Missions:  41-50
41.   The Dred of Knight VII

The two teams reach the island of Ibiza where the both head to the Amp Room, which is a local night club on Ibiza.  There Jennifer meets and old friend that both teams have met before, Count Orzaiz.  He offers to help both of the teams as they are novas and he is in the business of helping novas.  While they are talking the roof is ripped off by more than two hundred knights.  The teams try to run before the knights attack, but are stopped by Avalanche who begins to give them designate numbers and attack them.  Drax was able to destroy the android before it harmed the teams.  Both Nova Corps and N-Vector were able to escape without being hurt, however the knights were able to kill about 324 novas that had lived on Ibiza.  Shortly after while the teams were in hiding trying to come up with a plan a ring of smoke appeared out of no where and Avalanche walked through.  She explained that she had been captured by Knight and Lord Dred.  She also told the teams that because of the nova slaughter of Ibiza caused by Knight, Lord Dred and Knight began to fight.  It was in fact Lord Dred that had freed her and sent her there.  He had given her coordinates of Knight's base to stop a project that he had started called Fail-safe.  The teams located the base as an island near Wales.  Immediately the two teams took to flight under their own power and headed to the island.
42.   The Dred of Knight VIII

The teams successfully arrive at the island and as they fly in they are bombarded by lazer from the castle.  The teams were able to destroy most of the lazer guns without being injured.  When the arrived at the castle they were then attacked by several knights, after much battling the teams were able to destroy the knights and enter the castle.  When the got there they found the main computer system.  Tempest and Interface then decrypted the computer and discovered that project Fail-safe was a plan to destroy the moon and shift the orbit of the Earth.  Tempest and Interface together created a virus and stopped project Fail-safe, but were unable to determine the location of Knight.
43.   A Cornucopia of Trouble

The team heads to Ethiopia to investigate the where abouts of the missing village of Makir.  Evidently the residents of the village disappeared.  When they got there, the jet was attacked and destroyed by flying robots.  Once they reached the village Tempest was severely injured by a battle droid with a lazer gun.  This sent Drax into a rage where the team learned that he also seemed to possess golden claws which did more damage to the droids than his normal silver ones.  Soon the team was met by Professor Corn, but before Corn could do away with them Fabin set off one of his machines which exploded in an energy wave.  When everything cleared, Corn was still standing there but Fabin had disappeared.  The team also noticed that Venom had lost her green skin, DK's eyes were normal, and Tempest's hair had stopped blowing in the wind.  They began to question Corn, but as they did they noticed he had lost his intelligence, but now possessed Fabin's powers.  Shortly there after Drax's skin turned green, Tempest's eyes turned black, and Angel's hair began to blow in the wind.  Venom also seemed to get Drax's powers while DK began to fly with golden wings of light.  The team returned to Chicago with Corn while DK had a vision that Fabin was building a machine to destroy the world.  When they got to Chicago Corn wondered off by himself and was soon apprehended by the Directive.  DK saved Corn in hopes that they could use him to switch back to their own powers.  However the Directive opened fire on Nova Corps and took out Tempest, who shunned all of DK's entropy powers on the Nova Corps building before he fell unconscious.  Angel tried to create a gale to blow them away and did a lot of damage to the downtown Chicago area.  The Directive then shot her with the same stuff as Tempest causing her to create an enormous storm.  Eventually the team got things under control with the help of some local novas from Chicago.  Drax then bargained with the Directive for the return of Angel and Tempest, but they insisted that he give them Corn.  Fabin then made contact with the team and demanded that they also give him Corn as well as themselves as sacrifices or he would destroy the entire state of Illinois.  Drax and the Directive then made the exchange but Drax was able to trick the Directive into keeping Corn.  Much to Drax's dismay the Directive had cryogenically frozen Angel and Tempest.  Once the recovered they were able to meet with Fabin.  Once the arrived they fought Fabin and discovered that the new machine he had built was the same one that Corn had built that switched their powers.  Corn inadvertently caused the machine to malfunction as before and switched everyone's powers back to normal.  Corn and Fabin then vanished as the team found their way back to Chicago where they were all given a month's vacation until Wilson Enterprises had finished building the new Nova Corps building.
44.   Oh Gods

Angel returns from her vacation to find a very new Nova Corps building.  She also sees the new jet and submarine, as well as the new holographic danger room.  She has lunch with Douglas Owen where she continues her pursuit in getting him to smile.  Later that night she attends a concert of the new biggest rock star, Robbie Heartbreak.  She then meets Robbie back stage and takes him to the Nova Nightshade where they enjoy an evening of dancing.  Angel also discovers that Owen has acquired them a reserved table at the Nova Nightshade.  Meanwhile, Drax and Tempest begin to return to Chicago from Drax's cabin in Canada.  When they get there they also discover the new building and state of the art equipment that Owen has gotten them from Wilson Enterprises.  Venom and DK also return from their vacations to see the new equipment and building.  Soon there after Drax takes his new Ducatti out for a spin and is attacked by a person with a rocket launcher in a ninja suit.  Drax subdues him and discovers he is a baseline.  When he removes the mask he finds the face of Tempest.  He immediately calls back to Nova Corps and finds that Tempest is still there.  The team then heads to where Drax is, when Venom wakes up the baseline Tempest, the real Tempest falls to his knees heaving blood, while the Tempest in the ninja suit begins to have his hair blow in the wind.  Drax immediately knocks him back out while DK takes the injured Tempest back to Nova Corps.  On his way back DK sees another person in a ninja suit, and he begins to heave blood, he activates the turbo feature on his bike and is able to make his escape.  The team disposes of the fake Tempest and returns to Nova Corps.  Soon after they return to Nova Corps the team is standing in the conference room when DK begins to get sick again.  Angel immediately takes DK away from the building to save him.  Meanwhile Drax and Venom begin to search the building when Drax finds the man in the ninja suit and knocks him out.  Then the team hears a click on their communicators and they rush back to the conference room to find Tempest unconscious on the floor with a pool of blood around him.  Venom takes him to the medical lab and calls for Drax as she needs a blood transfusion.  They are able to help Tempest, but he goes into convulsions and begins to miraculously heal on his own.  Meanwhile the rest of the team tries to find the impostors and locates them at the Nova Nightshade.  Angel and Drax are able to trick them out with the help of a new nova that looks like DK and says he is a friend.  They soon discover that Aphrodite is also there with another new god.  They capture the gods, including a new god named Osphestas.  They interrogate them and end up killing the Zeus impostor.  When they do Tempest's powers return.  They kill the gods and go back to randevouz with Athena and Ares disguised as the original gods.  Unfortunately Tempest is unable to act like his alter ego and gives them away.  There is a battle in which DK accidentally blasts Athena while she is opening a time warp.  This creates a time hole that Athena and Ares are sucked into, and starts to pull on the rest of the team.  Luckily DK is able to close the time hole and everything returns to normal.
45.   Power Tap

The mission begins with the team suspecting what happened to Tempest and why he was able to get the plant fiber skeleton from Drax.  DK and Angel come to the conclusion that Tempest is in fact Drax's son.  Drax informs them that he does know and that Tempest is really Jonathan Knight, and it was Dr. Sauron that made this possible.  DK leaves a letter at school for Tempest telling him what a bad friend he was.  Tempest unsure of its meaning returnst to Nova Corps to find DK, the team confronts him and tells him that he has the plant fiber skeleton and is in some way related to Drax.  Tempest leaves Nova Corps and on his way out runs into DK, they talk and DK tells him little to nothing.  Tempest heads to Cindy's house to get a way from the team for a while.  Meanwhile back at Nova Corps Drax and DK go out and DK confronts Drax about Tempest being his son.  Drax begins to act oddly and knocks out DK and gives him to a guy in a trench coat down the road a little ways.  In the conference room back at Nova Corps Angel, Venom, and Charlie are talking when they are all knocked out by an invisible force.  The same thing happens to Tempest while he is at Cindy's.  The team is then brought to a truck and loaded onto it by Drax who is acting like a zombie, and the entire team including Charlie, is taken away.
46.   The Reserves

The mission starts out with Douglas Owen giving a press conference on the missing Nova Corps team.  A young street girl shows up and Nova Corps and asks him telepathically if she can help find DK.  She identifies herself as a friend of his and says her name is Sara.  He agrees, and a short time later a young blonde girl named Maggie also appears and asks if she can meet Tempest.  When Owen tells her that the team is missing she says she is a nova and wishes to help.  Owen takes them to a conference room and then goes to the tropical island owned by Typhoid Mary to ask Grykus to join his mission to locate the missing Nova Corps team.  He then has Grykus create a portal so that they can also recruit the other Venom working in the jungles of Venezeula.  The new team and its members head back to Nova Corps to begin solving the puzzle of the missing team.  They new team begins investigating at the Nova Nightshade, where an attempt on the second Venom is made.  They are able to capture the nova who tried, but he soon disappears in a cloud of black smoke.  The team decides to break up to cover more ground.  Venom heads back to Nova Corps to scan using the computer system, while Grykus and Sara head to the New Aura to look for Angel.  Owen and Maggie head out on their own to look for clues.  At the New Aura they find that no one has heard from Angel, but Sara telepathically knocks Grykus out.  Meanwhile on the other side of town Maggie begins attacking Owen, but Owen is able to snap her out of it.  Owen contacts Venom and they meet Sara and Grykus.  Immediately Owen and Maggie take Sara and Grykus' place using a holographic projector from Wilson Enterprises.  Venom takes Grykus and Sara to the Nova Corps plane to follow.  Eventually Owen and Maggie are picked up and taken to a boat and shipped out to sea.  Venom flies behind in the Nova Corps jet and is able to bring Grykus and Sara to their senses.  Owen and Maggie find that they are on preset coordinates and get rid of the crew, but as they do that the ship is attacked by a giant storm.  Maggie, Venom, and Sara take refuge on the plane down in the hull of the ship, while Grykus and Owen steer the ship.  The ship begins to be bombarded with a strange while energy from the storm, and knocks Owen out, while the other team members begin to have their powers disrupted.  Soon they are met by a giant gold glowing figure that identifies himself as Kosh, and battles the new team eventually taking Owen.  The team is finally able to defeat Kosh by using venomox and then are able to locate the missing team and get them back to Nova Corps.  It is there that the debate of Tempest begins again and Grykus discovers that Tempest is Drax's son.  DK feeling guilty gives Tempest the encryption codes to the hard drive, and Tempest is able to discover for himself the truth that Drax is his father.  Tempest now knowing immediately leaves Nova Corps and heads out on his own feeling betrayed and alone.
47.   Sibling Rivalry

One week after Tempest left, Venom leaves for a medical conference in Paris, France where much to her surprise she finds DK there.  When she begins to question him she discovers that he is unusually nice to her.  Meanwhile back at Nova Corps Drax battles a mound of black ooze that begins to dissolve some of the plants and even part of his arm.  He is able to venomox it and capture it in several containers.  He tries to contact the rest of the team, but is unable to reach Angel.  After several hours DK and Venom return to Nova Corps where Drax shows them the creature in the jars.  DK begins to examine it and ends up destroying it.  Charlie then calls an emergency mission for the team to go and save a US aircraft carrier from a nova attack.  The team heads out and when they get there they find the aircraft carrier disabled, with no power, and taking on water.  Soon the team sees the nova that did it, a giant being of white energy appears singing a hypnotic song.  She flies through the Nova Corps jet draining it and Venom of power.  Charlie and Venom are knocked unconscious and the jet crashes to the see.  The white energy being heads for DK, but he resists her with his power and she leaves him.  Soon she heads for Drax, and he falls into a hypnotic state and flies to her.  He is rendered unconscious and falls to the see, but with the help of DK his is saved from drowning.  Once DK gets the team back on the jet he is contacted by Angel who says she has just returned from the past where she first negotiated her contract with Nova Corps.  DK gets the team back to Chicago where they meet up with Angel.  Drax lies down to try and get some rest, but is disturbed by a phone call from Dr. Sauron who asks about DK and if he is acting strangely.  While the team discusses this Angel's mind is touched by another far more powerful telepath who is able to read her mind enough to find out who she is.  Soon after Drax is mind raped to find the location of Tempest.  Angel immediately flies to the boys aid, but is stopped before reaching Canada by a young looking Drax calling himself Psych.  Psych removes her memories and tried to knock her out, but Angel is able to trick him and stay awake.  She tells the team what has happened.  But before they are able to leave, they are met by Dr. Sauron.  Sauron tells them that they DK they have been working with is actually from the distant future.  He tells them that when DK mixed is energy with Athena's in a previous battle it began to break down the time stream, causing monsters from the future and for them to fall through time.  Sauron says if he and DK can seal the rip, Psych will be returned to his own timeline and will not be able to hurt Tempest.  The team leaves the future DK and Sauron in Chicago while they Drax and Venom fly on the jet to join Angel in Canada.  As they fly over a rustic part of Canada they see Psych being stopped by an older looking Tempest with silver lightning streaks in his hair.  Drax leaves the jet to stay and stop the battle.  Psych and Tempest begin to fight, but shortly Psych begins to fade away.  Drax speaks with the older Tempest, but the older Tempest says nothing and looks upon Drax with child like eyes.  Venom lands the get by the cemetery while Angel flies to catch up to the present day Tempest.  She consoles him and tells him to contact her if he needs anything.  He continues to fly on, Drax, Venom, and Angel return to Nova Corps in the jet where a young and confused looking DK await them back at Nova Corps.
48.   The Shintuk Empire

Venom gets an invitation to give a talk on gene therapy and its effects on cancer patients in New York city.  While she is gone Angel begins having a recurring vision of someone trying to talk to her from the stars.  Charlie calls the team together for a mission.  Unable to get Venom back in time; Drax, DK, and Angel go on the mission alone.  It appears that someone has captured an old military radio telescope that the government rents out to different people.  Charlie lands the plane a couple of miles a way so that the team can sneak up undetected.  When the get close enough DK is able to sense quantum coming from these people, but Angel is unable to sense any of their minds. The team gets into position around the bunker.  Drax begins to take out the ones in the bunker and discovers that they are Corn battle droids.  Once the ones in the bunker are destroyed several more unfold from the brief cases in the bunker.  Angel is able to pull several down before the droids switch their guns and shoot phased energy at her that almost kills her while she is phased in the ground.  DK and Drax are able to take out the rest of the droids in the area except three of them.  DK uses his powers and is able to get to Angel in time to revive her and bring her back to full health.  Meanwhile Drax disarms the last three droids and leaves them standing there.  Angel comes back up and destroys the last three defenseless droids that Drax and DK left for her.  The team then begins to analyze a device planted on the console of the radio telescope.  DK discovers that it is transmitting something at a very high encryption.  This is about the same time that Venom returns to Nova Corps from New York and attempts to help DK crack the encryption to decode the message.  They are unsuccessful and return to Nova Corps.  On the way back Angel is able to get the word Shintuk from her vision.  When the team returns to Nova Corps, Angel tells Venom about her visions.  Venom returns to her lab while Drax and Angel begin searching OpNet for some clues on Shintuk.  After a little while Drax, Angel, and DK begin to get sleepy, knowing they are being drugged they attempt to use their powers, but have no success.  When Drax and DK wake up they discover that Venom and Angel are gone.  DK goes to Venom's lab to look for clues and discovers that there is a chemical mixture with something and venomox being pumped into the air vents of Nova Corps.  When Angel wakes up she finds herself tied to a chair with Professor Corn, Fabin, and Venom staring at her.  Corn explains that she is being contacted by a telepathic alien race known as the Shintuk Empire.  He also tells her that he created an evil clone of Venom for the sole purpose of capturing her.  Corn explains how he has convinced the Shintuk that he is Ambassador of Earth and that they are coming to liberate the planet for him with the help of a person on Shintuk.  Angel quickly finds out he is going to use her brain to contact them back to finish manipulating them by dissecting her brain.  Luckily DK is able to track Angel down with a tracer and find her floating on an airship above the eastern seaboard.  They soon discover a newer ship of Professor Corn's.  Drax and DK reach the ship using the jet and are able to dodge several energy missiles fired on the jet.  When they break in, Corn, Venom, and Fabin disappear as Corn sets the ship to self destruct.  Drax and DK are able to find the real Venom and save Angel before the ship explodes.  When they get back to Nova Corps Angel 
49.   Mein Fuhrer

Angel quickly tells the team of the message that she got from Tempest.  But before the team can leave they are asked by Charlie to go to the conference room as they have another mission.  There is a mission in Mexico to save a plantation from fires.  Drax tells Charlie that he isn't going to do it, and Angel not wanting to leave Tempest contacts Owen.  Owen being in a meeting and not understanding what is going on, tells Angel that Charlie should handle it.  Charlie freaked out, tells the team to go and he will cover with the people in Mexico until they return.  Shortly thereafter, Tempest calls again telling them that everything is fine and that they should not come.  The team traces the call to Scotland and leaves immediately.  As they get there, the Nova Corps jet is taken down by an invisible force.  The team is able to get out and save the plane, but unable to use it to fly with.  When they get there they discover that the town has been hit by a giant storm.  They talk to the people and find that a group of Germans left the other day and took a strange American boy with them.  They are then able to follow truck tire tracks out of town for a while before they disappear.  Drax and Venom stay there, while Angel and DK go north to the next town to get another plane.  Drax and Venom mysteriously forget why they are there when DK and Angel return with a plane.  Angel is able to use her telepathy to help them remember.  Eventually they land the plane in the cliffs of the mountains where they are attacked by the Sonja, the girl with gravity powers again and Tempest.  Angel pulls Sonja into the ground, but she is able to survive some how.  They defeat Sonja, but just as Drax is about to take her out, she summons the White Banshee.  The team is able to keep Tempest, but in the confusion they lose Drax.  During the night DK uses his powers to create rock furniture for the team to sleep on.  In the morning the team realize that they have lost their powers and they begin to be defeated by an invisible force that takes Tempest away.  Later Drax comes back to his senses and goes back with the team.  The soon discover Dr. Mindbender and Tempest moving the White Banshee in a tornado while the rest fly on a plane.  Angel knocks Tempest out mentally and frees the White Banshee which leaves immediately as does Dr. Mindbender and his team.  Later that night as the Nova Corps team stays in the cave DK created, they are attacked by Dr. Mindbender's team.  Sonja repels DK off of the planet, and Angel goes after him.  Drax is able to defeat another Nova just as powerful as he is.  Then Drax goes into rage killing Sonja and saving Tempest and Venom.  Angel and DK return to Earth and re-group with the team.  The team then returns to the Nova Corps jet and flies back to Chicago.  Not sure what to say, both Drax and Tempest sit in silence on the way home, now sure how to handle the truth of their relationship.
50.   The Goblin Gene

As the team rests from their last mission, Tempest attempts to fit in with his baseline high school football player friends.  Angel flies around town after taking care of the New Aura.  She finds a burning building where she is able to save some children, however their mother is saved by another young, handsome nova, named Nexus.  He flies in at hyper speeds with a white comet tail behind him.  She takes him back to Nova Corps to see about recruiting him on the team.  She puts him through the danger room where the team discovers he has the ability to fly at hyper speeds and melt through almost anything.  Angel and Nexus head out to the Nova Nightshade, they dance for several hours together.  Drax follows Tempest and learns that he is unhappy hanging out with his new friends, but before Drax can do anything he is alerted that Nexus has gone missing from the Nova Nightshade.  The team finds him in the park beaten with no memory of what happended.  They take him back to Nova Corps where Venom looks at him and finds that he is alright.  Nexus then goes to bed, but soon after the team discovers that some teenagers were brutually murdered about the same time that Nexus was missing.  Venom then discovers that there is a quantum based bacteria in Nexus that is re-writing his DNA.  Venom quarentines Nexus in the danger room where they see him mutate into a green, monstorous, goblin.  Later DK returns to Nova Corps after being out in the city of Chicago, and he begins to mutate.  A team of scientists then show up at Nova Corps stating that they are from Biomedical Plus and have come for Nexus as he is a patient of theirs that they are trying to cure.  Tempest researches the company on opnet while Owen, Charlene, and Charlie keep the scientists busy.  He discovers that not only in the lead scientist named Dr. Cyrus, but the company is a subsiderary of Labrynth Technologies.  Owen and Charlie are able to get the scientists away from Nova Corps while the team takes Nexus and DK into the jet and flies them aways from Chicago.  Soon Nexus and DK escape and crash the jet, and the team is also faced with the Goblin King.  Not wanting a confrontation the Goblin King does not show himself and leaves.  The team is then picked up by Owen in the Wilson Enterprises jet and flown back to Nova Corps.  There Venom is able to cure DK, but unable to cure Nexus at this time as his disease is more advanced.  The team places Nexus into cryogenic freeze for Venom to take more time to find a cure.  Owen then meets with the team to discuss the personnel issue that Angel had raised by contacting him and to make sure that future Nova Corps problems will be handled between Charlie and the team.