Missions:  51-60
51.   Divide and Conquer

Drax immediately heads for Los Angeles to visit Biomedical Plus on his Ducatti.  He stops in Nebraska where he is gets into a bar fight, but is able to keep the fact that he is a nova hidden.  He arrives at Biomedical Plus and begins going through the company, where he discovers that Douglas Owen is also there meeting with Ernest P. Hoggle about selling Biomedical Plus containment gel for the disease.  Drax follows Owen without his knowledge to the Los Angeles airport where he loses him in a crowd of people.  Drax goes back to Biomedical Plus and finds that someone has already gone through the file drawers and left some of them out on the desk.  Drax also discovers that all the real research is done at Site B.  He then finds a secret room where a nova that has already been turned into a goblin is being fed to a flock of bats.  Drax heads back to Chicago and contacts Tempest to hack into Biomedical Plus and Labrynth Technologies to find out more information on Site B.  Little does Drax know that when he contacted Tempest, Tempest and DK had already arrived in Los Angeles.  Earlier DK had asked Tempest to go with him to check into Biomedical plus.  DK had chartered a plane and they had already went to Los Angeles.  That night DK and Tempest broke into Biomedical plus and had found the same file folders that Drax had seen.  They then went to Labrynth Technologies and tried to break in their through the roof and were attacked by goblins.  They then went through the sewers and found themselves in a very real labrynth, just like in the movie.  They were able to make their way in with little damage, and hacked the computer system allowing them to know some of the business exchanges that Labrynth had made, as well as the location and some scematics of Site B.  DK seeing a file told Tempest he had to check out some stuff in Los Angeles, but that Tempest had to hurry back to Nova Corps with the information they had taken from the Labrynth Technologies mainframe.  Reluctantly Tempest flew off and headed back to Chicago with the CD.  Meanwhile that same evening in Chicago Venom worked diligently to understand and develop a cure for the goblin virus that was in Nexus.  After some time she saw her original research within the bacteria and was able to develop a cure and bring Nexus back to normal.  Angel then went out on the town with Nexus to watch over him and make sure he was alright.  Venom kept working on understanding the quantum bacteria that Nocturn had created.  After a while she noticed in went through another mutation and began writing a new genetic sequence, one of a bat's.  She contacted Angel, but as she was explaining this to Angel Nexus mutated into a giant bat creature much like Nocturn and began swooping from the sky and feeding on a herd of cows.  Angel was able to blast his mind into unconsciousness and bring him back to Nova Corps where Venom was able to also develop a cure for stage two of the quantum bacteria.
52.   Disease Control

Drax returns to Nova Corps and meets with Angel and Venom about the cure for Nexus.  Drax gives Venom the folder of information that he acquired from Biomedical Plus.  Venom informs Drax that Owen gave her the same folder some time ago.  Later that day they are contacted by Tempest who is barely able to fly into Nova Corps and gives them the CD with the information that him and DK got from Labrynth Technologies.  The team tries to contact DK, but is unable to, nor can they locate him.  After Tempest rests, the head for the jet and goes to the coordinates of Site B that were on the CD near Anchorage, Alaska.  The team arrives there and lands a few miles away.  Site B turns out to be nothing short of a military base.  Soon Nova Corps discovers that the stadium shaped building is protected by a quantum force field.  After a while the team is able to break in as the top opens and a castle is moved into the sky.  It is protected in its own quantum force field.  Soon all of the military personel on the ground begin to mutate, and the team discovers a large cavern located under the complex filled with millions of infected bats.  Soon the bats are released, Tempest goes after them to stop them from reaching Anchorage, while the rest of the team stays to stop Nocturn and the Goblin King.  Soon energy blasts begin to shoot from the castle towards the team.  They are able to dodge as well as fight the mutated goblins on the ground.  Then the second stage of the mutation begins and the goblins turn into giant bat creatures that continue to attack the team.  A fight breaks out by the castle between Nocturn and the Goblin Kind.  Angel is able to mentally blast the Goblin King into unconsciousness while Drax finds a storage bunker with some of their lazer guns and is able to blast at the castle through the field.  Drax shoots downward in an attempt to hit the field generator but destroys the lift bringing down the castle, the goblins, and the Goblin King into a mass of burning rubble.  He shoots again, this time destroying the generator and making Nocturn vulnerable to the Nova Corps team.  Nocturn immediately displays a remote control and warns the team that if they come near him he will press it and release all of the bats around the world.  While the debate, the mutated bat creatures fly off towards Anchorage for food.  Before Nocturn can react, Drax draws his light saber and removes Nocturn's hand and the remote.  Nocturn tries to fly away, but the team is able to stop him and destroy him.  Mean while, as the mutated bat creatures head towards Anchorage, a immense winter storm front hits them and freezes them all to death.  Angel wanting to verify the death of the Goblin Kind, searches the rubble of the castle, but is unable to find any evidence of Jareth.  Nova Corps them returns to Chicago and to much reward and praise.  The few cities that were infected are cured by Venom's disease as it was sold by Wilson Enterprises to the cities.
53.   Brain Decay

A few days after the team returns to Chicago, they attempt to locate and find DK.  Tempest not happy with losing his friend goes to leave for Los Angeles on his own, but is stopped by Drax who then takes the rest of the team with them to find DK.  When they are in Los Angeles they find no clue of DK's where abouts.  Tempest starts a program to search Opnet headlines for any evidence of DK.  Soon it finds an article that the New York Diamond Exchange was attacked by a nova and several people were killed and turned into piles of dust.  This being their only clue, the team heads to New York to search for their missing team mate.  Once their the team heads to the Diamond Exchange but are stopped an not allowed in by a New York detective.  He takes the team down to the station where the are put in a room for several hours while he tries to get them clearence.  After several hours he informs the team that the government agents they are working with have denied them access.  Drax them decides to break into the Diamond Exchange on his own.  Once inside he sees several police officers, and serveral Directive agents, including Agent Anderson.  Agent Anderson is standing next to a woman dressed in a black body suit with a strange C shaped symbol on it, and she points directly at Drax as the Directive agents begin to draw their guns.  Drax immediately disappears and rejoins the team.  When he tells them what happened Angel tells him that the C shaped symbol is the insignia of the Cerebrum, a company of telepathtic novas that had tried to employ her in the past.  While the are talking the are attacked by the Directive, the team is then able to make an escape.  Angel then has a vision of DK at a military base.  Drax realizing that the only closest military base was im Maryland.  Nova Corps heads to their jet and then to Maryland.  Once their Drax goes into the installation invisible while Angel creates an illusion of someone else and goes into the military base as a tourist.  Their she meets a red headed woman, as the woman walks away Angel uses her X-Ray vision and watches as the woman phases into the wall.  Angel tells Drax this and he is able to watch her from the inside.  He follows her until she leaves the building and knocks her unconscious for questioning.  Shortly there after Angel is attacked by a man who blasts fire at her, and asks the for the return of the red headed woman.  The team heads back to the jet and soon it is attacked by fire.  Drax is able to find the nova blasting fire and knocks him unconscious.  Angel then reads their minds and finds out they are working for DK and trying to break into the military installation for weapons and technology, and that they all were responsible for the New York Diamond Exchange.  As Nova Corps holds the two novas hostage, a black energy ball comes from out of no where and rusts and destroyes the Nova Corps jet.  They team quickly realize that it is DK and after some time are able to find him.  Drax is able to get close enough to him to venomox him, and Angel reads DK's mind and discovers that he has lost all of his memories and now calls himself Corantes.  Drax takes care of the other two novas and the team takes DK and heads back to Chicago.
54.   The Prodigal Son

The team goes back to Chicago after rescuing DK and finding that he has amnesia.  They take DK to the medical lab where Angel attempts to restore his memories telepathically, but encounters a wall that she cannot break.  Not wanting the new DK personality of Corantez to be a threat, Angel wipes those memories from DK's mind leaving him with no memories at all.  Tempest take DK and attempts to remind him of who he is.  Soon however Nova Corps is contacted by the Directive with a warrant for DK's arrest.  The team is able to have Owen show up in Chicago and he is able to tie the Directive up in a temporary legal battle.  Meanwhile Drax is telepathically contacted by his old mentor Lord Dred, and is offered a safe return to the Helgen.  Dred informs Drax that his team is about to be destroyed by the Directive and that his only safe place now is with Lord Dred.  Drax refused the offer and indicates that he is able to take care of things on his own.  Drax, concerned for the safety of his team, talks to Tempest about their father, son situation.  After forcing the boy to hear him out, Tempest and Drax are able to settle quite a few things.  Drax then talks with the team to make sure that they are all with him, and that they are aware of the fight they will be going up against with the Helgen.  That night, secretive Directive agents attempt to storm the building for evidence to bring down Nova Corps.  Tempest and DK leave to keep DK from being arrested by the Directive, but the rest of the team including Owen are able to subdue the Directive agents and keep Nova Corps information from them.  Owen is injured in the battle, but is able to keep going.  Drax forces him to allow Venom to examine his wound against his wishes.  The next day the Directive return after defeating Owen's lawyers, but the team offers the Directive a new deal as they have evidence of them breaking into Nova Corps invalidating their warrant.  Not wanting to lose their government funding the Directive make a deal with Nova Corps that if the stolen money is returned the will clear DK's name, as it was an alternate personality and not truly DK that committed the crimes.  The team agrees and DK's name is cleared, Tempest and DK then return to Nova Corps.
55.   The Swarm

The team is contacted by Richard Worthington who is the prime minister of England.  Hoping that Nova Corps can save his daughter, Cynthia, where his own people have failed, and remembering how they saved him from the UN attack, the team is hired to find his missing daughter.  Richard informs the team that his daughter went missing in New Zealand.  Nova Corps begins to get ready to leave, but is unable to find DK.  Tempest finds a note from him for the team indicating that he screwed up and will be back when he has fixed everything.  The team then heads to New Zealand and begins making inquiries for her on the streets.  They soon learn of rumors of people being abducted from the streets by men dressed all in black and carried into portals in the air.  Shortly thereafter, they find some of these men abducting a young woman.  The team is able to subdue these men without actually making an appearance.  Many men fall mysteriously and several energy bolts are fired from the cloudy sky.   Angel is able to read some of their minds and discovers that they are collecting people as sacrifices for the Temple of Sanctus.  The team then heads out to continue their search for Cynthia.  Tempest actually comes across her and brings her back to the hotel where Venom takes her to the airport to go home.  In order to flush these people out, Angel disguises herself as a young girl hoping to be abducted.  The team follows her, but the would be captors see through her disguise and shoot her.  Immediately Tempest blasts the assassin with a lightning bolt, as Drax helps take care of the rest.  After a short battle Nova Corps is victorious and Venom returns and they all head back to the hotel.  The team is then contacted by a man named Mercius, stating that Nova Corps should leave if they every want to see Charlie Rogers again.  Mercius puts Charlie on the phone to make his point known.  Angel talks to Mercius and discovers that the Cult of Sanctus believes that only the strong should survive, and the weak should die.  Not wanting to endanger their friend, the team heads back to Chicago to make sure Charlie is all right.  When they arrive at the Nova Corps building they see Charlie tied to a chair in the lobby by Charlene.  They free him, and head to the conference room to try and locate the man named Swarm.  Drax actually having taken some of the black suits discovers a radio transmitter in them that Tempest is able to trace back to the jungles of New Zealand.  When the run the coordinates through the computer they learn that it is the location of the Temple of Sanctus.  The team immediately heads there to stop the cult.  By disguising themselves as followers they are able to enter the temple where they see another sacrifice placed on the alter.  Drax turns invisible and heads for the alter, while Venom clings to the ceiling and hides in the shadows.  Angel creates an illusion and blends into the wall, while Tempest wears their robes and heads for the front of the stage.  On their cue, Tempest creates a hurricane and blows all of the cult members into the wall, while Angel flies and frees the sacrifice.  Drax is able to take out the two Ninja guards as the door opens and their god, Swarm, enters the room.  As Drax swings at Swarm, Swarm flies apart into several tiny bug like creatures.  Drax then attacks Mercius by the alter and kills him.  Swarm then heads for Tempest, and when the bug like creatures hit him, they begin to disintegrate him and feed on him.  Tempest is able to blow them back, as Angel returns and phases him to safety.  Drax goes into rage, but is unable to do any damage to the swarm.  Some of the swarm heads for Venom, she is able to use her Venomox and have the bug like creatures fall out of the sky.  The rest of the swarm begins to attack Drax, Tempest then becomes enraged and creates a small tornado to suck them all up.  Venom then launches a Venomox grenade into the twister and causing all of the bug like creatures to fall to the ground.  Angel is able to convince the followers of Sanctus to change their ways, while Tempest uses his powers and fries all of the bugs.
56.   The Clone Wars I

The team starts out being swamped with missions and calls.  Ever since they have saved the Prime Minister's daughter, they have become international news, and Nova Corps has developed a reduced rate by sending the team on smaller assignments alone.  Drax is sent to break up a hostage situation and the local bank, while Angel uses her telepathy to lead a small child out of a coma.  Venom saves the farmlands of the midwest from a mite problem, while Tempest helps the local fire department put out fires.  The team then reconvenes and Drax tells them about a couple of new hideouts that he built, and trains Tempest before the team ends another day.  Angel heads over the Nexus' place and hears on the news reports of Hurricane Andrew that is sweeping north from the coast of Florida, and a mysterious golden comet sighted in the sky that astronomers are puzzled by.  The next day starts with Angel being late, but meeting with Charlie to have him solve some problems with the way Charlene has been handing out missions.  Charlie takes over again, and sends the team on their missions.  Drax is sent to Wisconsin to help with a train wreck.  Angel is sent to Arizona to save miners from a collapsed tunnel, while Venom heads to Rhode Island to put out a fire at a chemical plant.  Tempest heads to South Dakota to help with an out of control forest fire there.  Angel is able to quickly save the miners, while Venom causes plants to grow over and suffocate the fire at the chemical plant.  However, Drax in an attempt to save the people from the flaming engine of the train, suffers major damage as it explodes while he is flying it away.  Charlie informs the team, and sends Angel to South Carolina to save an oil tanker from Hurricane Andrew that Team Tomorrow was unable to save.  Venom is told to return to Nova Corps, and Tempest is to go to Wisconsin on his way back to find Drax.  Drax wakes from his blow with death only to find that he is being carried in Tempest's arms and it appears that Tempest has been crying from his suit stained face.  Drax tells him he is all right as Tempest hugs him, Drax lets out a scream of pain.  Drax regenerates, but Tempest won't stop looking after him.  They are told that Venom will rendevouz with them to pick them up as Angel needs back up to save the oil tanker.  The team flies in the jet to South Carolina.  When they get there, Tempest heads north up the coast in an attempt to stop Hurricane Andrew.  Angel is mostly powerless and tired from her attempts.  Between Drax and Venom's whales, they are able to save the oil tanker.  They then try to contact Tempest to see how he has progressed, but receive no answer.  Drax uses the GPS on the communicators to find Tempest floating head down in the waters of the ocean.  He picks Tempest up and heads for the jet, as the team returns to Nova Corps.
57.   The Clone Wars II

When they get back to Nova Corps Venom is able to tell that Tempest is in a coma.  Angel attempts to go into his mind to help him, but finds that it is completely blank.  After a while she sees some memories trying to rebuild themselves.  She sees Tempest as a baby lying in his crib crying as he stairs at a mobile.  Angel begins to notice that when she has her visions now, there is another her standing there.  Worried that this might be true, and that the golden comet might be related she begins to research the comet.  Angel contacts Dr. Maisius in California to get the coordinates of the comet, and discovers that it stopped and disappeared in mid-space and that the comet trail had quantum energies in it.  When Angel and Venom plot the comet in the computer they learn that the coordinates of where the comet stopped were the same coordinates of the debris from Lord Dred's satellite that they destroyed.  They immediately contact Drax and ask him to go to the conference room.  When he enters they notice he is carrying Tempest's lifeless body.  When asked why, Drax responds that he is making sure if Tempest wakes up as Zeus that he can take care of it.  They show Drax what they have discovered about the satellite, and as they do all of the power in building goes dead.  The team agrees that Angel and Venom should go up there and investigate while Drax takes Tempest to safety.  After Angel and Venom leave, Drax recieves a phone call from Sonique.  She accuses him of trashing her team and mansion, after Drax is able to calm her down he discovers that when Hurricane Andrew hit Boston, all the power went out, but when the power came back on Soni no longer had control of their satellite systems, and the storm quickly disappeared afterwords.  He then tells Sonique it was not him that attacked her team, and that she should leave quickly as their is something going on.  Drax informs Angel and Venom of this and leaves Nova Corps immediately for his and Tempest's safety.  Angel and Venom get to the debris of the satellite and notice that on one of the pieces of metal, it seems someone has removed a box as that part of the metal is not charred from the explosion.  As they learn this, they see a shadow from belows as several round corn bots are released and begin blasting them.  Angel quickly takes her and Venom away from the robots.  Drax notices that Charlie arrives at Nova Corps to investigate the power outage.  Drax informs Charlie as to what is going on, as Charlie freaks out.  In order to calm him, Drax and Charlie develop a password so that they will know if it is the real them.  Drax and the rest of the team falls back to one of his new hideouts in order to lay low and come up with another plan.  As they are in route to the hideout, Drax's cell phone rings and he notices it is Sonique calling him.  As he answers it he hears his own voice say, "Got Her" and hangs up.  The team reaches their hideout and removes their communicators and destroys them.  The team talks and figures out that perhaps they are going to try and use the Nova Corps computer system to control the Soni satellites.  Venom stays with Tempest as Drax and Angel head into the nearby town of DeKalb to call Charlie for help.  When Drax calls Charlie, he finds that Charlie has no idea what the pass word is and keeps insisting that the team returns to the Nova Corps building.  Drax hangs up and informs Angel that Charlie has been replaced as well.  They then call Douglas Owen and inform him of what has been happening, and that they do not want the Nova Corps building to be turned back on.  Drax sets up a password with Owen as well, and he tells them that he will do what he can to slow them down.  Drax and Angel head back to the hideout to tell Venom.  Later they see a news report from Douglas Owen at the Nova Corps building.  There behind him stands Charlie, Angel, and Tempest, knowing that these are obviously clones, the team calls Owen to inform them that they are clones and he says he knows, but he uses the password so the them knows it is him.  The team then leaves Tempest and heads for Chicago to catch them.  As they get close to Chicago Angel hears Drax say, Yes My Lord and disappears.  Angel and Venom continue on their way to the Nova Corps building.  They get there and see no signs of anyone, they head down to the danger room where they see Tempest running the controls while Angel and Owen are in the danger room.  When they get there, Angel knocks the other Tempest out and her and Venom watch.  What they see is Angel and a blue glowing, flying Owen blasting blue fireballs at Angel.  They can tell from the battle that Owen is not winning.  Angel is able to shut off the force fields and open that doors just as Owen shatters like a mirror leaving where he was standing a skinny, white haired, little elf.  He takes one last shot at the Angel clone, then realizes the door is open disappears with a Plink.  Just then Angel and Venom see a golden streak in front of them and notice that the Tempest clone and the Angel clone are gone.  Meanwhile Drax awakes in a room where he is floating in the air and cannot move.  Before him stands Zantique and Lord Dred, Dred informs him that they suspect him of taking Sonique.  Dred then reads through Drax's mind and discovers the truth.  Drax then wakes up flying over Chicago, he contacts Angel and Venom, and the team heads back to the hideout, only to gather Tempest and destroy it as Dred has discovered it.  They then get a hotel room in a nearby town.  Venom stays with Tempest while Drax and Angel head out to contact Owen for some help.  Back in the hotel room Venom tries to give Tempest a sedative that will put him to sleep when she notices that he is starting to go through the part of his memory where he killed his parents.  She tries to give it to him, but he does some very nice ninja moves, and is able to escape her.  Eventually she gives it to him and puts him back to sleep.  She then heads out to meet up with the rest of the team.  Drax and Angel tell her that Owen is going to give them new communicators for their eufiber, that have cell phones built into them.  The team heads to the roof to watch as a person is to make the drop off.  They see a fat man in a green coat appear in a nearby alley with a resounding Plink.  The walks to the phone booth from where the team called Owen, puts down a package, and then walks off not to be seen again.  The team gets to the package and opens it.  Sure enough there are the communicators, they quickly put them into their eufiber for use.  The team then heads back to the hotel to check on Tempest.
58.   The Clone Wars III 

The team finds a new location for a hideout and builds one.  Drax gets a call from Owen, Owen uses the password and then asks him if he was in the lobby of Wilson Enterprises.  Drax says no and Owen indicates that he is going to disappear for a while, until this thing blows over.  The team discusses their situation and decides that they should try to capture the Drax clone in order to solve the mystery.  Angel and Drax decide to get to South Dakota and save Owen from this possible attack.  When Angel gets there she disguises herself as Owen and tells them to let Drax up to meet with him.  The Drax clone arrives and tries to punch Owen, and finds that he is phased.  Drax then turns invisible and releases a small army of Corn's robots to blast Angel.  Angel immediately leaves, but not after Owen's office and the side of the Wilson Enterprises building has been blown out.  The people in the building evacuate it while the Drax clone and the robots disappear.  As the people evacuate the building, Angel notices a man in a hat and trench coat across the street sobbing, she tries to talk to him, but he doesn't tell her much and disappears.  Angel then flies back towards the hideout where she encounters Flamer in the sky.  She talks to him for a moment and he asks her where the team is located repeatedly, she figures he is a clone and flees as he tries to burn her with a fire blast.  Angel returns to the hideout and informs the team of what has happened.  They also notice on the news that the power has been restored to the Nova Corps building, and that it has been up and running for a while.  Drax and Angel head out to call Nova Corps, and when they do Charlene answers the phone.  They ask her if anything weird has been going on, and she says that she is tired of them being so nice to her and that they are all crazy.  They find out that Charlene would not go with the clones, and that she even found Charlie acting weird and locked him in the danger room and secured the building.  Drax and Angel head back to the hideout only to notice that Tempest is beginning to wake up, but when he does he as no memory of where or who he is.  After a short time it wears off and he seems fine.  The team then fills him in on what is going on.  They all then head back to the Nova Corps building, when they get there they have to persuade Charlene to open the door and let them in.  When they do, they find the Charlie clone locked in the danger room with no one else but Charlene around.  Tempest takes to the computer system and tried to uplink with the Soni satellites, he discovers a new virus has been implanted in the satellites.  It looks like the kind of program that the Knights used to assimilate technology, the team figures out that the satellites will be used to broadcast the omega wave from Dred's old satellite, and that this wave is powerful enough to even kill novas.  They also find that all the satellites work independently so destroying them one by one will not work.  Charlene then contacts the team and tells them there is someone down stairs in front of the lobby, the team looks on the monitors and sees that it is actually Fabin.  Angel tells Charlene not to let him in, and to make sure he doesn't leave.  When Angel gets down there she sees Fabin sitting on his knees with a zoned look on his face, and Charlene buttoning up her blouse.  Angel reads Fabin's mind and discovers it is really him, and she lets him in.  They get Fabin calmed down and learn that it was in fact Gaia, Venom's evil clone, that is behind this.  And that Fabin actually came to Nova Corps to have the team help him find Professor Corn as Gaia put them into crystals and launched them out of the Cob.  Tempest then discovers an uplink program in the Nova Corps system and activates it.  The screen comes on, and they see Gaia standing there, she tells them nothing and turns the screen off.  Shortly after that, the building is swarmed with Corn-bots.  The team and Charlene escape from the building in time.  The team heads back to their hideout with Fabin in tow.
59.   The Clone Wars IV 

The team begins to go over their options as they hide in their secret hideout with Fabin.  Angel reads Fabin's mind to find out where he came from in an attempt to find Professor Corn.  She sees and image of Fabin swimming to shore by the Statue of Liberty.  The team then decides that Tempest will remain in the hideout with Fabin and continue his attempts to reprogram the computer virus.  Meanwhile, Drax will return to Chicago and find Electrode to help them with the Omega wave.  Angel and Venom will head to New York to find Professor Corn.  Drax heads to the Nova Corps building and looks out of his dormitory window at the TEOTWAWKI building to talk to Lord Dred.  He tells Dred that they need Electrode's help with the Omega wave.  Dred agrees on the condition that Drax will save his daughter Sonique, Drax agrees and Dred shows Drax a mental picture of where Electrode is and how to get there.  Drax immediately flies about an hour north of Chicago to a gas station on a deserted dirt road.  There, in the garage he finds Electrode and asks for his assistance.  Not being very cooperative, Drax reminds Electrode that it was by Dred's authority that he was there.  Electrode agrees and they head back to Chicago to begin preperations.  Angel and Venom arrive in New York and begin searching the ocean.  Venom summons several fish to begin looking for the crystal.  After a time they find it, but there is no one inside.  The deduce that this must have been Fabin's crystal.  Angel takes it to shore where Venom chisels off a part of it for research.  They then head into New York to check the news for anything else that might be new.  There they encounter two Team Tomorrow members that ask to talk to them about the oil tanker.  Angel leaves not wanting to waste time, but Venom disappears before she can grab her.  Angel returns and apologizes to the Team Tomorrow members about leaving.  They tell Team Tomorrow about the clones, and Team Tomorrow tells them about the fact that it was Tempest that destroyed the oil tanker.  The Team Tomorrow members agree to try and help Nova Corps with what they can and head off.  While Drax is still at the Nova Corps building, he sees Charlie's clone there and decides to follow him.  After the clone heads for Charlie's house, Drax abducts him and takes him to the Nova Corps hideout.  When Drax arrives, Tempest informs him that the virus has assimilated his laptop and he will need to continue working from the Nova Corps building.  Angel and Venom return where they begin to question the clone.  Not getting very far, Angel reads the mind of the clone, only to find out that if he were to die, that Gaia would make another and that he doesn't know much.  Venom then ties the clone to the wall with roots so that he will be unable to escape and the team then heads back to the Nova Corps building to continue their work.  The team heads back to the Nova Corps building to continue their work.  Soon they realize that they left Fabin back in the hideout with the Charlie clone.  Tempest returns there only to find that Fabin has released the Charlie clone.  Drax tells them to return to the Nova Corps building and continue to reprogram the virus.
60.   The Clone Wars V

The team returns to the Nova Corps building.  Tempest heads to the computer lab to continue trying to reprogram the virus.  Drax brings Electrode to the building where he shows Electrode the Omega wave that they have seem.  Electrode astonished by the increase in power tells Drax that this will kill novas as well, where as the original wave would not have because an Omega wave is disrupted by a quantum field.  Electrode thinks for a while and then tells Drax that one way to stop the wave would be to increase a quantum field to the same power level to disrupt it.  Electrode begins telling Drax how they will have to re-wire the Nova Corps building into a giant antenna.  Drax tells them he would rather not use the Nova Corps building and that they should use the Sears Tower.  Electrode leaves to check with Dred, but before he does Drax tells him they need a password to make sure that they are not clones.  Electrode tells him when he returns he will do this, and shocks Drax, and leaves.  Meanwhile, Tempest tells the team he is having little progress because Fabin keeps interrupting him.  Angel then takes Fabin to the danger room and runs a program for him full of buttons that he can press, and leaves him in the danger room.  Electrode returns and tells Drax that he will begin setting up the device, but he needs a giant crate from his hideout.  Drax leaves to get the crate while Angel and Electrode head to the Sears Tower to being re-wiring it.  There they encounter a baseline security guard while they are working.  Angel is able to stop Electrode from frying him, and instead wipes the guard's mind and takes him away.  Drax returns with the crate, and Electrode opens in as a giant satellite dish unfolds from it.  Electrode begins to wire it together, just then Drax and Angel see several small stars appear on the horizon and move towards the Sears Tower and surround it.  The call the rest of the team for back up as they notice these are Corn bots.  Drax and Angel begin to fight them to keep them away from the satellite dish, as does Tempest when he arrives.  Venom goes to the roof with Electrode to make sure no one gets close to the dish.  Just as the team is fighting the Corn bots, a hurrincane begins to form over the satellite dish.  Tempest immediately turns to stop it, but exposes his back to the Corn bots and gets severly injured.  Drax sees Tempest fall and goes into rage against the Corn bots destroying most of them while Angel catches Tempest and takes him to the roof.  She then grabs some tools and phases them into some of the Corn bots, destroying them.  Tempest is then able to regenerate, only to find the hurricane form again, he is able to stop it, but only to see it start again.  This weather battle goes on for some time.  Drax tired and beaten falls from the sky after destroying the last of the Corn bots, Angel takes him back to Nova Corps.  Electrode continues to work as Venom creates vines to hold the satellite dish from the storm.  Angel returns and sees the weather battle, suspecting that the clones are exact copies of their originals, she creates an illusion to make her look like Aphrodite and flies around the city singing.  Soon enough, a young Zeus imerges from the dark streets.  She lures him away from the real Tempest, and takes him back to Nova Corps where she knocks him out with Venomox and puts him in the med-lab.  Tempest is then able to stop the storm, and Venom carries the wary kid back to Nova Corps to rest.  After sometime, Venom returns to the roof with Electrode only to see two Electrodes fighting each other.  She immediately contacts the team, and when they get there they see one Electrode holding the other over the edge of the building.  Electrode lets his captive go, but Angel is able to save him while the weakend Drax fights the Electrode clone.  Angel puts Electrode safely on the ground, and as she flies back up to the roof she sees Zantique flying with her.  Venom then gets a message from the med-lab that the Tempest clone has died.  More Corn bots appear as Zantique and Angel begin to fight them.  The weakend Drax stays on the roof to guard the sattelite dish.  Another hurricane immerges, as Zantique begins to use his telekinetic powers to hold the sattelite dish together.  Angel sweeps the streets of Chicago once more to find the Tempest clone, when she does she takes care of him and returns to the roof.  There the real Tempest has managed to stop the storm while Zantique and Flash Back took care of the rest of the Corn bots.  Just then they see a white light begin to bounce through the sky as the Omega wave is released.  Zantique says that Electrode will not be able to power the machine and that they need someone powerful enough to pour vast amounts of electricity into the machine.  Tempest immediately hooks himself up to the satellite dish and begins to unleash his lightning.  The machine fires up and begins to blast a blue energy beam into the Soni sattelite system.  The two energy beams bounce around the sattelites until the collide, stopping both of them and destroying the Omega wave.  Unfortunately Tempest is severly burned from the machine.  Venom looks at him and they take him back to Nova Corps to stabilize him.  The next day Nova Corps looks at the Sears Tower and finds there are no clues that the machine or any of it was ever there.