom quickly returns to her room after the conference only to find a package there.  In it is a video and two viles, one red and one blue.  Venom watches the video and finds Nocturn there warning her and Nova Corps to stay out of the way, and if they do not he will release the red vile onto the population of Chicago, he also assures her that the people already have the blue vile inside of them.  Venom quickly returns to Nova Corps to begin testing and to find out what evil Nocturn has done to Chicago.  Venom discovers that if the two chemicals are mixed together with living cells they create a bacteria that will eat the cell within a second.  Meanwhile Angel and Tempest find DK and discover that his old mentor Cthulu is living inside of him, trying to take control of him.  DK also tells him that he will not release Cthulu as he will take revenge against the team.  Venom informs her teammates as to what she has found, but the team wonders how the people are getting the blue chemical.  Angel requests that DK return to Nova Corps, on his way back he is attacked by several giant sized, hairless dogs.  He is able to subdue them and bring on of them back for Venom to study.  Venom discovers that they have a virus that has mutated them and that it is contagious and only infects dogs.  As Venom begins to study this new virus, Tempest comes in and tells everyone to watch a commercial, as they do they notice Electrode selling Aquatic Bottled water on TV.  DK leaves immediately to get one of these bottles to water for Venom to study, however he does not return.  Tempest is able to track him down and finds that Cthulu has take over, Tempest blasts DK with lightning bringing him back to his senses, they get another bottle of water and head back to Nova Corps.  Venom discovers that the water does indeed contain the blue chemical and another one that makes the water addictive.  DK grabs Venom's video and goes out to find Electrode and talk him out of this.  While DK is gone Nova Corps is attacked by another pack of dog creatures.  Tempest and Angel fight them as Venom works in the lab to find a cure for the bacteria.  When the battle is over Tempest gets stung by a wasp and Angel rushes him up to Venom to look at him.  Venom finds that Tempest has been infected by a mutagen that causes his plant fiber to start growing on its own, hence killing Tempest.  Soon after Venom gets a message from Nocturn gloating over his attack on Drax and stating that he has exacted revenge on Drax for killing him.  DK returns and is able to slow down the plant growth while Angel gets a cryogenic pod to put Tempest in stasis.  Afterwards DK leaves again to rest and contain Cthulu while Venom works diligently in her lab to undo all of the biological evil Nocturn has caused.
77.   Growing Pains II

DK leaves Nova Corps to handle Cthulu as he slowly begins to lose the ability to keep Cthulu under control.  Drax returns to Nova Corps from his own mission only to find the building in chaos as he walks into the lobby.  He quickly finds Angel as she begins to tell him everything that has happened.  Drax discovers that Nocturn is still alive, and that he has mutated Tempest's plant fiber skeleton and that Tempest is locked in a cryogenic pod.  Angel also tells Drax about how Nocturn has the city infected with a chemical that could kill them if mixed with another, and how he has mutated the dog population into monsters.  While Angel tells this to Drax, Venom continues to work on her cures for the diseases that Nocturn has created.  Shortly the team notices that the lights in the Nova Corps building begin to glow wildly before all of the electrical equipment begins to explode.  Angel heads to the main computer system and locks it down so the power surge did not damage it.  Then her and Drax head to the power company only to find Electrode there.  Angel telepathically blasts Electrode's mind to stop him from over powering the Nova Corps building.  Electrode stops and destroys the power plant and escapes before Angel and Drax can talk to him.  The team returns to the Nova Corps building and begins to put it back together when they find on the news that Dr. Alexis Montgomery has killed several of her colleagues from the conference and that authorities are after her.  The team then decides that Venom must hide and she takes the cryo-pod with Tempest and heads for her hideout.  She is able to sneak away and avoid being caught by the Directive as she leaves the building for her hideout.  There she continues her work while Drax and Angel continue to find a way to deal wtih Nocturn.  Soon the I-Spy program alerts Angel and Drax that there is someone in the Nova Corps building, Angel can barely sense a mind as Drax feels someone staring at him, but they are unable to detect the person.  Soon Nocturn contacts Angel and requests that Venom stop hiding and turn herself into the Directive or he will release the red chemical and kill the city of Chicago.  Angel is able to get him to agree to 24 hours to produce Venom, Nocturn agrees but Drax unable to stand Nocturn begins to mock him and reveals the fact that he is not dead as Nocturn had thought.  Shortly thereafter the Nova Corps building is flooded with a swarm of wasps, but Drax is able to get out before getting stung.  Drax is then contacted by Electrode, Electrode tells Drax that he has been infected with the blue chemical and that is why he is helping Gaia and Nocturn.  Drax offers to cure him if Electrode agrees to help Nova Corps defeat Gaia and Nocturn.  Electrode agrees and Drax takes him to Venom to be cured.  Angel talks with Electrode as he recovers while Drax heads out into the city.  Soon Drax sees a mother and child being attacked by a pack of the dog creatures.  Drax tries to help them and gets bit in the process, after all the dogs are dead and the family is safe, Drax notices his skin begins to itch.  Suspecting he has been infected with the plant fiber mutation, he calls Venom who also puts him in a cryo-pod before his plant fiber begins to kill him.  Nocturn contacts Angel and again requests that Venom surrender to the Directive and to gloat over getting Drax.  Angel assures him that she is working on it.  Meanwhile Venom is able to find a cure for the plant fiber mutation by re-starting the original reaction and making a new skeleton grow over the old one.  She does this to Drax which causes him a great deal of pain and leaves him for a few hours to recover.  She then performs this process on Tempest, but it will take longer on him than Drax.  Angel and Electrode break into the bottled water company and replace the blue chemical with their cure, but as they leave Electrode is severely wounded by the mutant dogs.  Angel takes him back to Venom who help stabilize him.  When Drax comes to Electrode is feeling better and Drax gets Electrode to help him intercept a shipment of the chemical to the bottled water company in an attempt to sneak aboard the van and find his way back to the red chemical to destroy it.  When the get to the van Electrode helps Drax sneak aboard without the drivers noticing, but one of the drivers gets out and heads to where Electrode is hiding and calls him a designate number.  Drax realizing that the drivers of the van are actually knights, gets back out and saves Electrode once more.  Nocturn contacts Angel and tells her that he has a new backer and his patience has run out and that he will infect the city.  Drax and Angel quickly head out to stop him.  Angel asks Electrode and finds that there is a slaughter house where they are infecting mosquitoes with the red chemical and that they will also ship it out with the bottled water.  Angel heads to the slaugher house and finds three knights there as the mosquitoes are feeding on cows infected with the red chemical.  She quickly dumps the blue chemical on the cows killing the mosquitoes.  As she flees from the knights she notices that Nocturn is there also, but leaves anyway.  Drax heads for the water plant and finds a van full of red chemical driven by knights.  He is able to take one of them out before they adapt to him, he then teleports and turns invisible just as Angel arrives to destroy another before they adapt to her.  Once they adapt to her she phases into the ground while the invisible Drax destroys the rest of them before they adapt again.  Angel quickly destroys the water plant and red chemical as Drax heads back to the Nova Corps building.  Drax and Angel meet with the Directive and give them enough evidence to clear Venom's name.  Tempest wakes up and is healed, while Charlie and Charlene fight over the last few bottles of the addictive water.
78.   Chasing Ghosts

DK returns and finds the team swamped  with missions as the people of Chicago begin to go through withdrawals due to the addiction to the bottled water.  When the team reports in for the noon meeting, they find that Drax does not return.  The team tries to contact him but is unsuccessful in locating him, even Angel cannot pinpoint his mind.  After the meeting Tempest heads out to find Drax while the rest of the team lures the remaining mutant dog creatures from Nocturn out so that DK can destroy them.  Soon Baron Von Freezemore contacts DK and ask if Nova Corps would help him, he also says that he tried to talk to Charlie but Charlie told him to get bent.  As DK talks to Baron Von Freezemore the phone goes dead, DK informs the team of what has happened.  Angel uses her telepathy to bring Charlie to his senses and they work with him on helping Baron Von Freezemore.  As they head back to the Nova Corps building Drax checks in and asks what is going on.  Angel says he has been missing for about five hours.  Drax tells Angel he woke up in his room missing his eufiber and covered in blood with no memory of what happened.  The team works with Charlie and are able to get away from Chicago and over to Latnia to help Baron Von Freezemore.  Angel has a vision of Latnia being hit by meteors.  When they arrive they find a giant, black, cylinder reaching from the ground and all the way into outer space covering all of Latnia.  DK notices that the black energy seems to be absorbing quantum, and Tempest is unable to scan within it.  They head into space where the field is weaker, there DK is able to absorb some of the energy and open a hole in the field.  Angel ties a rope to herself and enters, as soon as she does her golden wings disappear and DK tried to pull her out but is only able  to pull out the rope without Angel.  The hole fixes itself and closes leaving Angel trapped inside.  The team heads back down towards the ground and flies the jet into the energy field, the notice the all feel weaker and the jet immediately is brought down to land on the ground despite their attempts to steer it.  Once inside the notice that everything has a bluish tint to it and that the black energy has created a wall.  The notice several Latnians trying to get out, but cannot escape through the wall.  The team also notices that their powers are gone, the team heads for the capital but finds Angel on the way, she stops them and tells them she had a vision of them dying on the steps of the capital.  The team discovers that even though they cannot use their powers, their taint is still working.  Tempest and Venom head back to the jet to use the scanners and learn more about what is going on, while Drax, Angel, and DK head to the capital building to try and find Baron Von Freezemore.  There on the capital near the capital they see several dead bodies in the courtyard, Angel and DK look for survivors while staying hidden.  Drax tries to sneak up when a giant black creature comes out of the capital and starts looking around.  Suddenly giant red eyes appear and on and it calls to Angel and Drax, then it pauses and goes back into the building.  While Drax lays there amongst the bodies he finds Henry Opdahl, the prime minister of Latnia, still alive and begging for help.  Drax is able to sneak him back to Angel and DK and they head towards the jet so that Venom can look at him.  Venom operates on Henry and stabilizes him, she tells them that his bodily fluids were drained from him.  Tempest tells the team that Venom and him discovered that the meteors that crashed are emitting some kind of anit-quantum radiation that is phasing everything it touches into this world.  The team hears screams and gun shots near the jet, everyone but Venom heads out to see what is going on, there they find two of the creatures attacking some of the Latnians, Drax sees a little girl being attacked and breaks into a rage destroying both creatures.  Soon the giant red eyes appear on the energy wall as the villagers run for their lives.  It talks to Angel and asks her to return, it is then that Drax and Angel realize who this being is, and remembers the creature as Brimstone.  Brimstone then releases more of the black creatures to attack the team, Drax is injured and as he attempts to fight his way out, the team hears the scream of Tempest as a sandstorm blows down the hill and onto them all.  DK is able to grab Angel and Drax and dig a tunnel using his powers to destroy the sand.  When the storm is over the team emerges, Drax pulls one of the creatures out of the sand to take back to Venom.  When they return to the jet Venom fixes Drax up and examines the creature only to learn it is an anti-quantum, biological creature.  They also theorize that they might be able to make it back to their own world if the stop the radiation from the meteors, Venom stays to find a way to mutate eufiber to do so, while Tempest and DK go to find a meteor.  Angel and Drax head back to the capital to look for Baron Von Freezemore again.  When Tempest and DK find one the notice that if they move it, the wall moves with it.  DK moves the meteor over Tempest and he disappears, but then comes back through the wall.  Tempest says he made it out of the energy field.  DK and Tempest head for Drax and Angel, they take them both outside, allowing Drax's plant fiber skeleton to heal himself.  They then head back and in and get Venom who has finished her modifications on the eufiber.  They then pick up many of the meteors before the black creatures try and stop them, they all are eventually knocked off of the jeep leaving only Angel and DK.  DK is able to leap and grab the meteor freeing them all into the real world.  This leaves only one meteor inside the capital building.  Tempest creates a sandstorm from the outside to deal with the creatures, DK drills underground into the capital building and gets the last meteor freeing Latnia from its prison.  They find Baron Von Freezemore alive and only slightly injured, he thanks them before the team heads home to Chicago.
79.   Diplomatic Immunity

As the team heads back to Chicago from saving Latnia they begin to discuss the events of the battle.  They suspect that perhaps Brimstone survived and possessed Baron Von Freezemore.  When the return to Chicago, Tempest and Angel head out to work on local missions within the city.  Venom gets a message from her research facility indicating they have made a break through and she heads for South Dakota.  On the news the team notices that Baron Von Freezemore has a press conference and indicates that he believes the energy phenomenon that attacked and killed many people in Latnia was actually caused by Nova Corps.  The also learn that Freezemore has the UN re-voting their Nova Corps affiliation with the UN and that Nova Corps is to stay away from Latnia at all times.  Leading the team to conclude that Freezemore is possessed, Drax has DK head for Mexico to investigate the tomb that they used to trap Brimstone the first time while he contacts Sonique to warn her and get more information.  When Angel returns Drax has her go into the Earth and search for the holy grail.  Tempest begins monitoring the computer systems in case more news from Latnia appears, he learns that Freezemore is putting together his own nova team to protect Latnia from Nova Corps and other enemies.  While Angel is searching for the grail, she has several visions about a small town being possessed and a little girl running from her parents trying to get away.  In Mexico DK breaks into the tomb and tries to activate the crystal to imprison Brimstone, however he shatters it and sees the black energy released from crystal and sucked away into the sky.  DK also sees a face in the black energy smile at him as it disappears.  Drax talks to Sonique and has Tempest send their data on the meteors to scan for more of them in an attempt to imprison Brimstone.  Meanwhile Charlie calls a team meeting for the next morning and indicates that they are concerned about their standing with the UN.  Sonique contacts Drax and says they found a faint signature at the capital building in Latnia.  Angel finds the grail, Drax and Tempest head down to Mexico hoping that DK is able to fix the crystal and place it on the alter at dawn to imprison Brimstone.  DK is able to fix the crystal, but not the pieces of meteor that were in it.  Angel appears with the grail and DK begins to fix it from being phased into rock.  Drax and Tempest arrive, when dawn comes they place the crystal on the alter, but nothing happens.  The team tries to use the holy grail as well, but with no luck,  They then head to the jet and fly off at hyper-speeds to make it back in time for their meeting with Charlie with both the crystal and the holy grail.  When they get back Charlie tells them that things do not look good with the UN, and that the city of Chicago has signed a permanent contract with Nova Corps.  He also tells them that there is something going on in Dayton, Oklahoma and that a little girl came by and told him that her parents tried to abduct her and that the town seemed possessed.  He also tells them that the girl is in Mercy Hospital in Chicago.  Angel goes to see the girl and read her memories, Angel finds that Charlie was right and that the girl ran from her parents when they tried to take her.  Drax not wanting to ignore the problem with Brimstone divides the team.  Before they leave DK is contacted by Puck and tells him he was attacked at Wilson, something opened a hole in his wall and sucked things into it.  He tells DK he will return in one week after everything blows over.  Tempest and DK fly off to investigate the incident in Oklahoma while Drax and Angel take the jet to Latnia to try and use the grail to stop Brimstone and save Baron Von Freezemore.  As Drax and Angel fly over the ocean they notice the I-Spy program go off back at Nova Corps.  Angel immediately uses her telepathic ghost and goes there to investigate.  She finds three technicians standing in the danger room, suspecting an intruder she contacts DK to inform him.  DK talks to the lead night technician and they find one of the technicians named Floyd is actually a nova.  Drax is also contacted by Charlene who says that Charlie was sucked out of his office by a giant hole.  Angel has Nexus head over to the building to make sure everything is OK until they return.  They also try to contact Venom, but are unable to reach her.  Drax and Angel land outside of Latnia, Drax turns invisible and tries to head to the capital building as Angel phases under the ground to do the same.  As Drax head for the building his mind goes fuzzy and he heads back to the jet and flies off for Chicago.  Angel contacts Drax and asks him if he is there yet, he says he has a long way to go, Angel then discovers that Drax is not heading for the capital, but for Chicago.  Angel phases into the capital building only to be hit with white energy that disrupts her phase.  There she sees a group of novas dressed in black uniforms, and one of them is Celest from N-Vector that supposedly died.  They put a power dampening bracelet on her and escort her to see Baron Von Freezemore.  Freezemore asks the team to leave them alone and talks with Angel.  After sometime of Freezemore making polite conversation, Angel requests they cut the bull shit and talk seriously.  Freezemore agrees as talks to her as Brimstone.  He says that he will not harm her, and that he would be willing to make a trade, Angel for Freezemore, but only in time when he was ready.  He also tells Angel if Nova Corps interfere with him again he will possess Tempest and kill him.  Before Angel leaves she notices a very large, ruby ring on Freezemore's finger that is the source of the signature Sonique detected.  Instead of turning her into the UN, he has his team escort Angel to the border of Latnia and they release her.  Angel flies off to catch up with Drax and the jet, and to find out how things are going in Oklahoma.
80.   Oklahoma

DK and Tempest head to Oklahoma to investigate the strange visions that Angel has been seeing as well as find the family of the little girl in the hospital.  When they get there all seems normal.  DK immediately changes his eufiber to match the people around him, however Tempest does not.  They go into the small diner and sit down, shortly there after a young girl named Wendy heads over and starts flirting with Tempest.  DK leaves Tempest and Wendy to head out and look for clues.  He goes to the General Store and starts asking for work, he learns that the only jobs in town are down in the quarry.  DK heads back to the diner only to find Wendy has cornered Tempest in the booth and the she has recognized him as being from Nova Corps.  DK and Tempest ask Wendy to help them, Wendy takes them to the house of the little girl where they learn her parents have been very concerned and were not responsible for beating her.  DK and Tempest want to head to the quarry so Wendy steals her boyfriend's truck and takes them to the quarry just as the workers leave the quarry for lunch at the diner.  DK and Tempest send Wendy home before they head down to the quarry.  Tempest creates a fog for the two of them to slip in unnoticed.  Once there they notice two tunnels dug into the side of the quarry, they head down one before waves of light hit them, DK notices Tempest goes funny and leaves the quarry, DK follows him as Tempest heads back to the diner and sits down with the other workers and starts talking and interacting with them as if he had been there his whole life.  DK is able to pull Tempest aside as the miners head back to the quarry and use his powers to disrupt the mind control on Tempest.  Soon Tempest begins to come around and remembers nothing of what happened.  They then wait for that night to see what will happen to the townspeople, DK hides near the quarry while Tempest heads into the air to watch.  As midnight rolls around the waves of light encompass the town and the people begin to head towards the quarry, including Tempest.  DK tries to sneak down as they people begin to work, but then notices Dr. Mindbender and another nova float out on a platform surrounded by a force field.  Dr. Mindbender motions for Tempest to come to him, as Tempest flies up onto the platform, DK tries to blast it to free Tempest but is unable to penetrate the forcefield.  Soon Tempest motions towards DK as the winds pick him up and fling him into the night sky.  DK lands a few miles outside of town and contacts Drax and Angel for back up.  Soon the jet catches up to DK and picks him up, Drax and Angel tell him they didn't have any luck in Latnia.  DK tells them what has been happening with the town of Dayton, Oklahoma.  The team lands the plane out of sight from the quarry, Drax stays behind as he knows he cannot stand up to Dr. Mindbender's mental powers.  Angel and DK phase into the ground and head towards the quarry.  After sometime Drax notices Tempest get onto the plane and try and blast him.  Drax leaves the plane while Tempest shoots lightning through the systems frying the plane.  Drax knocks Tempest out a couple of times, but Tempest stays awake because of his plant fibers.  Tempest finds his way back to the quarry as Drax takes cover from the incoming storm.  Angel leaves DK out in the quarry as she heads down a tunnel, after sometime she notices two guards that seem to follow her even though she is underground.  She also sees a chamber filled with these guards all along the wall.  Meanwhile in the quarry, DK comes across Tempest returning and is able to use his powers to bring Tempest to again.  He then escorts the mixed up kid back to the jet and meets up with Drax.  DK then heads back to the quarry to help Angel with the investigation.  There Angel phases DK and the two of them find that they are actually building several thousand knights.  In an attempt to destroy the knights DK and Angel come up from the ground so DK can blast the roof, there they encounter a technician that tries to pull a gun on him.  DK notices that his powers do not hurt him, neither do the rocks falling from the ceiling.  Angel phases DK and they leave as the knights begin to wake up and adapt to them.  Meanwhile back at the jet, Drax senses impending danger as several knights and a few novas head towards them.  Drax teleports out there and begins to take care of them as Tempest summons a tornado to fight them off.  As the skies darken Drax teleports back to Tempest as most of the knights and novas are blown away.  One nova makes it through the weather and heads to them, as he does he separates into seven novas and begins to fire on Drax and Tempest.  Drax goes to them and begins to take them out, but not before one of them manages to hit Tempest.  Drax keeps one of them and ties him up, however when Drax checks Tempest he finds Tempest is almost dead.  Quickly he contacts Angel and DK to return.  DK is able to heal Tempest in time so his plant fibers can heal him the rest of the way.  Suddenly DK makes a realization and tells Angel they have to head back for the technician.  They do so, and when DK encounters him, he grabs him and transfers Cthulu to him and leaves the two of them to get acquainted.  Soon the team is contacted by Dr. Mindbender to surrender or he will have the entire town kill themselves.  They also notice that Knight is standing next to Mindbender on the platform with the other nova.  Drax and Tempest leave the jet to fly to the quarry as DK disrupts the nova causing the platform to fall.  Knight grabs Mindbender and hangs in the air, then Knight activates his knights as they fly off except for a few of them that engage Nova Corps.  The team is able to subdue the few knights that fight them, however most of them get away during the battle.  As the team flies home, Tempest falls asleep immediately, as the rest of the team question their nova captive.  They find he was manipulated by Mindbender and did not know what was going on.  As they fly home he begins to dissolve and disappear as he was only a clone, and not the real nova, who is now dead, the rest of the flight is spent in silence.  When they return the encounter Floyd who they discover has the ability to suppress quantum signatures, making novas into baselines.  Not sure what to do with Floyd, they keep him around to figure things out later.