Missions:  101-110
101.   The Lone Nova

As the mission starts out Drax is left a note from Sonique asking her to help her and the Soni.  She tells him the coordinates which lie in the Sahara Desert.  Santo opens a warp and sends Drax there.  Santo continues to work on missions and encounters Floyd and sends him out on a mission by himself.  Floyd comes to a tipped over bus, but soon is joined by Venom who saves the people under the bus by lifting it with vines.  Floyd then gets the credit for the rescue as no one sees Venom there.  In the news Wilson Enterprises begins a joint venture with a company named Vertigo run by Dr. Jeffrey Turner.  Owen and Turner come to the Nova Corps building where Turner gives Venom a machine called the chemical replicator which can mass produce any sample she puts into it, she is to use it and test it for Vertigo.  Soon the team is contacted as a giant nova terrorizes the train station, when they get there he kills on elderly woman.  Santo uses venomox after Venom wraps him in vines.  He shrinks and when the move the vines he is gone left only be a clean spot in the cement.  Tempest, Venom, and Santo head into the sewers while Angel takes the elderly woman's granddaughter home.  In the sewers they find that it is in fact Cthulu that was behind this.  Suddenly Tempest turns on the team and blows Venom out of the tunnel in a gust of wind.  Santo is able to hold his ground and hits Tempest bringing him to, but not before he falls into a stream of sewage.  Angel decides to send her children to be raised in Latnia and to hire a nanny to take care of them.  She wishes to visit, but does not want anyone to know that they are hers.  She sends Ivory with Henry Opdahl to Latnia to take care of them until a nanny is found.  Soon at a jewel heist the team again engages Cthulu and his team of novas in the sewers.  They fight but soon are joined by a new nova calling himself Hilandero who quickly apprehends Sara and protects her from Santo.  Tempest is able to hold the giant nova known as Brickhouse in the air as the team battles below.  Cthulu realizing he is losing releases a wave of entropic energy that literally brings the city down around them.  Hilandero gets out with Sara, and Angel takes Venom to safety while Heronamus phases into the rock wall.  Santo goes down into the depths with Cthulu and there the two fight one on one.  Santo venomoxs Cthulu causing him to leave his host body, but Angel grabs Santo before Cthulu makes him his new host body.  The team takes Sara and Brickhouse back to Nova Corps with the help of Hilandero.  There Venom tends to Sara while Hilandero talks with her about what is going on.  He finds out that Cthulu is working with other novas to steal money to buy a powerful weapon.  Santo goes into the danger room where the venomoxed Brickhouse is and begins to fight with him, and leaves him to bleed to death.  The team convinces Sara to go with Hilandero and take her to get Brickhouse, but when the find him Sara freaks and dominates Charlene, Tempest, and Floyd in an attempt to get away.  The team is able to stop her and Hilandero takes her and Brickhouse to meet with his friends, but is stopped when Cthulu and Heronamus take out his friends and get the two novas back.  As they try to get away Hilandero is stopped by a new nova girl with the ability to create pink light energy, calling herself Saphron.  Saphron tries to help Cthulu and his team get away, but Hilandero calls in Nova Corps to help.  Hilandero faces off with his old enemy Heronamus and is able to subdue Heronamus.  Angel blasts Sara before she can use her telepathy, killing her in the process.  After getting hit by Hilandero, Saphron uses her energy to propel herself at Tempest in at attempt to knock him out of the sky.  However the two novas are stunned as they each seem to fall for the other one in that instant and begin kissing while the battle rages on.  Meanwhile Angel drops Venom as she gets hit by Cthulu and has her phase weakened.  Venom is knocked out by Brickhouse, just as Hilandero joins in and shields Angel from Cthulu's attack saving her from certain death.  Tempest pulls himself away from Saphron stating he needs to help his team, Saphron quickly imprisons Brickhouse in pink energy as Tempest holds him in the air.  The two young novas again lose themselves in each other.  They venomox Brickhouse as Hilandero challenges Cthulu now that his team is gone.  Cthulu simply tells them that they may have won the battle, but the war is far from over, as he blasts himself into the ground.  Brickhouse yells at Angel in his weakened state and she phases him into the ground leaving him for dead.  Hilandero takes Heronamus and leaves the team as they head back to the building.  The team is contacted by Drax who says he is in Boston and is still busy.  Tempest and Saphron then leave the building to head out into the city of Chicago.
102.   Amazing Grace

The team continues to work on missions as Drax is still gone helping Sonique, as Santo and Bastat are also missing.  Soon Angel sees a fight in the lobby as Saphron leaves Tempest's room in the morning and passes by Charlene's desk.  Charlene makes comments to Saphron who then imprisons Charlene in an energy sphere.  Angel demands that Saphron release Charlene, and when Saphron says no Angel then demands that Saphron leave the building and never come back.  Saphron leaves and soon Tempest contacts Angel and tries to figure out what happened and smooth everything over.  He notices that Angel is not in a mood to listen or work on it, so he takes some vacation to spend some time with Saphron.  Soon there after Angel leaves on a mission as Venom is in the lobby, the building begins to shake and crack as the floor and walls literally begin to fall apart.  Angel quickly returns to help Venom get the people out of the building as it soon begins to fall to dust.  Angel realizing this must be an attack by Cthulu looks underground but does not see him, and soon puts her attention back on saving the people.  Tempest and Saphron return and try to hold the building together a little longer for Angel and Venom to get the people out.  As the rubble falls, Tempest is able to keep the debris in a tornado and plunges the remains of the Nova Corps building into Lake Michigan.  Charlie then has the team meet him at his house and tells them he has gone ahead and bought a house in the private sector for them to stay at for a while, and asks them to not use their powers when going there as they should not attract attention to themselves.  He also tells them they have a new high priority mission, a little girl that erupted not long ago escaped from a Rashoud Facility and is extremely unstable.  Charlie tells the team it is their mission to go and find the child named Grace and bring her back before she hurts herself or others.  Angel then makes amends by taking the team, including Saphron out to dinner.  Soon they head off to the Rashoud Facility to investigate what happened.  There they find she turned two of the doctors to stone and changed the exam room into a beach.  Saphron notices that the quantum energies from the Grace appear to be warping reality itself, causing imagined things to be real.  Realizing the effect this power would have on the world, the team heads back out in earnest to find her.  Soon Venom comes across her in an alley and introduces herself as a doctor that wants to help her.  After saying that to Grace she remembers that Grace is afraid of doctors.  When Angel arrives she sees Grace disappear in a blinding light leaving behind a green, golden retriever puppy.  When Angel tries to pick the puppy up she gets poisoned, but is able to overcome the effects.  Realizing that the puppy is Venom, Saphron takes Venom to the park to play frisbee while Angel and Tempest head back out to find Grace.  Angel attempts to contact Grace telepathically and finds herself inside Grace's powerful mind and with Grace also finds that Dred is also in telepathic contact with the child.  Soon however Grace shuts out their minds as she gets scared.  Angel and Tempest then spot Grace running from Directive agents, Angel swoops down and grabs Grace and comforts her as she flies away.  Tempest attempts to subdue the agents, but is knock out by some of them in battle.  Saphron appears with Venom and starts to take out the agents and then rescues Tempest.  Angel takes Grace to the New Aura where she tries to comfort her further as they begin to talk.  Grace tells Angel that she wishes that the people would go away, and as she does Angel notices that it is just her and Grace let in the world.  Angel now a little scared, takes Grace to the circus and they ride on a few rides until she is able to convince Grace to bring the people back.  When she does Tempest, Saphron, and Venom wake up on a sidewalk where they were fighting the Directive.  Tempest and Saphron also notice that Venom is herself again.  Soon Grace brings them to the circus where her and Angel are, and soon they are confronted again by the Directive.  Angel takes Grace away as Tempest and Venom create barriers of vines and fog for them all to flee behind.  Angel soon discovers that Grace takes her to a yacht in the sea where the meet Lord Dred.  Dred makes the child happy while Angel talks with him.  He tells her that Grace is not the first nova to erupt like this, and unfortunately will not last long as she is too powerful.  Angel demands that Dred help her with the child, and Dred tells her that he cannot as it is dangerous to be a member of the Helgen right now.  Angel becomes angry with Dred and takes the child and leaves.  Soon Angel takes Grace back to Chicago and the team re-groups at their new house.  Tempest and Saphron head up to his room while Venom and Angel entertain Grace for a while until she finally disappears into blinding white light, leaving them only with the memory of her existence.
103.   Till Death Do Us Part

The mission starts out with Angel watching television as the New Aura falls to dust much like the Nova Corps building.  Angel goes to help rescuers save people from the rubble.  When she returns Venom talks to her about her recent emotional state and how she has been very on edge lately.  Angel still being edgy gets upset, but soon is contacted by Henry Opdahl about the fact they found a nova nanny for her children.  Angel is then contacted by Drax who is returning to Chicago, she tells him about the status of the building, while he tells her about his adventure with Sonique and the Teragen.  When Drax does arrive at the new house, he finally meets Tempest's new girlfriend Saphron and finds that he too is attracted to her, and that she must be emitting some sort of power to seduce other men, but he realizes she is unaware of it.  Angel uses her ability to send her soul to different locations to meet and interview her new nanny.  She is Kathy Spencer, a recently erupted nova by the name of Shimmer who has the power to use solar energy and even travel along sunlight itself.  Angel and Henry agree and she is hired, she then uses her powers to transport her and Ivory to Chicago so that Ivory may continue with her life.  Charlie then meets with the team to discuss the new building and it is decided that the team should live in an undisclosed house out in the country away from the city.  They also decide that the building should be rebuilt also, but only for use as an office building.  Soon Drax is contacted by a voice claiming to be Knight, and tells him that he was not resurrected but merged his creations.  He vows to Drax that since Drax broke their deal he is going to take back his part, meaning he will kill Tempest.  Soon as Tempest and Saphron were out dating Tempest was in fact attacked by the new Knight, however he was saved when Saphron sacrificed herself to save him.  Drax showed up soon after that and was able to drag the heart broken Tempest away before he too was killed by Knight.  Drax is able to calm Tempest down by vowing to help him exact revenge on Knight.  Angel returns and Drax tells the team of what has happened.  Soon however as the team grieves for the loss of Saphron, they are again hit with bad news as Ivory contacts Angel.  She tells Angel to meet her at the hospital where she explains that Nexus had returned to Chicago after hearing about the New Aura being destroyed and that he was attacked and killed.  Ivory tells Angel that it was a nova because all that was left of Nexus was dust.  Angel quickly realizes that it was Cthulu still exacting his revenge upon her.  Sad and torn she returns to the team, as they prepare to attend two funerals for fallen comrades and friends.
104.   Fighting Phantoms

The team is hired to go to London England and investigate the deaths of several people there.  As they prepare to leave Drax is contacted by his friend Raven from Team Tomorrow.  Raven gives Drax a folder and explains that what they are going up against is knowns The Phantom.  It is a nova that can create shadowy clones of himself.  The clones can survive as long as they can feed on flesh, but if they do not feed for twenty four hours they will die.  Raven also explains that they can go through solid objects, and that energy weapons are more useful against them.  The team then heads off to London to engage the creatures, they are met at the airport by a detective from Scotland Yard.  He tells the team where the encounters have been and they immediately head off to engage the shadow creatures known as phantoms.  Soon the team engages them, Venom is able to save an elderly lady from one by using Drax's lightning gun, however the creature dives underground.  Drax also goes into rage when he sees one of the creatures feeding on a young woman, but is able to be calmed down by Tempest.  Angel continues to fight the creatures until she sees a man in a brown cloak and white skin floating over the area watching the events below.  She calls the team and confronts him and the team learns his name is Spook.  He speaks in riddles, but the team eventually finds out he is a telepath and can see the future as well as being telekinetic.  Drax finds that he works for Paragon and was not always like this, but was terribly twisted when Paragon permanently increased his taint.  They discover that Paragon had Spook release the creatures to see if there could be used.  Angel also learns that the Goblin King is in the cell next to Paragon and has been speaking of their children, much to Angel's dismay Jareth knows of his children.  Spook also tells the team that they fear sunlight, quickly Angel creates a huge illusion of sunlight and drives the creatures underground.  She maintains this illusion for the full twenty four hours, causing the creatures to starve and fade away.  Meanwhile Spook escapes, but the team finds him later kneeling in an alley mentally attacking Paragon against his will.  Angel reads the mind of Spook and discovers that Lord Dred was there and forced Spook to use his link with Paragon in prison, to attack him and punish him for what Paragon did to Dred.  The team hands Spook over to Team Tomorrow before they head home.
105.   Sinod, The Second Strain I

Bastat returns to Chicago only to find that the Nova Corps building is now much smaller and still under construction.  She goes in and meets with Charlie who explains that the team is living at a temporary house until their new one is finished with construction.  Charlie then drives her to the house the team is currently living at, where Angel explains to her what happened to the building.  Meanwhile Venom is at the location of the new house busy growing plants around the property, including some hybrids of her own design to protect the team and the house.  Tempest is in his room packing when Drax comes in to comfort him, and takes him to the yard to play a little football.  As they play Drax becomes light headed and almost passes out, they decide to let Venom look at him when they get to the new house.  Later that afternoon Charlie stops by and drives everyone to meet Venom at the new house.  When they get to the house they find a large mansion located in the middle of a forest, surrounded by several plants with bright yellow pods.  The team meets with Venom and finds that she has created them to protect the area.  Also they find that Charlene is there over-seeing the completion of the building.  She has Tempest go out and blast the lightning rods with lightning as to charge the generators as the building runs on its own power and is not connected to the city.  They are all shown to their room, except for Drax who is escorted to Venom's new lab for examination.  She finds the reason he is having black outs is that some of the dormant cells left over from the Sinod virus are becoming somewhat active again.  Although they are not infecting him or trying to take over, they are no longer completely dormant.  Venom is able to use her cancer cure and make them go dormant again to reduce the risk of infection.  Soon the team is contacted by Charlie as they have a mission to take care of.  He tells them that there has been a great virus outbreak in India and that about 300,000 people have been infected within an hour.  They also discover that they infected people immediately die, but their remains are being animated by this new virus.  Charlie informs them that Team Tomorrow has put up a quarantine and is keeping the infection from spreading, and that it is the teams job to go there and find the source of the infection and stop it.  Angel having had a vision, is able to realize that this could be another outbreak of the Sinod virus.  As the team prepares to leave, Bastat has an accident with one of the yellow pods and is sprayed with acid.  Venom is able to help her as she recovers in the lab.
106.   Sinod, The Second Strain II

The team arrives in India to find that barrier has been built of about a ten mile radius.  Team Tomorrow requests that they land and the team begins to ask them questions.  They take the team to an isolated facility where a group of scientists have been infected.  As they go in the half dead infected people immediately head for Drax even though they cannot see him through the glass.  As they do this Drax immediately passes out, Venom and Tempest get him to the jet as Angel argues with the Team Tomorrow member about the possibility of them being infected.  Team Tomorrow quickly quarantines the jet and forces Nova Corps to be tested.  The team agrees and ironically all of them turn out to be negative, including Drax.  Venom finds that the dormant Sinod cells in Drax had a defensive reaction to this new virus, and actually started creating anti-bodies.  She also finds that after they took Drax away he woke up and the Sinod cells went dormant again, without trying to infect him.  Soon the team is alerted when several infected birds try to fly out of the quarantine, the team is able to stop them but not before they infect a few of the soldiers and a Team Tomorrow member.  The people quickly die and their bodies become re-animated by the virus.  The other Team Tomorrow members quickly contain the infected people, including one of their own.  Angel and Venom head to the quarantined lab where Angel uses her phase to test Venom's cure for the Sinod on this new virus and to get some bloods samples.  Venom covers herself in her eufiber and goes back to the jet to research the samples where she finds that her cure for the Sinod had no effect.  She does find however that this new strain is derived from the original Sinod virus and that it has been mutated by a chemical compound with agrees with Angel's vision of seeing someone doing this.  As Venom continues to work, she notices a reaction starting to take place as the slide with the sample explodes covering the inside of the jet in blood.  She also notices as the blood tries to ooze its way along her eufiber suit, looking for a way in.  Quickly she tells the team and Angel is able to phase Venom out of her eufiber and the jet as Team Tomorrow takes the jet and places it inside the quarantine zone before it can infect anything else.  Venom is given another eufiber suit as she asks the Team Tomorrow people if there is another lab that she can work at.  Soon they notice the containment barrier put in place to hold the infected Team Tomorrow member is being dented and bent.  Drax uses his eufiber to completely cover his body and goes inside where the nova is trying to break his way out.  Drax uses his light saber and cuts him to pieces as the nova slowly begins to put himself back together.  Drax returns as the team is taken to a bunker where a Dr. Smith is also working on a cure.  Venom talks with him and the team learns that he is the sole survivor of the facility before the Sinod was mutated as the team soon discovers that he works for Proteus and that there is an entire Proteus lab down there with infected super powered novas in it.  As Venom works Drax and Angel over hear that Raven's team has gone down at the souther perimeter, they take off as Tempest follows.  They then see as they fly around the barricade of stone that there are several teams from Team Tomorrow working on maintaining the perimeter and keeping things from leaving the quarantine.  Soon they get there and notice that there are a couple of novas still left fighting a blackish blob creature, and that Raven and several of his team are down.  Tempest sees that there is a mist nova trying to freeze the creature and that it does not like it.  He soon freezes the are breaking the creature to bits and keeping it contained as Drax and Angel get Raven and his team to a medical unit.  The mist nova tells Drax that if you removed and destroy the node of an infected nova, the virus can not reactive its quantum and it will be baseline.  Soon other members of Team Tomorrow show up to hold the perimeter.  Nova Corps heads back to check in with Venom to see her progress, realizing they do not have much time if they want to stop this from spreading.  When they return Venom tells them they have discovered that the anti-bodies produced by Drax can actually stop the infection, however a victim has only about one minute before their body dies and they are re-animated.  Venom also tells them that they cannot artificially create the anti-bodies as they do not work.  Dr. Smith requests a sample of the dormant Sinod cells from Drax before they go into the lab incase something goes wrong that he may be able to still create a cure using the anti-bodies.  Venom is able to use Drax to create enough anti-bodies for the team, and the prepare to go into the lab and hopefully find another clue to stop the new strain of the Sinod.
107.   Sinod, The Second Strain III

The team talks with Dr. Smith about the location of the lab, and then flies into the quarantine zone to get to the lab in an attempt to solve the mystery and destroy the Sinod virus.  As they fly several infected people attempt to leap at them from buildings.  When they land by the warehouse that houses the entrance to the lab, they are attacked by several infected people, including a couple of novas.  They fight their way past and get into the entrance of the lab where they find a force field protects the entrance, but it is damaged and keeps turning off and on.  Angel and Venom phase into the lab as Drax and Tempest time their entrance and get past the force field.  Meanwhile in Chicago Bastat regains consciousness and is taken to the quarantine zone in India by Puck.  There she speaks with Team Tomorrow members who help send her to join her team in the lab.  Soon Bastat materializes in front of Drax as they head down the elevator shaft and into the Proteus lab.  Once in the lab Angel notices that she cannot phase, nor see through many of the walls and floors.  As they begin to search the first level they come across an infected scientist and an accountant that has locked herself in the closet of her office.  She tells them how to find the elevators all the way down to level three.  Angel comforts her and tells her to remain there and that they will come back for her as the team deals with the infected scientist.  Soon as they continue they come across a mutated nova spider creature that has been infected with the Sinod virus.  It attacks them and Bastat is killed before the team and stop the spider.  Angel remembering that if their nodes are removed and destroyed that they will lose their powers, phases into the head of the spider creature and rips the node from it and destroys it.  The spider creature not able to survive without its node, falls into a pile of bones and flesh.  Bastat being immortal, wakes up after she is killed and rejoins the team.  The team continues and finds the elevator shaft and continues to the next level, where as they begin to open the door from the elevator, Drax senses a nova outside.  As they begin to fight they notice he is made completely from energy and can adapt to any energy, including Angel's phase.  Drax quickly puts his light saber into the nova, causing him to adapt to it as Angel can then phase into the nova's head and destroy his node, causing him to dissipate into smoke.  They make their way to the elevator room where Drax finds an arm at the control panel, when he tries to remove it, it explodes covering the room in blood.  The team continues to level three which turns out to be the first security level.  Soon they are confronted by several midget like novas sticking to the walls.  Tempest is able to run a lightning bolt along the walls and floor stunning them.  Drax then takes his lightsaber and removes all the nodes so that they will lose their powers.  Tempest then finds the security station and goes in to see what he can discover.  Meanwhile the team is attacked by yet another infected nova, a giant wolf-like creature, but are able to again defeat it after the team takes some damage from it.  The team then finds an armory room, filled with several high tech weapons.  Tempest tells them that he cannot get into the computer system yet, and that there are infected novas throughout the facility, and that levels 17 through 20 are basically just filled with infected flesh.  He also tells them that there is a self destruct sequence activated, but it has not gone off yet due to something preventing it.  The team then takes refuge and rests in a small room to re-energize themselves before carrying on.  As they proceed to level four, they notice that there are no infected people, several corpses and some flesh growth on the walls, but no infected novas.  Also the walls are mostly rusted and broken down.  Soon the team is confronted by the skeletal remains of Halloween Jack, Drax quickly attacks him to keep him occupied while Angel blasts him with and energy gun, reducing him to dust, when they turn around Tempest is gone.  Drax goes around the corner and finds him talking to a figure in a hooded, black cloak.  The figure hands a book to Tempest, as Tempest then hugs him and the two part.  The figure walks towards the wall as black energy turns it to dust and then puts it back into a wall.  Tempest rejoins the team and tells them nothing of his encounter, even though he seems somewhat emotional.  The team reaches level five which turns out to be a prisoner level, they see several novas still in there cells, most of them infected.  Soon they come across Spook, who is still uninfected, they release him when he promises to help them.  Tempest uses the book he was given and quickly types in the appropriate security code.  As they release Spook, they are confronted by several infected novas who attack them.  Tempest is injured as several spines are shot into him and he is injected with infected blood.  Drax too is injured, but his body is able to stop him from being infected from the anti-bodies in his bloodstream.  Drax quickly injects Tempest with the anti-bodies.  The team is able to defeat the novas and reduce them to dust, Venom examines Tempest and discovers that there was no reaction, and that he was not infected at all by the virus.  She realizes that the reason is because he is a clone, and that since she could not artificially create the anti-bodies, that the virus cannot infect Tempest because his cells were created artificially.  The team then continues down the corridor and into the next level, hoping to find the clues necessary to defeat the new Sinod virus.
108.   Sinod, The Second Strain IV

The team continues on their way through the prison level when all of a sudden from the air duct a tentacle made of blood and tissues grabs Bastat and drags her into the darkness.  Drax shoots at the Sinod blood and blows a hole in the ceiling quickly causing a wave of blood to fill the hall.  Tempest is able to drop the temperature and freeze it in place creating a wall before it can overwhelm the team.  The team continues down the corridor when they come to a cell and find Musashi captured, they quickly free him after realizing his is not infected.  As soon as the cell is open Musashi copies some of their powers before moving on.  As they get the elevator the find that Musashi become transparent as they open the door to level six and find a nova absorbing energy from the area.  Quickly Tempest and Angel begin have their energy sucked from them.  Drax tries to shut down the power in the area using a fuse box, but it only causes Angel and Tempest to have even more of their energy pulled from them.  Musashi attempts to attack her as he is phased as she is, he hits her and causes no damage.  The nova them blasts at Musashi, but Drax jumps in and takes the hit of enormous blinding white light.  However when she blasts Drax the pull on Tempest and Angel weakens, and Angel is able to break free.  She quickly takes a pulse weapon and disables the nova's energy, causing her to become real again.  Before the nova can recover, Angel pulls the node from her head as Venom shoots her with a gun reducing her to dust.  They get Drax to a lab where Venom examines him and finds that he is not dead, but is in some sort of stasis, eventually he recovers as the team investigates the science labs.  Soon the team discovers a lab where a nova is being drained of a chemical from his body, Venom realizes that it is the mutate compound that caused the Sinod to mutate, she is also able to determine that if she had a large enough sample she could create a compound that might mutate the Sinod to point of breaking down into nothing.  However they find that the nova is at the brink of death and is not making anymore of the compound.  Soon Musashi says that he was able to copy that power from the nova and begins puking orange liquid for Venom to work on to create the compound.  Angel and Spook have a vision and the team also discovers that the self destruct has been reactivated and would send Sinod debris into the atmosphere.  Tempest verifies with the computer system and they find an access panel that the could disable that would prevent the facility from going up.  Tempest and Angel take off to stop the self destruct as Drax feels an invisible presence watching them.  Angel and Tempest are successful as only levels seven through nine go up, and parts of level six fall into the hole beneath them.  Angel comes back and is able to mentally communicate with the invisible creature as they team finds a nova that has not been infected.  He is unable to speak and reacts mostly on instinct, the team comes to call him Grr.  Venom is able to finish the mutating sample as the team continues to head from level six down, however they are again attacked as Spook becomes infected.  Unable to save him, they test the mutate compound on him as he explodes into purple liquid and dies.  As they team flies down from level 6 to level 10 they are attacked by several novas, Musashi gains the ability to transform into matter from one of them and touches the mutagen compound as his body becomes made from the stuff.  The team fights as one of the nova freezes Drax in time, meanwhile Musashi takes many of them out simply by touching them.  Soon the team reaches level 10 as they fight past several of the baseline doctors that have been infected, Musashi simply creates a wave of mutagen and causes them to explode.  The team fights through level 11 and onto level 12, where they find that there are no infected people or novas on that level.  Drax senses danger as they team finds that the wall has a disintegration lamp in it.  Drax is able to teleport through, while Angel phases Venom and Tempest through the wall with her.  Musashi in his liquid mutagen form, is able to crawl under the floor and around the lamps.  The team comes across a room with quantum restoration chambers that recharge quantum completely within only five minutes.  The team takes advantage and quickly recovers before continuing on.
109.   Sinod, The Second Strain V

After resting in the Quantum Restoration Chambers the teams heads back out to find a way to stop the Sinod.  The team begins to look into several of the other lab rooms on the science level when they encounter a room that has several clones of different novas, including DK.  The team works quickly to destroy all of the work and prevent Proteus from continuing with the project.  They also find a room where Tempest is able to hack into the computer system and get a full layout of the facility.  Venom also finds a chemical replicator like the one she has back at Nova Corps.  The team devises a plan, Angel, Musashi, and Tempest head into the crawl space two floors down to the sprinkler reservoir tank and connect it to the chemical replicator, while Venom begins the replication process of the mutating chemical.  The team takes refuge in the main computer control room on level 15 as they begin to spray the mutate chemical through the entire facility.  However the main Sinod begins to mutate and turn black, but does not die.  The Sinod grows quickly and begins to take over the facility again.  Quickly the team figures out that if they breach the energy sphere on level sixteen, that will cause the entire facility to disintegrate.  Before Tempest can argue, Drax knocks him out and tells Angel that he will stay behind since she can get Tempest and Venom out while Musashi can stay as the orange chemical and make it out of the now soaked walls of the facility.  Drax gets to the energy sphere room before the Sinod reaches it, Grr sacrifices himself to stop the Sinod while Angel and Musashi get everyone out.  Angel contacts Team Tomorrow and tells them to evacuate while she drops the team off.  She then heads back in to get Drax, but is unable to reach him in time, and he says good-bye as he breaks the sphere and destroys a twenty mile radius, and the Sinod.  Angel feeling as she failed checks on the team and then heads to Latnia to be with her children, leaving Venom to tell Tempest the news when he wakes up.