Missions:  61-70
61.   The Clone Wars VI

The team returns to Nova Corps as Drax and Tempest recover in the med-lab.  Drax wakes up to see the severely burned Tempest laying next to him.  Venom begins to analyze the crystal taken from New York harbor.  She finds that the crystal has a very unique low level radiation and that she could use the Nova Corps computer to scan for this.  She begins her scan immediately.  As Drax moves about he notices that Tempest begins to heal with the plant fibers.  Venom returns telling the team that she has found Corn's crystal and that it is located in Antarctica.  Angel leaves to retrieve it at hyper speeds and flying through the center of the Earth.  She is able to remove Corn from the crystal and bring him back to Nova Corps.  When Corn awakes he is not very pleased to be at Nova Corps.  The team tells him what has happened and Drax prevents him from leaving.  The then tells the team that he needs to use their computer system to verify something that Gaia might have overlooked with his cloning process.  He uses their computers and finds that Gaia didn't notice his genetic code identifier numbers, and that he can create a virus that will attack those genetic codes and destroy the clones.  After some arguing, Venom agrees to let him use her lab to build the virus.  Corn begins working, but does tell the team that it will take him sixteen hours to finish the virus.  The team agrees and he begins working on the virus immediately.  After a couple of hours Owen contacts Drax and uses his password so that Drax knows it is really him.  Owen tells Drax that the Charlie clone has hacked into the computer system and shown video footage of the team working with Professor Corn to Team Tomorrow.  He also tells Drax that Charlie has convinced them that they were all clones that had attacked him and that Charlie and Team Tomorrow were driving to the building as they spoke.  Drax asks Owen if there is anything Owen can do to slow them down for the team to get ready.  Owen says he will see what he can do.  Drax tells the team of this, and that they need to secure the building.  Angel goes to Charlene and after making an expensive deal with her, Charlene agrees that no one shall pass through the lobby.  Shortly after that the team notices on the news that the traffic through downtown Chicago has come to a screeching halt as a parade mysteriously started out of no where.  The parade seems to be put on by the Dare Dragon's Society and that they are handing out fruit baskets to the people of Chicago.  Angel contacts Owen to verify that this was his work, only to hear in the background a group of cheering people.  After sometime, Charlie and Team Tomorrow do arrive at the Nova Corps building.  Much to Charlie's surprise he cannot enter, and when he knocks on the window for Charlene she simply puts down her magazine and closes the window blind on him.  Charlie tries to explain this to team tomorrow, but suddenly a gas bomb goes off in front of them.  Drax hides behind Team Tomorrow as they lose their powers due to the Venomox.  Charlie collapses and dies, but before Team Tomorrow can respond, Angel is able to wipe their memories and make them think that the Nova Corps clones did this and that the real team returned and everything was fine.  That night, Corn and Venom continue to work on the virus while Angel and Drax patrol the building.  Tempest awakens and heads to the cafeteria with Drax for something to eat.  Drax intuition goes off, just as a huge piercing pain goes through his mind.  He is able to tell that it came from across the street.  Drax runs into the hallway to catch Angel, but when he turns around he finds that Tempest has been knocked unconscious and is laying on the ground.  He grabs Tempest and heads out of the cafeteria.  Meanwhile, in Venom's lab just as her and Corn are working, a skinny little man with big ears and white hair appears before them.  He says Hallo, just as he blasts Venom and Corn with a blue fireball destroying their work and the virus.  Venom is able to jump out of the way, as Corns eufiber seems to shield him from the blast.  And then in a Plink, the little elf eared man disappears.  The team decides that it is not safe here and attempts to leave, just then Charlene tells them that Flamer has burned his way into the lobby.  Drax makes a hole in the wall as the team flies out with Professor Corn as Angel heads to the danger room to get Fabin.  Not sure where to go, Professor Corn says they can use one of his hideouts.  The team goes there to see him open one of his spatial doors into a lab full of large tubes with bubbling blue liquid in them.  Corn heads for the laboratory table as Fabin finds his chair and watches television.  The team begins to look at the tubes and sees that Corn has the remains of Velletta as well as the two children named Sam.  They also notice that there is a tube for both Venom and Tempest.  They ask Corn what his plan is for the clones, and he shows them a box that will summon the Cob.  Feeling very unsafe, Drax takes the box and then attempts to hit Corn, only to encounter a force field.  The team is then beamed out of Corn's hideout.  They decide that they will go it alone, and do not want to work with Professor Corn again.  The team contacts Owen for help, he agrees and appears to them.  He makes them all promise not to say anything and changes into a little white haired, elf eared man.  They all go to a field in the middle of no where to push the button to summon the Cob.  Soon thereafter they see the image of Angel on the horizon.  The real Angel creates an illusion as to hide the team.  Shortly after that, the real Drax gets another painful headache, just as he composes himself he notices that the other Drax is invisible and heading towards Tempest.  Drax grabs his clone and throws him forty meters away from Tempest.  A storm then starts, just as Angel ascends into the sky and finds the Tempest clone and is able to telepathically knock him out.  Tempest flies up from the illusion and continues the storm and makes it rain.  He then sees the silhouette of the Drax clone and sucks him up into a twister.  There he releases a Venomox grenade and causes the Drax clone to lose his powers.  The Drax clone falls to the ground, only to be picked up by the real Drax and knocked unconscious.  Angel fights herself only to be Venomoxed as she does the same to her clone.  The fall to the ground, but just as the real Angel is about to hit, she is teleported by the new nova Owen to safety.  Just then, Drax feels danger as there is a resounding Plink in front of him as the hissing sound of Venomox.  Then, out of the sky Flamer flies at Venom, but she as able to Venomox him as he does.  Owen then blasts Flamer with a blue fireball reducing him to dust.  Owen is able to save the team from his clone by taking his own fireball blasts.  Then, just as the Owen clone is about to destroy Drax, the real Owen sneaks up on him and Venomoxs him.  Drax, using is light saber, kills the Owen clone.  The Cob begins to descend from the sky, with the help of Owen the team is able to transport into the cob and disable the force field.  Angel finds and destroys the cloning lab and all of Gaia's DNA samples.  Drax heads to the bridge as Owen disappears with the Drax clone to keep him for later.  There on the bridge Drax captures Gaia, and Venom punches her as Drax breaks Gaia's neck making it seem as though Venom had done it.  The team is then able to destroy the Cob and return to Nova Corps.  There Angel is able to read the mind of Drax's clone and discover the location of Sonique and her team.  Drax heads there and releases them, and then returns to Nova Corps where Charlie is returned and goes on vacation leaving Owen in charge.  Owen meets with the team and strikes a deal with them to preserve his secret identity.
62.   Working Nine to Five

As the team continues to work hard to meet the new demands that have been placed on Nova Corps by their popularity, they find little time to work with, or even talk to each other.  After the team returns from their assignments, they notice they are not the only ones upset by the sudden surge of business.  Charlene seems to have put a ticket counter in use by her desk.  Angel notices that Charlene is now serving number 4, of 465 tickets.  Venom returns to her lab, while Drax and Angel pause for a moment to talk.  Tempest is still in boston debugging the Soni satellite system from the virus.  Soon, Drax is contacted by DK who has been gone for quite some time.  DK asks Drax to meet him to discuss things at the Russian Tea Room.  Drax meets DK, and they discuss the possibility to DK returning to the team.  Drax not trusting DK and know that the rest of the team does not either, agrees that DK can return, but only to protect Tempest from Dred, knowing that Dred will strike him to get at Drax.  They agree and DK returns to a luke warm reception.  Soon the team is dispatched on new assignments.  Venom is sent to Brazil to help stop a spread of influenza carried by mosquitos.  When she gets there she finds that the influenza is part of a biological weapon.  When she tries to talk to the head doctor, the general comes out and while Venom is facing off with him, she is shot in the back.  As she looks before she drops, she sees Agent Anderson of the Directive holding a gun.  Soon after she awakens piloting the jet, and remembering nothing, only that she was able to cure the people of Brazil.  DK stays at Nova Corps to see the return of his old friend Tempest.  Charlie inadvertently hands DK a mission in Wisconsin to rescue some orphans from a burning building.  DK tells this to Tempest, and as Tempest flies by he picks DK up and off to Wisconsin they go.  DK notices that the tracker in his eufiber from the Helgen activates as Tempest gets close to him.  After DK and Tempest save the orphanage, DK asks Tempest about it, and Tempest doesn't seem to even see it when DK takes it out of his eufiber.  They two friends then return to Nova Corps, and DK awaits the return of Drax to inform him as to what has happened.  Meanwhile, Drax is dispatched to Iraq to stop a small coupe from destroying the government put there by the UN.  Drax is also to work with a new Team Tomorrow recruit, to train him and let him observe.  As they approach Iraq, their plane is shot down, but Drax is able to rescue the new Team Tomorrow member and himself from the plane.  When they arrive, Drax asks the recruit to observe him while he begins his assault on the military coupe.  The recruit actually turns into energy and goes into Drax's body to watch from there.  Drax quickly takes care of the coupe, and firmly asks the recruit to vacate his body.  Drax returns to Nova Corps, where DK tells him about Tempest and the Helgen communicator.  Drax goes into Tempest's room to check on him, only to find him sleeping in bed with his eyes open staring out at the TEOTWAWKI building.  Drax quickly closes the blinds and wakes up Tempest, after Tempest leaves the room Drax reminds DK of why he is there.  DK moves Tempest's room across the hall while Drax and Tempest try to communicate with Angel.  Angel is sent to the moon to save Moon Base Alpha from a nova attack.  There she learns that a nova with gravity powers ripped a hole in the side of the base and that a creature of black energy ripped the minds out of some of the crew members.  She flies out to check the area and finds boot prints in the dirt with a swastika on them.  Thanks to Tempest, they are able to establish a link with her communicator and the team is dispatched from Earth to join Angel on the moon to save the crew of Moon Base Alpha.  Meanwhile, and the moon Angel is able to stop the black creature from re-entering the base, however the other nova is able to destroy the entire base except the main control center.  Angel tries to find out what the novas could be after, and she discovers that the crew is working on research to be able to control solar flares.  She also finds out that this research is downloaded to Earth at two different locations.  One of the being in Texas, and the other at the government building of Iraq.  The team arrives at Moon Base Alpha and begins working to build an airlock to move the crew out of the base.  Nova Corps is then attacked, Angel and DK fly off after the gravity nova, only to lose them behind a blasting of rock.  Drax and Venom try to fight off the black creature as it enters the control center.  Tempest stays on the jet awaiting the team to join him and save the crew.  Soon Angel and DK return and DK is able to disrupt the black creature and the team transfers the crew to their ship.  DK destroys any research that could be used from the base, and the team returns the crew of Moon Base Alpha to Texas before heading home to Chicago.
63.   Like Father, Like Son

When the team returns to Nova Corps, Drax and Angel talk to Tempest and have him sit and agree to let Angel look inside his head to see if in fact Lord Dred is manipulating him.  Tempest agrees and Angel goes in, when she enters his mind she sees broken memories that have been blocked my some sort of bubble.  When she touches one of the memory bubbles, Tempest's entire mind changes.  Drax sees Tempest on the outside, change his personality and accuse Drax of abandoning him as a child and killing his mother.  Angel leaves Tempest's mind and tells Drax what she saw, as Drax tells her what happened.  Tempest does not believe either of them, so Drax and Angel show the security footage to Tempest, however Tempest still cannot see it even then.  DK enters and they show it to him, everyone seems to see it except Tempest.  They all then come to the conclusion that Tempest is being prevented from seeing this, and that they should all be extra careful.  Tempest however still does not believe that anything is wrong with him, and that the team is just acting weird.  Venom gets an unidentified e-mail stating that if you are reading this I am already dead.  Here is the research you want.  And enclosed in the e-mail is research on how to test if you are a clone created by Professor Corn.  Venom begins working on the serum for several hours, and upon completion she injects it into herself to find the answer.  Douglas Owen then arrives from Wilson to do a routine meeting with Nova Corps.  Venom becomes irritable and actually does not attend the meeting.  After the meeting, DK talks to Tempest, and Tempest begs DK to help him get out of Nova Corps and away from Drax and Angel.  Tempest also tells DK that he must go to meet someone at the Nova Nightshade.  DK agrees that he will help Tempest, and informs Drax and Angel as to what is going to happen.  Angel and Drax talk about how to solve the Tempest problem.  Angel informs Drax that she is not powerful enough alone to undo what Dred has done.  The two then call upon Cerebrum and hire a telepathic nova that does memory restorations.  Later that afternoon a man from Cerebrum named Zeroth shows up and agrees to meet with Tempest.  Zeroth meets with him and does a telepathic scan, upon completing the scan Zeroth agrees that there is nothing wrong with Tempest, and assures the boy that everything will be fine.  After Tempest leaves the room, Zeroth indicates to the team that there is a serious telepathic control over Tempest and that it would take both him and Angel to synchronize to undo the programming that has been done.  They agree to begin working that next morning.  Later that night, Angel meets up with Nexus and talks him into going to the Nova Nightshade in costume.  Angel creates an illusion so make them look like other people.  As soon as Tempest begins to leave Nova Corps, Drax turns invisible and follows him.  When Tempest arrives Zantique meets him and escorts him back to the back room.  As Drax begins to follow, Zantique stops and turns towards him and motions him not to follow.  Then Zantique goes into the back room and holds the doors closed with his telekinesis.  Drax, not sure what he can do now begins to worry.  As he does, Electrode enters the room and tries to go to the back room, but cannot.  He then takes a place at the bar and starts acting funny.  He begins talking to a glass of wine at the bar.  Drax goes over and recognizes the voice of the wine as Owen.  Drax calls Owen on his communicator and tells him what is happening to Tempest and that he wants Owen to get Tempest out of there.  Owen not wanting to stick his neck out for Nova Corps again, makes a deal with Drax that Drax will owe him a favor.  Shortly after DK drives a car into the light post outside the Nova Nightshade and kills the power.  Owen immediately teleports Tempest out of the Nova Nightshade and back to Nova Corps.  Drax contacts Owen, and through the sound of howling winds Drax vaguely hears Danger Room.  DK hurries back to Nova Corps to the danger room where he finds Tempest holding a white haired elf against the wall with wind as the elf holds Tempest against the other wall with blue energy.  DK not wanting Tempest to know that he knows about Owen, contacts Owen and tells him to teleport.  As he does DK blasts an entropic blast making it look like he just killed Owen.  Tempest freaks thinking that DK just killed Owen, DK plays dumb as if he didn't know.  DK asks Tempest what is going on, and Tempest tells him that he was meeting with a man named Diedrick Romanov that was going to help him control his powers.  Tempest then goes to leave, but as he gets to the door he is stopped by Drax.  Drax asks him what is going on, and Tempest tells him that he has met with a man named Diedrick Romanov that is going to show him how to control his powers and make Drax proud of him.  Drax immediately tells Tempest that he will decide what makes him proud of Tempest and no one else.  Tempest replies as if he didn't hear a word Drax had said, and that Drax supported his decision.  Drax quickly knocks Tempest out and venomoxs him.  Angel returns with Zeroth and they decide to take Tempest away to someplace familiar to begin the memory restoration process.  Drax, Angel, and Zeroth take Tempest to Canada to try and save him from Lord Dred.  As they prepare to leave Angel notices the research in Venom's lab, but not knowing what it is leaves for Canada.  However she does notice that Venom is acting differently and that she is dressed in a black evening gown.
64.   Seeds of Evil

Drax, Angel, and Zeroth take Tempest back to Canada to help repair his mind from Lord Dred.  Before they leave Angel tells Owen that she saw the e-mail and research in Venom's lab and that she suspects that Venom might be turning into Gaia.  Mr. Owen, in order to help preserve Nova Corps business, hires two new novas as temporary back-ups to help the team out.  He hires Magnetique from California, and a new nova named Omron that appears to be very much like Owen's alter ego.  Charlie then sends the team out to help put out a fire at a gas plant in Iowa.  DK, Venom, Magnetique, and Omron set out to save the day.  Venom and Magnetique work on putting out the fire while DK evacuates the people from the plant.  Omron using his powers gathers a large amount of water to dump onto the fire.  Once the fire is out the team returns to Chicago.  There Omron, aka Owen, informs DK of what Angel said and that they should subdue Venom before she gets a chance to turn into Gaia.  DK not wanting to jump the gun, goes to Venom to make sure she is all right.  Other than being tired from the fire, she seems fine.  Omron and Magnetique head back out to stop a hostage situation.  DK goes to his room, when he heads back to the lab Venom is gone.  When Omron and Magnetique return, DK tells Omron what has happened.  The team immediately heads out to look for Venom.  Meanwhile, Omron teleports to Venezuela to enlist the help of the other Venom, Dr. Alexis Montgomery.  When he returns the rest of the team says that they have found nothing.  Dr. Montgomery begins to look into the research that Venom did from the e-mail.  She soon discovers that the DNA will re-write the DNA of Venom, justifying what the team feared.  They then head back out to look for her, after a while a bird returns to Dr. Montgomery and tells her that she saw Venom get into an limosioune at the airport.  DK and Omron get the security tapes from the airport and confirm that the bird was right.  Not knowing where to turn next, the team discusses ideas.  In that moment the I-Spy program goes off indicating that there is someone in the lobby.  There the team finds Venom very cut up laying on the floor.  DK checks the security tapes only to find static in that brief moment when Venom appeared.  Dr. Montgomery checks Venom out and finds that the DNA virus has been removed.  Venom has no memories of what happened.  DK, suspicious of the limo, sends a message to Drax informing him of what he believes has happened.  Meanwhile, Omron and Magnetique disappear for some relaxation time on Ibiza.
65.   Parental Guidance

Angel, Drax, Zeroth, and Tempest head to Canada to Drax's cabin in order to help undo Dred's mind control.  Drax goes into town to get supplies and borrows the store owners jeep in order to get all of the food back.  Meanwhile Angel and Zeroth use their telepathy to get used to each other in an attempt to undo Dred's mind control.  Angel goes out to the lake to take a break while Zeroth rests.  There she receives a vision of a woman who comes and talks to her, the woman tells Angel that she must protect Tempest, and to re-unite the team for it will be the only way to defeat Lord Dred.  Drax returns to the cabin carrying the jeep, Angel and him unloads that groceries.  Soon afterwards the sensors go off and the team abandons the cabin, looking behind they see ghostly images of Donald & Peggy Pride heading to the cabin calling out for Anthony.  As they fly through the forest, Drax is hit by a white energy ball that explodes when it hits him.  Drax is mostly undamaged, but because of the venomox Tempest suffers serious injuries.  The team stops as Zeroth stares in shock at the realization that he has been in combat.  Soon the team seem sees a cloud of black smoke rise from the small town near the cabin.  In the midst of the smoke a jack-o-lantern face appears looming over the horizon.  Soon as the team discusses options of place to fall back to, another cloud of smoke appears over the lake where the cabin used to be.  Angel and Zeroth take Tempest to an abandoned mine shaft to telepathically work on his mind.  Drax flies north to the town where Tempest grew up.  There he sees a military caravan heading for the town, on the lead jeep floating about it is a woman, he recognizes the military personnel as being from the Order of the Shadow.  Drax flies up and takes a swing at the woman in the air, as he does he immediately becomes visible.  She immediately disappears, when she comes back she takes away his ability to fly.  Drax calls for help, but the woman takes control of his mind and makes him tell Angel that everything is fine.  She then finds out that they have Tempest in the mine shaft before she shoots Drax with an energy weapon and leaves him on the side of the road.  Drax regenerates and makes himself look like a shadow, and gets into one of the vans.  He acquires a gun and then uses it to destroy the rest of the caravan.  He heads into town where he meets some of the Canadian mounties, he tells them he is working on the military situation.  Drax then calls Angel and tells her what happened, they decide to move Tempest before he is found.  Angel phases him and flies, when she returns she finds Halloween Jack there torturing Zeroth, she is able to grab Zeroth and take him to the hospital.  Drax regains his powers and heads there as well.  While Angel is there, the woman and Halloween Jack appear and begin tearing the hospital apart, Angel is able to flee with Zeroth, but he loses his leg to Halloween Jack.  Enlisting the help of Owen, Zeroth is taken back to Chicago to be healed by Ivory.  Meanwhile, Drax finds Dr. Sauron watching over making sure nothing happens to Tempest.  Drax leaves Tempest with Sauron and heads to meet with Angel.  Drax and Angel regroup at the hospital where Halloween Jack tries to make a deal with Drax, the boy for the hospital.  Angel notices 200 pounds of C4 in the basement with a quantum trigger.  Drax unable to reason with Halloween Jack escapes as the hospital is destroyed, most of the people don't make it out.  After the hospital is destroyed, Drax and Angel head to meet Sauron, there they find Tempest frozen in time with the mysterious woman trying to torture Dr. Sauron.  Sauron tells her that she will not get the boy and he freezes himself in time with Tempest.  The woman disappears as several more military vehicles appear and begin making their way into the town.  The Canadian mounties try to hold them off, but are quickly destroyed.  Angel and Drax then step in and stop most of them, but some of them get through.  Just as this happens the time freeze from Dr. Sauron wears off and Tempest is freed.  Drax tells him what is happening and Tempest quickly creates a tornado to take care of the rest of the military people.  Angel then takes Tempest back to the mines in an attempt to heal his mind.  Drax stays and watches over the town, as he does he finds Halloween Jack.  The two novas face off, and Drax is unable to stop Halloween Jack, but Angel takes Drax away before Halloween Jack kills him.  When the team re-groups Angel tells Drax that she was able to heal Tempest's mind, but from a mysterious source.  The three novas decide to head back to Chicago.
66.   Great Balls of Fire

As Drax, Angel, and Tempest return from Canada Angel passes out.  Drax catches her before she hits the ground, when she comes to she tells them that she was put through a test by the Shintuk Empire with Lord Dred.  They then return to Nova Corps where they find a new secretary named Sally that has temporarily replaced Charlene while she is on medical leave.  Angel and Tempest then both fall to the ground in pain at the same time.  Angel then has a vision of an injured woman calling out to her and telling her to trust DK.  DK then returns and tells the team that he has to take Tempest with him to heal him and make sure the pains stop.  Angel agrees, however neither Tempest nor Drax want to leave each other.  Tempest merely stares at the team as Drax argues with Angel.  After much discussion Tempest and Drax agree that it is for the best, but as the elevator door closes Tempest stares back at Drax, Drax immediately throws the necklace of Morgan's that he wears off to Tempest who catches it.  The next day the team has a meeting with Mr. Owen and they discuss the issue of the little missions that the team is doing, Owen and the team finally come to a decision and he leaves to return to Wilson Enterprises.  The team then receives a mission, they are hired by Senator Biggins to help find the recently abducted Senator Bradley.  The team immediately heads to Washington DC to look for clues.  When they get there they head to check out Senator Bradley's office, but there they find the building evacuated with two novas inside.  Soon they find that it is Gummy Bear and Flamer, but not before the two novas accidentally destroy the office building.  Upon talking to the two would be heroes, they find that they have been hired by someone else to find Senator Bradley.  Nova Corps is able to save what they can, and convince the two novas to look for clues elsewhere.  Gummy Bear and Flamer head to Congress while Nova Corps heads to Senator Bradley's private house.  Once they get to the house they discover that Gummy Bear and Flamer are already there.  Nova Corps quickly searches for clues while the two novas begin to ransack through the house.  Angel finds a letter addressed to Senator Bradley's wife that she phases in order to read it.  It says that if his wife is reading this then he is already gone by the hand of their old friend.  Angel takes the letter from the study.  Meanwhile Drax finds a picture of a young Senator Bradley standing next to a very young looking Agent Anderson.  Angel then heads to Kentucky to find the Senator's wife, Venom heads back to the jet to do some research on what is going on, while Drax decides to follow Gummy Bear and Flamer to keep them out of trouble.  When Angel reaches the Senator's house she finds that it has been burned down with giant indentations in the ground, almost as if Flamer and Gummy Bear had been there, she also finds no sign of the Senator's wife.  Drax follows Flamer and Gummy Bear and finds that they are being spied on by a Directive agent.  Angel contacts Drax and tells him what has happened in Kentucky.  Drax talks to Flamer and Gummy Bear only to find that they never went to Kentucky, and that they were hired by Senator Soloman to find Senator Bradley.  Venom does some research and finds that Senator Bradley was a large spokesman for the new bill in the senate to reduce the Directive budget by 40%.  She also finds that Senator Biggins who hired them was working with Senator Bradley to pass the bill.  Looking more closely into the bill she also learns that Senator Soloman, the one who hired Flamer and Gummy Bear, is the largest speaker against the Directive bill and has firmly supported the Directive in the past.  The team quickly comes to the conclusion that the Directive is framing Gummy Bear and Flamer in order to justify having the bill vetoed.  Soon however the Directive catch up to Flamer and Gummy Bear and attempt to apprehend them for the kidnapping of Senator Bradley.  With the help of Drax they are able to escape but not before Gummy Bear lost his eufiber.  The team loses contact with Flamer and Gummy Bear, but after a while they find them and Drax takes new eufiber to them in Tennessee while Angel and Venom stay behind in the jet to do some more research.  There Angel discovers one of Tempest's programs and uses it to give some information about Senator Soloman to the press involving some bribes he accepted.  When Drax returns he goes to Senator Soloman's house only to find him going insane due to the information about him that was given to the press.  Drax takes him and heads to the hotel while Angel and Venom meet with Flamer and Gummy Bear to keep them safe from the Directive.  Drax learns about some of the things that the Senator has done, but as he begins to tell his secrets he dies.  Angel takes him back to Chicago to Ivory, Drax finds a car located in the entry way of the hotel with some information in it showing the location of Senator Bradley and a note stating that not all the Directive are bad.  He goes there to find the Senator and his wife and tries to stop a couple of agents from getting away in their car.  Angel shows up and takes the Senator back to the jet where Venom can help them.  Drax subdues the agents, but turns to see an agent with a gun pointed at him, and another agent disarm them.  He follows the agent that helped him to learn a disturbing secret.  Meanwhile Angel and Venom return the Senator and his wife in a publicity event to make it seem as if Flamer and Gummy with the help of Nova Corps saved the Senator.  Drax shows up to give a short speech to the press about these events.  The team then returns to Chicago where they find that Tempest and DK have already returned.  Angel admits to Tempest that she used his programs and knows what he is doing for Drax.  Tempest immediately begins to encrypt the programs as Angel talks to DK to make sure all is well with everyone.  Then Drax and DK meet to discuss the situation with him and the team, and they decide that the best place for DK right now is Nova Corps.
67.   A Knight to Remember

As the mission begins Venom takes the jet and leaves to meet with Douglas Owen at Wilson Enterprises in South Dakota.  Tempest continues to work on encrypting his computer programs while Angel heads to Canada to help rebuild the town that was destroyed by Halloween Jack.  A package arrives from Wilson Enterprises and Drax soon learns that it is the corvette that Tempest was going to get him.  Soon the team gets a new mission, they are to investigate a robbery at Harnell Research in Chicago.  The team heads there and finds that a Dr. Kipling was the one who stole the research after working there for only a couple of weeks, by punching through the wall and walking out.  They also learn that the project he stole was an energy sphere rivaling the power levels of five novas, it was incased in a metallic eufiber, the only substance able to hold the radiation.  The team also learns that the previous person who worked in this position was Dr. Torik.  Drax calls Angel and asks her to return to Chicago, and he heads over to talk to Dr. Torik.  There Drax finds that Torik was leaking information about the research to someone else, but he didn't want to say who.  Angel arrives and is able to talk to Torik while she reads his mind.  She discovers that the person he was giving the research to was Electrode, however she also learns that Torik knows nothing of Kipling.  As the team continues to investigate they discover that after Torik was fired two people applied for his position at Harnell Research.  One was Dr. Kipling, and the other was Dr. Richard Steinboch, also known as Electrode.  Drax tried to do a background check on Kipling by calling his former employer at MIT, Dr. Wochek.  Drax calls Wochek only to discover that Kipling is not a young man as they thought, but actually a seventy year old.  Tempest is able to hack into MIT, but discovers that the files says he is 27 years old.  Drax calls Wochek back, but this time Wochek says that Kipling was 27 years old.  Wochek asks if Drax would still like Kipling's personnel file and Drax says yes.  Wochek e-mails it to Tempest who opens it.  As soon as he does a virus is unleashed that begins to assimilate the Nova Corps computer system.  Tempest immediately begins to destroy all of the computer systems in the building with DK's help.  Knowing that someone got to Wochek, Angel leaves and heads for Massachusetts to MIT to investigate.  Before heading to Wochek's house she stops by Kipling's old house.  As she enters she hears three voices speak out together and say, Designate number 00172 code name, Angel.  As soon as she hears this she knows that they are knights, Angel takes to flight and tries to escape, but the knights are able to pursue her.  Angel then phases into the ground and heads back towards Chicago.  She calls Drax and tells him, Drax then gathers the team and rents a jet from the airport and heads to Massachusetts.  There Drax checks out Wochek's house while Angel waits as back up.  There he finds Wochek dead and six knights plugged into a phone line upstairs, it appears that they are unable to detect Drax while he is invisible.  Tempest and DK disguise themselves as students and go on the campus of MIT to investigate there.  Soon DK and Tempest are attacked by four knights, DK is able to destroy Tempest's two before the get to him, while Tempest creates a powerful blizzard and freezes DK's in place.  DK heads into the building to do some quick research, while Tempest flies to catch up with Drax and Angel.  However as he does six knights fly up towards him, but three turn and head towards Angel.  Drax immediately intercepts and destroys them before they can reach Angel.  Then two of the three knights following Tempest veer off and head back towards Angel and Drax.  Tempest flies towards DK, who immediately blasts the knight on his tail, saving Tempest.  Drax tries to hit one of the knights coming at Angel, but finds it is able to absorb his punch.  Realizing this is his knight, he turns to destroy the one going towards Angel, and is successful.  Angel makes several blasts at Drax's knight and is able to severely weaken it as Tempest flies in and blasts it with a lightning bolt destroying it.  Drax tells the team to go back to the hotel, and asks Tempest to release the two knights frozen in ice so that he may follow them.  Tempest does so and Drax follows them as the fly west towards a small mountain.  As the get close a hole opens in the mountain and they go in, as does Drax.  The rest of the team notices that Drax's signal disappears, looking at his last coordinates they leave to go and find him.  Inside the mountain Drax sees thousands of knights lined up in rows, he also sees them being built by machinery.  Drax damages the conveyor belt as he does a screen turns on and a silhouette begins speaking to him.  It is Knight himself, he tells Drax that they are brothers and that Drax should join him.  As they talk he hears the knights turn on and begin downloading for the Nova Corps team.  Knight tells Drax that his team is coming and if he wants them to survive he will tell them to turn around.  Drax communicates to the team and asks them to turn around, they do so unwillingly, but they do.  Knight asks one more time for Drax to join him, and Drax says no.  Knight then tells Drax that they are really not brothers and that Drax has to die.  Drax turns invisible so the knights cannot find him.  He searches around and finds a room beneath the floor containing the sphere, it appears to be what is powering the construction of all of the knights.  Meanwhile with DK's help Angel heads back to Nova Corps and gets some Directive collars that DK has kept to mask their quantum.  She returns and the three novas put them on after Tempest fixes them, and head back towards the mountain.  Once there Angel takes to flight so that the door will open and the knights will chase her.  As she does hundreds of them leave to follow her while wearing the collard DK and Tempest enter the mountain.  Angel after a time can no longer evade the knight's pursuit and phases into the ground.  Drax tells the team that he knows where the sphere is, DK heads to the room while Tempest takes off his collar to get all of the knights back to the mountain.  As the come in Tempest puts his collar back on and falls from the sky to avoid them, but before he hits the ground Drax catches him and they fly off.  In the room DK destroys the metallic eufiber of the sphere, just as Angel phases him and the leave, causing and explosion that destroys the knights and the mountain.  The team returns to Chicago to tell Dr. Harnell that the sphere is lost, they discover that without the sphere Harnell cannot continue his work, and that he has been given an offer from TEOTWAWKI for $900 million dollars for what's left of Harnell research.  Knowing that Dred wants something, the team begins to look into options of what to do next.
68.   Bad to the Bone

Tempest and DK immediately begin working on the computer systems for Nova Corps.  Angel and Drax head towards Harnell research to investigate what they can do to stop they buy out.  Angel tries to talk Mr. Owen into beating out the TEOTWAWKI bid, but with no success.  Meanwhile Drax heads to Harness's house to find the research, but instead finds Electrode taking it from the house.  Electrode becomes aware of Drax's presence and tries to slow him down with his van.  When Drax reaches the house there is no sign of Electrode, only a small bit of smoke floating in the hallway.  Charlie then calls the team back to Nova Corps for a mission.  He tells them that there is someone going through some small towns in Arizona killing everyone and leaving behind nothing but dried corpses.  The team goes to leave and finds that Venom has sent the jet back for them.  They then take off and fly for Coldrock Arizona, on the way Angel does some investigation and finds the only news in the history of Coldrock was a man named Bruce Hanke, also called The Killer of Coldrock.  It seems he was a serial killer, and was captured in Coldrock, but a few weeks after he was arrested he was beaten in a prison riot, and he killed all the people who were responsible and merely walked out, that was about five years ago.  As the team gets closer DK begins to scan for evidence, but finds an area outside of Coldrock that he cannot scan.  The team heads there, but was they get close the jet shifts into hyper thrust and heads for outer space.  After some hacking by Tempest, they team is able to crash the jet a few miles away from Coldrock.  When they reach the town they find it already empty except for a few dead bodies and some bikers.  The team is able to take down a few bikers, as they walk through the town they see DK answer his communicator and as he does there is a resounding "plink" as DK disappears.  Angel then is able to save an old woman and take her back to Phoenix Arizona, while Drax and Tempest investigate a garage filled with bikers, Drax knocks a small nova mechanic out and begins to knock out the rest of the bikers.  When he is done he looks down and notices that Tempest has been knocked out as well.  He then wakes Tempest just as his intuition goes off and they begin to fly from the building, but as they do Drax sees Tempest get pulled back into the building as his skin begins to flake off of his body.  Drax drops the mechanic and goes into rage, when he comes to he is standing in front seven foot tall yellow man who is looking down at him.  He says his name is Nemesis and requests that Drax return his mechanic, Drax grabs Tempest and leaves realizing he was just in rage and didn't scratch this nova.  Drax takes the mechanic and seals him in a barrel.  Angel returns and takes Tempest back to the jet to stabilize him while Drax turns invisible and follows the nova to where the gang seems to be getting together.  There Drax attacks a man with sunglasses and as he does so he is stuck in a loop of time.  Angel the begins to blast Nemesis but with no success, and the rest of the gang begins shooting, and one man turns to sand and begins blasting earth at her.  Drax gets free of the time loop and grabs the now unconscious time nova and flies through the sand nova blowing him to dust.  Drax heads back to pick up the mechanic, but finds that he has escaped from the barrel.  Angel looks in the distance and sees to trails of dust heading for the jet, she immediately tells Drax and they head back towards the jet.  When they get there they see the mechanic unconscious with a venomox dart stuck in him, and Tempest dodges the attacks from Nemesis.  They grab Tempest and put everyone in the jet while Drax lifts the jet and tries to fly away.  As he does so Nemesis begins leaping off the ground at him and lands in an earthquake.  Eventually Nemesis hits Drax, knocking the jet out of his hands, Angel grabs the powerless Tempest and Drax grabs his captives and they leave the jet as it plummets to the ground.  Nemesis leaps and hits the jet sending pieces of it across the desert.  The team heads to Phoenix to rest for the night, Angel and Drax try to get information from the two novas and get nothing.  Drax takes care of the time nova, while they decide to use the mechanic as bait.  They setup  a plan to lure Nemesis out with the mechanic in the desert.  They go there and Angel creates an illusion of the mechanic tied to a rock and screaming to Nemesis for help.  After sometime the rock begins to slide underground and the sand nova appears and talks to Angel.  He requests that they give back Widget or they will die.  Angel says no and they begin to fight, Tempest tells Angel to keep him busy but don't break him apart as he has a plan.  Tempest makes it rain, turning the sand to mud and slowing the nova down, as soon as the nova is slower, Tempest stops the rain and increases the temperature to 220 degrees, causing the sand nova to cook in place and form into a clay statue.  Unable to move or do anything the nova now stands there as a statue.  All of a sudden Nemesis immerges from the ground and begins by attacking Drax, Angel mental blasts him while Drax, holding Widget, dodges.  Tempest shoots lightning from above at the giant nova.  Angel continues to use her powers to attack the mind of Nemesis while Drax and Tempest keep him busy.  Eventually he collapses to the ground with his mind fried.  They take him back to Phoenix to the proper authorities and are give much credit and press for bringing peace back to the deserts of Arizona.
69.   Time for Nova Corps

As the team continues to rebuild their damaged computer system, they begin to notice that time seems to do strange things.  Such as making Venom's plants grow, and having kittens stuck in trees re-occur again and again.  As these fluctuations continue, Drax disappears and in his place Angel finds another nova named Token.  Token claims he is from the Nova Corps team in the future.  Angel introduces him to the rest of the team, and it appears that Token is close with Tempest, but fears DK.  The team heads out to the city of Chicago to try and understand what is happening, DK is able to see the energy and recognizes some of his own entropic energy within it.  Fearing that me might be right, he tries to get to the rest of the team, as they all hear a large explosion as time falls apart and different time streams now cross over each other.  As DK tries to walk to the Nova Corps building, he finds himself aboard the Titanic.  Venom, still being at the Nova Corps building, goes to the roof to find a woman who is completely composed of black energy with blue arcs running across her body.  She identifies herself as Athena and tries to kill Venom, but Venom escapes and begins to run.  When she stops she finds herself in a grassy meadow with two travelers, Lewis and Clark.  Soon enough the team is able to regroup where they find Athena and Aphrodite, along with Hitler's and Napolean's armies.  Aphrodite tries her song on Tempest to turn him into Zeus, but finds that it does nothing.  They begin to fight and it appears as though Token does nothing.  Angel and Tempest fight Athena in the sky while DK and Venom battle the armies below.  Venom tries to summon an animal to fight the armies, but to her surprise a Tyrannosaurus Rex appears.  During the battle it appears as though the Nova Corps team starts turning on each other, DK eventually finds it is Aphrodite and takes her out.  Athena is able to attack Venom and banish her to the other dimension where she has been trapped.  There Venom finds Dr. Sauron, all Sauron can do is mutter the words, DK.  Meanwhile, Token then calls Tempest down during the battle to give him a pep talk and pat him on the shoulder.  Confused Tempest heads up to fight Athena and launches the most powerful blizzard he has ever done, freezing her in a pillar of ice and covering the ground in several feet of snow.  There buried under the snow, DK builds a fort and scavenges over the now frozen armies for supplies.  Much to his amazement, he finds everything that Token wants.  The team then learns that Token has the power to manipulate probability fields, making things more or less likely to happen.  The team plans on how to take down Athena and rescue Venom, they open a hole in the ice so that Token can touch her and warp her probability as he does this for the Nova Corps team to make them stronger.  They then release Athena who tries to suck them into the dimensional vortex again, DK goes and holds the door open to let Venom out, but as he does so he himself goes into the vortex.  The team continues to fight Athena as they notice the blackness around her body begins to leave and they see her normal self underneath.  As she uses her powers, her new form disappears, she opens a vortex only to have Sauron and DK come out and the push her back into it, banishing her there once more.  As they do this, everyone notices that things begin to fade and the normal outline of Chicago re-appears.  They also notice that Token starts to fade, they team says farewell as they head back to Nova Corps to find Drax.  Drax asks questions of Sauron, who answers with a maybe.  Sauron tells them that when he tried to get to Chicago he got trapped in Athena's dimension and was able to use his powers to ground the Nova Corps team, but that Drax had already left and he grounded Token instead.  Sauron also tells them that since the dimension was created from him and DK, they were able to use their powers inside of it to disrupt Athena and banish her for a while longer.  Sauron then disappears leaving the team to find that no one remembers anything about the time fluctuations and that it had no affect on the timeline.
70.   Puck You

Drax and Tempest return from Canada in Drax's new corvette after looking at Morgan's grave and the cabin.  Venom continues her work at the new biology division at Wilson Enterprises in South Dakota.  Angel returns to the Nova Corps building when she notices someone following her.  She phases into the ground and confronts him in the alley.  When she tries to ask him questions he refuses to answer her.  She then tries to read his mind and discovers that she cannot, realizing he is a nova she leaves him and returns to the Nova Corps building.  While she is there an older gentleman comes in and asks for DK, Angel checks and finds that DK has been sent on a high priority mission.  After sometime he arrives and Angel informs him that if he needs to work with Nova Corps he has to work with her.  He tells her that he was sent to deliver a message to Drax.  Drax and Tempest return and Drax asks the boy what he wants.  He tells Drax that his name is Empath and he was sent by Sonique to ask Drax for help.  Not having the time to explain everything, the boy grabs Drax's arm as Drax gets a mental image of what all is happening to Sonique.  Drax finds that Shadow Master has been fighting a war with Soni and that he has also been working with Lord Dred.  Drax also discovers that there was a folder of great importance that Sonique had hired a skinny nova with white hair and a big British accent.  Drax recognizes him as their very own friend Mr. Owen.  Drax finds that Sonique hired him to get the folder, but then he ran off with it.  Drax wanting to get to the bottom of things heads to Oregon with Angel to meet with Sonique.  Once there they find that Sonique and her team are bogged down in the war and that Empath was the only nova she could send.  She confirms everything that Empath told them and asks Drax for a favor, find Puck dead or alive and retrieve the folder.  Angel and Drax head back to Chicago and meet Venom and Tempest.  They then get a hold of Owen and discuss the folder issue and his name of Puck.  He tells them that he did get the folder, and when he found out it contained Nova Corps security codes he wouldn't give it to Sonique.  The team tells him it came from Shadow Master and was on its way to Lord Dred.  They then talk Puck into giving them the folder so they can read and see what is inside of it.  Puck agrees and the team learns that it was from Shadow Master, and that it proves that he was not working with Lord Dred.  Inside the folder are ransom notes for Electrode and Venom.  It also has a lot of scientific skematics and information.  Drax also learns that Shadow Master is purposely keeping Sonique engaged in the war so that he can keep tabs on her.  Venom discovers looking at the scientific data that the machine could create and energy duplicate of a quantum signature, but this one would be unstable with the original and if the two came into contact it would cause them to explode at the speed of light.  Shortly there after they find that Venom is abducted from the lab, but the team knows who took her.