Missions:  21-30
21.   Old Wounds Never Heal

Drax left Nova Corps for a while to take care of some personal business in Washington DC.  While at the local cemetery, he notices a burial taking place and recognizes Sonique standing there watching from a distance.  He approaches her and begins conversation, she quickly re-acts and they begin talking.  After telling Drax nothing she got into her car and headed back to her hotel room.  Drax of course followed Sonique back to learn what has her so jumpy.  There he discovered newspaper articles about recent murders in Washington DC within the past week.  Drax again tried to show himself and talk to Sonique, she finally agreed to tell him, but she would prefer to talk to him in a safer place.  They went to one of Drax's old safe houses and she told what was going on.  Many years ago she used to rob ancient temples of their treasure with her old pupil Hemorrhage.  One of the temples had a warning on it that if opened it would release a spirit of evil.  Reluctantly they opened it, took the jewels and continued on their way.  A few weeks later Hemorrhage began calling himself Brimstone and using his powers over blood to hurt and crippled people.  Sonique was able to stop him by getting him to drink from the Holy Grail.  Trapped there for all these years, he was finally freed when Kosh trashed Sonique's collection and freed the creature.  Sonique was able to track him down to Washington DC where she was trying to re-capture him.  Drax agreed to help Sonique find Brimstone, they both flew off on patrol.  Soon enough Drax found a murder at the Lincoln memorial, there was a dead woman and inscribed in blood was the saying, "Give us what we want and we'll go away."  Drax soon enough saw the killer trying to take another victim, he was able to stop Brimstone and tried to keep him busy by talking.  Soon enough Brimstone told Drax to have Sonique meet him here tomorrow and to bring the Grail.  Brimstone then leapt away into the night.  Drax and Sonique met again and Drax told her what happened, she contacted Shift to bring the Grail to Washington to make the exchange with Brimstone.  That night, Sonique planted a decoy Grail and her and Drax went back to meet with Brimstone.  Soon enough he appeared and demanded the Grail, not falling for the decoy he began attacking Sonique.  Drax quickly fought back, and using his light sabers, destroyed Brimstone.  Sonique compensated Drax before returning to Boston, and thanked him for saving her.
22.  Dragon's Fire

The team is contacted by a woman named Carmen Garcia who asks them to go and save her employer from the island of Ibiza.  Evidently her employer has been framed by someone and is being hunted because she has something in her possession that they want.  The team takes the mission and head to the island of Ibiza where they find Foxfire disguised and hiding.  Not revealing much to the team, the try and leave the island.  The Nova Corps jet is destroyed and they are attacked by a bunch of droids.  Angel took Foxfire and flew back to Chicago at hyper speed.  The rest of the team chartered a jet and made it back.  When they reached Chicago they noticed that the same droids that had attacked them had taken over the roof of the Nova Corps building.  Tempest took all of them out with a tornado.  They then met Foxfire at one of her safehouses, but was attacked by an assassin and more droids.  Angel flew Foxfire to safety, while the rest of the team took out the droids and met them later.  Eventually Foxfire confessed that the person she was fleeing from was Professor Corn.  She told them that she had worked with him in the past and developed a chip for a giant robot of mass destruction and was keeping it from him.  The team then came across Fabin and were able to talk him into helping them take out the robot.  Fabin, not being quick witted, agreed and sabotaged the robot and thus thwarted Professor Corn's plans again.  When the team returned to Nova Corps they noticed how emotional Angel had become over Linx's death as she blasted Charlene with an energy bolt.  They were able to save Charlene, but Angel has sense then become moody, and even went to Drax for help.
23.   Morally Evil

After returning from the last mission, life for Nova Corps goes back to a slow crawl.  Angel also seems to have acquired a new boyfriend that has been keeping her out all night.  Soon however Drax discovers that there is a crime spree happening in Chicago.  Authorities are baffled as the gang rates go up, and a new gang emerges wearing purple head bands.  Drax calls DK back and has him do some investigating.  The soon learn that it is a nova behind the gang activity, a nova named Morella.  Drax follows a few of the gang members back to their hideout and sees this nova.  She tells her gang that they have joined forces with a crime organization called The Black Shadow.  She also told the gang that to celebrate their new partnership to go out into the city and pillage it.  Drax contacted the team about this, and then tried to follow Morella as she left, but she had disappeared.  Angel arrived on the scene and tried to talk the crowd out of it, but it had no effect.  Tempest then showed up and created a huge thunderstorm and stopped the crowd from going out into it.  Angel and Venom then returned to Nova Corps where DK was, when they were suddenly attacked by Morella.  Angel flew up and fought with her until Morella disappeared into a warp.  Tempest and Drax returned and there was no sign of Morella and Angel seemed to be just fine.  They returned to Nova Corps and most of the team went to sleep.  During the night Drax heard Angel ask for help telepathically.  He instantly went to her room where he saw Morella standing there.  She dropped the illusion and it was Angel.  She then identified herself as Brimstone, and told Drax to get the Holy Grail from Sonique.  Angel then took to flight and phased through the wall at hyper speed to return when Drax had acquired the Grail for Brimstone.
24.   Fallen Angel

Angel is immediately contacted Venom telepathically and told her that Drax had attacked her and that is why she had left.  Drax then told Venom and Tempest that Angel was really possessed and that Tempest should remove her from the I-Spy program.  While on route to Nova Corps DK was contacted by his mentor and asked to go to Romania immediately.  Charlie also received a phone call from the head office and was instructed to go and recruit a new nova in the Bahamas.  Venom showed Drax a statue that Angel had bought.  Tempest did some research on it and discovered that it was a Mayan statue.  Drax then left to go and find Sonique as she was the only one who could help him now.  Sonique had the Holy Grail and when Drax mentioned the Mayan temple, Sonique remembered that she had raided the Mayan Temple of Death.  Her and the Soni quickly went to the temple with the rubies that she had taken from it.  Drax took the Holy Grail and returned to Chicago.  DK arrived in Romania and discovered that it was in fact a trick.  He contacted Drax, Drax told him that Brimstone was a Mayan spirit and that there was a temple in Mexico that he had been released from.  DK immediately left for Mexico.  Meanwhile in Chicago, Tempest was kidnapped from the computer lab.  Later Angel learned that Sonique was in Mexico, she asked her new friend the Shadow Master to take care of it.  He and some troops went to Mexico and took the Soni hostage.  When DK arrived he was greeted by Charlie who caught up with him in Mexico after finding out the nova in the Bahamas was a hoax.  DK and Charlie went to the temple and found it taken over by men in black uniforms.  DK took them out and found an ancient writing that the Soni had been translating.  He took pictures of it and him and Charlie went to civilization to find someone that could translate it.  Angel told Drax that he had violated the deal and that he would pay.  Angel then released Tempest on the city of Chicago as Zeus.  Zeus immediately released four hurricanes that almost completely destroyed the city of Chicago.  Later Drax was able to use the GPS system in Angel's eufiber and find her.  He was then able to knock Tempest out and take him back to Nova Corps.  Venom then examined and treated him for his wounds, and found something interesting out about Tempest.  When he regained consciousness he was still Zeus and tried to leave, but they sedated Tempest and kept him there for treatment.  Finally another exchange was made between Angel and Drax for the Holy Grail.  They were to exchange Soni for the Grail.  Drax was given the team and Angel was given the Holy Grail, she made sure that no one would ever get it by placing it in the center of the Earth.  Later Drax realized that Sonique was in fact just an illusion.  Charlie and DK found out that Brimstone was in fact the Mayan spirit of death named Cizin.  They also found out that if the rubies where placed back in the temple, Cizin would be banished as soon as the light of dawn hit them.  Drax then contacted Angel stating that he was the one who had the rubies and that he would exchange them for Sonique.  Angel went to Shadow Master to make sure he still had Sonique.  He agreed and they met with Drax for the exchange.  However when Angel and Drax met, the Shadow Master thanked Cizin for helping him take Chicago and told him it was time for him to leave this world.  He also thanked Drax for delivering the daughter of Dred to him.  As the sun rose Cizin was banished back to the underworld.  Drax took Angel back to Venom where she was treated and was helped.  Tempest was still tied to a bed and believing he was Zeus.  Charlie and DK returned to Nova Corps, and repairs began to the Nova Corps building again.
25.   The Hiding of Hell

The mission starts out with Angel telepathically returning Tempest back to normal.  Angel then recieves a vision of Lord Dred standing in a dark alley.  He smiled at her and had two big dogs with leashes in his hands, one grey and one black.  The leash of the black dog broke and he ran to Angel, the grey dog was then drug into the darkness with Lord Dred.  Shortly there after Drax is contacted by Lord Dred and warned of an upcoming war.  DK announces to Drax and Tempest that he must leave, and disappears back onto the streets.  Shortly there after Drax takes to the streets in an attempt to locate members of the Shadow to try and track down Sonique.  He is finally able to find one, but as he does he is frozen in place and approached by a group of novas.  One of the novas who is black and burned all over speaks to Drax and demands that he tell them where his former master is, or else.  Drax not knowing the answer and not wanting to tell, says nothing.  He is then mentally attacked and when he breaks free they are gone.  Meanwhile back at Nova Corps Charlie tells Angel that the main stock holder of Nova Corps has backed out.  This caused all the other smaller stock holders to back out as well and they are not all unemployed.  Drax returns and hears of this news, he the decided since they have three days before they are officially belly up to continue with the mission at hand.  Angel then makes the suggestion that they all buy the company, but Charlie informs them that they do not have enough to do it.
26.   Changing of the Guard

Angel receives another vision, this time she sees a hand come out of the sky and crush the Nova Corps building.  Then a local business man walking along the street walks up to the rubble and opens his briefcase, a new and better Nova Corps building emerges from the briefcase.  Later that day a business man named Douglas Owen comes to Nova Corps on behalf of Dr. Woodrow Wilson, owner of Wilson International a research and development company. He buys Nova Corps and begins going over the details of the company with Charlie and the team for Dr. Wilson.  It turns out that this is the same Dr. Wilson that Venom was trying to contact about cloning research.  Mr. Owen meets with every team member individually and re-negotiates their contracts.  Meanwhile, Drax ditches the meetings early and heads out to find more clues.  Sure enough he gets Angel to help him and they locate Shift at the Chicago Field Museum.  Drax heads there and finds him, takes him outside to find out what Shift knows about Sonique.  Not too long later Drax is attacked once again by the giant metal harvester known as Scrap Iron.  Angel immediately heads there to help Drax, but they are unable to defeat Scrap Iron.  Scrap Iron makes a comment about the Pantheon and how they would not approve of some the actions taken by the Harvesters.  Shortly there after a young nova comes out of the museum and asks them to be quiet as they are disturbing the exhibits.  He then freezes Drax in time and talks to Angel as they dodge Scrap Iron.  He says his name is Timothy Edmund Isforever.  Angel convinces him that they are the good guys, so he releases Drax and freezes Scrap Iron in time.  Drax and Angel then take Tim back to Nova Corps where he is recruited and put on the team.
27.   The Pantheon

Deciding that the best way to flush out the Harvesters is to address the Pantheon that they are afraid of.  Tempest is able to locate it somewhere in the artic.  The team boards a sub and heads there to address the Pantheon.  When the finally get there they are guided into an underground chamber.  There are several novas there, most of them in long black robes.  One of them comes forward wearing a metal helmet and face plate in a black robe.  He greets Drax and asks to speak to him alone while the rest of the team can await them in his chambers.  He announces himself as Hiroshima, consulate of the Helgen and speaker for them on the Terragen Pantheon.  Hiroshima and Drax talk about the situation of the war that is going on.  Hiroshima says that by taking Sonique hostage the Harvesters have broken one of the rules of war.  Hiroshima arranges it so that Drax can speak directly to the Pantheon on this subject.  Drax talks to the Pantheon only to see them start to argue amoungst themselves.  Hiroshima's assistant, Lotus, leads the team back to the sub and says that they have done great work in bringing the Harvesters out into the open and to be careful because the Harvesters will attack them for the outrage against them.  The team then returns to Nova Corps and awaits the upcoming battle.
28.   The Harvesters Hit

The team tries to relax and get back to normal, but before long Angel is attacked by a mental blast from no where.  Soon there after Tempest is attacked while he is at Cindy's by a scorpian woman.  When the team returns to Chicago, Drax is once again approached by Cinder about taking them out and settling this once and for all.  They decide that they will meet at midnight in the park and the two teams will fight this out.  When the team gets there later that night it is quiet and no one is there.  Soon enough a fire blast comes out of the shadows at Drax, but he is able to dodge it.  Tempest takes to flight and takes cover in the clouds above.  A scorpian woman attacks Venom on the roof, she take some minor damage before Drax goes up there and takes her out and throws her into the air.  Then suddenly a bolt of blue energy shoots from by the Nova Corps buiding and disintegrates Scorpia.  The team notices Douglas Owen standing there with a lazer gun.  Then the giant metal man known as Scrap Iron appears in the park.  Drax immediately attacks him and throws him into the lake near by, but not before he absorbs Drax's light saber..  Another fire blast comes from the shadows as Drax follows it and disappears.  The metal man appears from the lake and returns to the park.  Tim is mentally bashed and is knocked out.  Angel tries to blast Scrap Iron, but with no luck.  Owen shoots him with his gun and puts a giant whole in him.  Venom then makes a tree grow through it to stop him from moving.  Owen then shoots Scrap Iron in the head and destroys him.  Soon after Angel notices Tempest fall from the sky and bleeding from his nose and ears.  She is able to catch him and get him to the ground.  Owen tells Angel to inform Drax that he took his advice and went along on one of their missions.  Owen then walks away, but just before he leaves he shoots a lady in the bushes and informs Angel that he found their other missing villain.  Angel thanks Owen as he walks down the street and is gone.
29.   Saving Sonique

Drax finds himself in a dark underground cavern with a shocked looking Cinder in front of him.  Drax immediately takes out Cinder and begins to look around the cavern.  Soon as he digs around the darkness of the cavern he hears the voice of the Shadow Master.  Shadow Master begins to taunt Drax.  He informs Drax that it was he that was hired to take out his family, and that the head of his dead wife is still displayed on the mantle of General Corsair and that they still spit at it.  This enrages Drax and he continues to dig through the dark tunnel.  He eventually gets to a solid stone wall where he can hear a muffled vibrating scream from the other side.  He breaks through the wall to find Sonique hanging from the ceiling in a giant energy wall.  Drax tries to break through the energy wall but is unsuccessful.  Sonique asks him to get her out, just as Shadow Master reminds Drax that this will be yet another woman that he will lose.  Just then, they all notice a giant boom and vibration from the ground above.  Shadow Master not happy leaves.  Soon enough Drax finds DK dropping through a hole in the ceiling, followed by Electrode.  Drax tells them the situation and Electrode absorbs the energy field so that Drax and rescue Sonique.  They then leave as DK tells Drax that the Helgen are wiping out this Harvester Base.  Drax leaves with Sonique and soon discovers that they are in Australia.  Sonique charters them a flight back to Boston, when they get there Drax heads back to Chicago on his own.
30.   Professional Super Heroes I

Drax returns to Nova Corps only to be sent out on a mission of high emergency.  Two novas from the team called N-Vector, Flamer and Gummy Bear, have begun to demolish the city of St. Louis.  The city has hired Nova Corps to stop them from saving the city.  Once the team gets to St. Louis they are able to find these two novas in the midst of the evacuation of the city.  They ask them why they are destroying the city and they say they are trying to stop a midget with a big ray gun that is working for Kathie Lee Gifford.  Angel creates an illusion of the guy so that Flamer and Gummy Bear believe they have killed him.  They then leave the city, but just as Nova Corps is about to leave on the plane Gummy Bear returns with a sleeping frozen Flamer.  He tells them that there was a flash of light and Flamer was just frozen and standing there.  Angel enters his mind to see that he is dreaming of him and another man.  Venom is able to wake him up, but much to their surprise Flamer doesn't want to be awake, he wants to go back with Ricardo.  Flamer and Gummy Bear head off in search of Ricardo while Nova Corps returns to Chicago.