Missions:  31-40
31.   Professional Super Heroes II

When they return to Chicago late at night, Drax and Tempest go to sleep while the rest of the team heads out on the town.  As they are walking they notice a bright flash at the Nova Corps building.  When they get there they find that Drax and Tempest are in a deep sleep just like Flamer.  When Venom wakes them, they are upset and want to return to their dreams.  Not sure what to do next, Tim goes to sleep while Angel and Venom head back out onto the streets to try and find some clues.  As they approach the lobby, there is another bright flash.  The next thing Angel knows is she is being woken up by Charlene.  Angel wakes Venom and then they wake the rest of the team.  Later that morning Flamer and Gummy Bear show up at Nova Corps trying to find Ricardo.  Gummy Bear seeing Charlene immediately falls in love with her, and tries to put his moves on her without any success.  Flamer and Gummy Bear head out onto the city of Chicago to keep looking for clues.  The team follows them to stop them from destroying the city.  Tim tries to freeze them in time, but fails and freezes himself and Angel instead.  Drax and Venom are then approached by a crystal ball that forms into the Goblin King who offers them back their dreams if they will only go away and take Flamer and Gummy Bear with them.  They discover that the Goblin King is trying to put the entire world to sleep with the dream machine in order to bring back the world of the goblins.  They refuse and are attacked by goblins with ray guns.  Drax is able to take some of them out, but Venom gets severly hurt and Drax takes her back to Nova Corps.  Meanwhile, Angel and Tim awake from their temporal freeze only to find themselves being shot at by goblins.  Angel is able to take out the goblins just as Drax returns.  He tells them about the Goblin King and the dream machine.  Later that night the Goblin King returns to put them to sleep.  Flamer tries to stop him but gets severely injured.  Drax takes a swing at him with his light saber and the Goblin King immediately disappears.  Then the building is hit by another flash, but somehow Drax is able to be immune to it.  He wakes up the team and gets Tempest working on the flash.  Tempest is able to discover that Goblin King is using the Soni satellites to project the flash through a program called Ludo.  Tempest is able to write a virus to take down Ludo, but copies Ludo onto a CD for future reference.  Flamer and Gummy Bear, unable to get the chip back, return to New York while the rest of the team gets back to their normal lives.
32.   Wings of the Night

Nova Corps is hired to go to Costa Rica and save the native people from a plague of large man eating bats.  When Nova Corps gets to Costa Rica they are taken out into the jungle where the attacks have been to setup camp.  On the way they notice two large cows that have been eaten to pieces.  They get to the camp before dark and Venom creates a small fort make out of trees for protection from the bats.  The two guides hide in the for while Nova Corps gets ready for battle.  Angel is the first one to notice a dark cloud covering the moon come flying down at the camp.  Drax was able to turn invisible so that the bats could not detect him.  The bats attacked Venom and Tempest leaving them hurt, Venom was able to make it away without a lot of damage, but Tempest took some major damage from the bats.  Tim was able to freeze one of the bats in time so that Venom could take a blood sample.  Angel took Tempest back into the hut where once he got to his senses he created a gale that blew all of the bats away.  The next day Nova Corps returned to San Jose where Venom, Angel, and Tim went to the research center to meet one of Venom's old science rivals called Dr. Cyrus to help study the blood sample.  Meanwhile Drax took Tempest to the local hospital so that he could get the medical attention that the needed.  The hospital was able to fix Tempest up and Drax and him returned to the research center where the rest of the team was.  When they got there Dr. Cyrus was leaving and Venom and discovered that it was an artificial animal mutation that was causing the bats.  She was able to create an antidote and they returned to the jungle before night fall to test it.  When they got there they were not only attacked by the bats, but also several novas as well.  Angel was blinded, but still able to take out the nova that did it to her.  Drax was attacked by a giant wolf man but survived with little damage.  Venom and Tempest kept the other novas from entering the hut while Tempest created another gale to take care of the bats.  During the battle Tim seemed to change into a dog like creature and took off for the jungle.  Later, after Nova Corps had defeated the other novas in battle, they were contacted by a nova called Nocturn who said that he had taken Tim since the destroyed his novas and told Venom that she was not the only scientist that erupted.  Knowing that it was in face Dr. Cyrus, the man who had stolen her research several years ago and is now using it to mutate novas and bats more than enraged Venom.  The team was then able to take the antidote back to the cave where the bats were located and return them to normal.  Nocturn and Tim were never seen from again.
33.   High School Sweet Hearts

This mission starts out with Douglas Owen returning to Nova Corps to meet with Charlie and the team.  Drax is also contacted by DK who is ready to return to Nova Corps and continue working.  Drax sets up the meeting with Owen and DK so DK can be put back on the team.  Drax then tells the entire team that DK has returned, everyone is excited except for Tempest who seems to preoccupied with Cindy.  Owen meets with Nova Corps and has a special mission for them on behalf of Dr. Wilson.  They are to go to an old space station and get back the anti-matter generator that Wilson had given to them.  After the meeting Tempest heads to Cindy's house, unknown to Tempest Drax was following him to Cindy's house.  When Tempest arrived he saw police cars and heard that Cindy had been kidnapped.  Tempest immediately set out on his how search of the city, while Drax alerted the team and tried to get some clues from the police.  Later the police were called on a disturbance at the local movie theater where a nova had created a tornado and gone through the roof.  Drax tried to calm Tempest down, but had little success.  Tempest continued his search at the amusement park.  When the team checked in with him he did not respond.  Venom learned from a bird that he had been kidnapped and taken through a hole in the air.  When the team got there they saw Cindy tied up next to a portal that looked like ancient Greece.  DK was able to hold the portal open for some time by slowing down the breakdown of it, while the rest of the team went after Tempest.  Angel was able to keep Tempest busy while Drax knocked him out and they got him back through the portal.  As soon as they did the other Greek gods were after them, but DK and Owen were standing at the opening to the portal and took care of the gods rather quickly.  Angel was able to telepathically return Tempest to his right mind.  The team were then taken to Houston, Texas where they were flown to the station to get the generator, when they returned Owen was there with a large Wilson Enterprises truck to take the generator away.
34.   A Cold Beginning

The mission starts out with the team awfully concerned about Tempest as he and his girlfriend Cindy have stopped communicating.  Drax tries to talk to him, but with no success.  Tempest simply continues to work to break the encryption on the hard drive from his father.  Drax notices that he does break it, but Tempest so caught up in his emotions does not notice.  Drax sees that the hard drive is a log about his Directive agent father and how Tempest was actually adopted.  Drax grabs the hard drive and goes to DK and Venom to get a new one made for a replacement.  Angel goes to talk to Tempest to soothe him and make him feel better.  Later Drax returns with the duplicate hard drive so that Tempest will not know the truth for now.  Angel has a vision of an ice mountain being assimilated by a metal virus.  Charlie the calls everyone together for a mission.  It seems that an assassination attempt was made on Baron Von Freezemore and he has hired Nova Corps to save him and work as his body guards at the upcoming UN Summit in New York.  When they arrive in Latnia they examine the remains of the android body of the assassin.  Venom recognizes it as a Knight, one of the robot creatures she fought when she was with N-Vector on a previous mission.  Tempest tries to examine it, but only to have his laptop assimilated by it.  Drax and Tempest then head to the main computer building where they are attacked by Knights.  Drax was able to destroy them while Tempest took out the main computer building.  Meanwhile the rest of the team was also attacked by Knights, but were able to defeat them.  They then took Baron Von Freezemore and his prime minister Henry Opdahl on the Nova Corps jet and flew towards New York to get him to the summit and away from danger.  Angel probed everyone's minds before they got on the jet to make sure that they were not robots.
35.   The Dred of Knight I

The mission begins with Nova Corps going to New York with Baron Von Freezemore for the UN summit.  When they get there they run into the nova team called N-Vector.  Celest then reveals that she has seen visions of the UN summit blowing up.  The two teams try and investigate but they are not permitted in.  With the help of Baron Von Freezemore, both teams are hired as his body guards and are escorted into the summit with him.  There they find that the President of the United States is giving a speech, and also building an enormous amount of energy.  Soon Celest realizes her vision is going to come true and the Vice President will destroy the UN summit.  She is able to use her telekinesis to hold the explosion in so it will not destroy the building.  Meanwhile the rest of the teams are attacked by several robotic knights that are pretending to be security guards.  Angel is able to get Baron Von Freezemore to safety while the other members of the teams deal with the knights.  Soon Celest can no longer contain the explosion and dies in the attempt, but is able to save everyone else.  N-Vector overcome with grief returns to the Pressman building while Nova Corps begins to investigate the building.
36.   The Dred of Knight II

When N-Vector returns to the Pressman building they discover a new nova waiting in the lobby.  She told them that her name was Jennifer and that she had been assigned to protect Ambassador Mikhail Burgoff of Russia.  Nova Corps returns and informs that teams that there is not media coverage of the explosion and that there is holographic machine that kept the world from noticing the events of the summit.  Jennifer insists they follow her ambassador as she is sure that he is not human as her nova powers did not work when she touched him.  They follow him to the airport where they discover that he has returned to Russia.  Nova Corps, N-Vector, and Jennifer head to Russia where they are greeted by the KGB.  Angel using her telepathy is able to make the KGB forget that they were there.  They two teams then head to Burgoff's house where he is hosting a dinner.  While inside Drax sneaks up to Burgoff's room where he is having a private phone conversation with Emperor Tsung of Japan.  They begin to communicate with modem noises, revealing to Drax that Burgoff is in fact an android.  Burgoff begins to speak to Drax despite the fact that he is invisible.  Meanwhile Angel and Jennifer are attacked at the dinner table by knights disguised as KGB.  The rest of the team members are also attacked while the are hiding in the court yard.  Drax destroys the android and watches as the body is dissolved with a type of acid.  They other teams are able to fight off the knights.  When they re-group they all decide that their best bet is to go to Tokyo, Japan and investigate Emperor Tsung.
37.   The Dred of Knight III

The team arrives in Japan and begins to investigate the situation with Emperor Tsung, since they suspect him as an android.  The teams discover that he has been having several secret meetings with Shang Wu, the CEO of TEOTWAWKI Japan.  Drax immediately goes to meet with him to discover the truth of the situation.  Not being able to get anywhere with Wu, Drax returns to the hotel where the two teams are staying.  Meanwhile N-Vector books a business meeting with Wu in an attempt to get some information from him and discern if he is an android.  Also not getting anywhere, the two teams then reconvene at the hotel where they suddenly begin to lose their memories.  Prowler being able to see the IR spectrum finds a woman in the hallway.  He goes and talks to her, she identifies herself as Chronas and was sent to stop them from interfering.  Assuring Prowler that they do not want an unnecessary war with innocent novas, she begs him to leave.  The teams then head to the palace to scope out Emperor Tsung himself.  Drax sneaks into the palace invisible, and much like Burgoff the Emperor begins to talk to him.  Drax wanting answers tries to argue with the Emperor, but the Emperor tells Drax that he is disappointed in Drax that the mentoring he had given him had not stuck.  Then the Emperor told Drax to go before a battle were to start and to take the two teams with him.  The teams stayed long enough until Hiroshima of the Helgen stepped forward asking them to once again leave before a battle were to start.  The teams agreed, and Drax realized for the first time that the Helgen were involved.
38.   The Dred of Knight IV

During the last mission Tempest had traced the calls from Emperor Tsung's palace to a remote location in Canada.  The teams decided that this would be the next best step to solving the mystery.  After several hours in the plane, the teams landed in Canada at a remote building in the middle of no where.  When the teams walked towards the building a group of novas attacked them.  Nova Corps was able to subdue the novas that had attacked them with a pack of wolves Venom had summoned from the nearby forest.  Meanwhile N-Vector fled as one of the novas turned the building into C4 and detonated it.  The teams were at a loss of what to do next.  They were able to trace one of the transmissions from the building in Canada to India.  The teams then got back on their planes and headed to India to hopefully solve the mystery.
39.   The Dred of Knight V

As the teams flew into India they were invited by the airport tower to have dinner with their ambassador.  The teams accepted this offer knowing full well that it was a trap.  When they landed they got hotel rooms and got ready for their dinner with the ambassador.  Finally the time came and the teams went to sit down at dinner with the ambassador.  When the meal began and the servants had left the ambassador asked them one more time to stop pursuing this mystery and leave it alone.  This time however the ambassador asked them with the voice of Lord Dred.  Once they had refused to do so, he apologized for the situation just as Avalanche blasted him, killing the ambassador.  When they looked at the body it did not dissolve and looked very human.  Jennifer immediately went to the security room to look around and saw a news report of the two teams killing the ambassador from India.  At this the teams left and fled into the countryside leaving the airplanes locked down at the airport.  The police and other authorities were now out on the hunt for both N-Vector and Nova Corps.
40.   The Dred of Knight VI

The two teams fled into the woods near the palace of India where they had just been seen killing the ambassador.  They heard the authorities on their pursuit.  Soon they were met by Team Tomorrow, and held for questioning.  They were able to convince Team Tomorrow to hear their side of the story before dragging them back to New York and into custody.  Team Tomorrow listened as they told the story of what all had been happening to them.  Not believing them, Jennifer offered information about the where abouts of the real Ambassador Burgoff and that he was in good health.  Team Tomorrow held them there while they investigated and when they found that Jennifer was telling the truth they decided to let the two teams go, but only as long as they carried a tracking device so that Team Tomorrow could monitor their location and progress.  Jennifer then told the two teams that she had a contact that she would be meeting on the island of Ibiza outside of France.  The teams then flew under their own power to Ibiza to meet Jennifer's contact.