Missions:  11-20
11.   The Siryn's Song

Charlie Roger's attempts to go and a vacation trip to Las Vegas and to also try and recruit a new nova named Michael Bell.  However shortly after he leaves for Vegas he comes back to Nova Corps and logs back into his computer.  It is then that Tempest notices that someone is trying to transfer files from Nova Corps to Soni INC through Charlie's computer.  He grabs Venom and rushes down to Charlie's office only to find it empty.  Drax then goes to Charlie's house and finds him there packing for his vacation.  They all then return to Nova Corps and check the security cameras where they see Charlie enter the office and a janitor leave the office.  The team then heads to Boston to check out the Soni building.  It is there that they saw a person who looked a lot like a young Jerry Lewis enter the building.  They followed him to an empty construction site and saw him meet with the Goblin King.  They then disappeared.  Luckily they had seen the papers he was holding and knew he was going to the Luxor hotel in Las Vegas.  Charlie was also heading to Las Vegas to do some recruiting and to take a small vacation.  Charlie left without telling the rest of the team, but they found out after the Goblin King contacted them through Charlie's comlink.  Nova Corps then headed to Las Vegas to find Charlie, they booked a room at the Caesar's Palace hotel where Charlie had booked his room.  They all then set out to find the nova named Steve De Weeb, who was the shape shifter.  Angel headed to the Luxor where she was helped by a bellboy that took her to the front desk.  It was there that she discovered the bellboy was in fact Steve.  She was transported to a room where she was confronted and fought the Goblin King.  Luckily she was able to use her telepathy to change his memories so that he believed she had said yes when they first met.  He then released Charlie into Las Vegas while he was wearing a red and white baby jumper.  At the same time the rest of the team found where the Soni were, they went to a hotel in Las Vegas called the Sonicator.  There they were jumped, Venom used her venomox to subdue Demona and walk out to save Angel from the Goblin King.  Steve took on the form of Drax's dead wife and asked him not to let DK hurt her again.  This put Drax into a rage and he nearly killed DK, but Tempest was able to blast him with a lightning bolt and snap him out of it.  Tempest then blasted Demona and held her at bay.  When Drax came to Steve shifted into Venom and told Drax she needed to leave and Steve did.  Drax then went over by Tempest and grabbed Demona, much to his surprise Tempest moved his hands from Demona to Drax and told him to stay back.  Tempest then went over to DK's body, picked it up and fogged the room so he could leave without Drax following.  Tempest then headed back to the hotel where Venom and Angel were so that Venom could save DK.  Drax asked Demona for some answers but she wouldn't talk, so he also went back to the hotel.  Angel was then able to talk to Tempest and get him to calm down and begin to trust Drax again.  Then DK finally came to and went insane, using all of his powers he destroyed Caesar's Palace before passing out again.  Angel and Venom took DK back to Chicago before he could do more damage.  Drax and Tempest stayed behind to find Charlie.  In Chicago a strange man named Diedrick Romanov came and offered to take DK away so he could heal him.  After letting Angel read his mind they permitted Diedrick to take DK and he did.  Drax and Tempest then found Charlie and returned to Chicago.
12.   Ve Are Not Directive Agents

The mission starts out with a woman going to Angel's new homeless shelter.  There she asks Angel to help her, it is with her telepathy that Angel discovers that it is in fact the Infiltrator come to ask her for help as he is trying to defect from the Directive.  She takes him to Nova Corps and talks with the team, in the team meeting however Tempest isn't paying attention as he is half tired and humming a song.  Drax tells him to pull it together.  Shortly after they talk to the Infiltrator, two water commissioners named Hans Zimmerman and Frans Zimmerman show up to detect a leak in the building.  The two of them can best be described as the Blues Brothers with trench coats.  The Infiltrator informs the team that they are really Directive agents sent to destroy him.  Drax keeps them busy while Angel flies him to Janesville, Wisconsin.  Drax in the meantime destroys there only mode of transportation and accidentally kills Hans and Frans.  Shortly after they come back to life as if nothing had happened.  They then rent a car and head to Wisconsin.  It is later that evening that Angel discovers them trying to take Infiltrator and saves him, taking him to California.  Meanwhile back and Nova Corps, Drax follows Tempest at night and sees him meet a very good looking girl as they fly off into the night.  The next morning he asks Tempest who she was and Tempest tells him it was a dream.  Drax begins to suspect someone is manipulating Tempest.  Hans and Frans eventually catch up to Angel in California where she again evades them by flying Infiltrator back to Chicago.  There they decide to set a trap for Hans & Frans.  Drax again follows Tempest as he meets his mystery lady, there in the sky he sees that Tempest is dressed in a white toga and has a gold crown of leaves on his head.  Drax is told by a mysterious voice to, "Leave the children alone."  After a time Tempest leaves to return to Nova Corps, Drax catches him and confronts him.  It is then that he learns that Tempest wants to change his name to Zeus.  Hans and Frans return and hijack a cab, they then accidentally pick up Infiltrator and upon discovering him shoot him before Angel is able to pull him from the cab.  The mission ends with Drax and Tempest arguing about Tempest's new found love and if he wants to remain on the team.  As Drax is leaving he notices a pink light flash across Tempest's eyes.
13.   Corn on the Cob

Venom heads to New York to a medical conference and to check up on some nova activity there.  Drax and Angel talk about how to handle the Tempest situation.  Drax goes up to his room and begins talking to him, just then Tempest freaks and puts a huge hole in the side of the building and takes off.  Meanwhile DK is on the streets and checking out Angel's new homeless shelter.  Angel also begins to see visions of Tempest standing on a mountain.  Later that night someone breaks into their computer systems and attempts to download the coordinates of the Broadway oil rig that the team had saved in a previous mission.  Drax reluctantly destroys the mainframe so that the would be hacker is unable to get the data that he was after.  Knowing that the hacker might try again the team heads downstairs where the tape back-up vault is located.  Sure enough the tapes are missing and Charlie is unconscious in his office.  Knowing that the hacker is attempting to find Atlantica, the team gets the sub ready for departure.  However Charlie had a mission for them, sometime earlier that past week someone destroyed the Sailon Oceanic Institute in California and stole five killer whales.  So the team starts their journey in California where they meet Ooze.  It appears that her brother was one of the people killed when the institute was attacked.  She joins up with the team as the head out to see to find the killer whales.  Luckily they are able to track the radio transmitters the whales were wearing.  They catch up with the whales only to discover that they have been mutated with shark DNA into a cross breed.  They also encounter Hammer Head as well as a very large sub piloted by Professor Corn.  Drax attempts to sneak up on the sub, but is captured in a force bubble.  Notable to break free, he discovers a new ability and teleports out of the bubble.  Corn talks with the team and asks them to leave and then teleports them back to the Nova Corps building in Chicago.  They soon head back out to sea, where the encounter them again.  This time Hammer Head actually kills Ooze, and Drax takes the sub to shore with Charlie and DK in it.  When Drax and DK return to the battle ground Angel has been captured by Corn and there is no trace of her anywhere.  Meanwhile in the sub Angel seduces Fabin to release her, she then is able to rejoin Drax and DK.  They decide to take DK to Atlantica to warn and protect them.  Angel and Drax head for Corn's sub only to find it fly out of the water and head for Atlantica.  Angel phases them into the ship where they encounter Hammer Head.  After a long battle Hammer Head knocks Drax out, Angel is able to defeat him by phasing his head through the wall hence killing him.  Corn then grabs some guns and a force field and is ready to take on Angel, but Angel blasts the engine sending the ship spiraling into the sea.  Corn and Fabin are able to escape in pods, Angel is able to land the ship smoothly and free the whales and Drax before the ship sinks.  Later Charlie rescues Angel and Drax in the sub, and they meet DK back in Chicago after he, with the help of Nemo, returns the whales to the institute.
14.   Time Waits For No One I

The mission starts out with Alexander Wheeler III hiring Nova Corps to train him in his new nova powers.  The accept, unfortunately training is cut short when a mysterious time traveler named Dr. Sauron appears and tells them that they have to go back in time and rescue Tempest from Athena and the Olympians.  A group of novas from Sauron's time who are trying to rebuild the Greek gods.  Drax and Angel follow Sauron through the time portal, but just as DK is about to enter Venom returns from New York with Prowler and Celest, her friends from N-Vector.  They all then go through the portal, even Alexander who Drax had ordered to stay at Nova Corps.  They are then all transported through time and space back to ancient Greece.  It is there that Dr. Sauron gets them a safe house with a friend of his that is native to this time.  There they all begin to plan, but Dr. Sauron leaves mysteriously and ventures out on his own.  Shortly there after a tornado strikes the village, DK is sucked out into it and is saved by Drax.  They then decide to let DK go to Mount Olympus disguised as Hades, Lord of the Underworld.  There DK meets Tempest, who now truly believes he is Zeus.  Meanwhile back at the village Aphrodite seduces Alexander and tricks him into fighting the rest of the team.  Alexander is able to take out Drax and Dr. Sauron before he finally has his senses beaten back into him.  Also at this time Prowler is contacted by one of the gods, known as Hermes.  Prowler tricks Hermes into telling him the best way up to Mount Olympus without being seen.  Celest and Drax also see Poseidon in the village.  Drax kills Poseidon and Celest changes to take his place.  The gods then return to Mount Olympus where Athena is forced to accept DK's presence because she does not want Tempest to realize the truth.  Prowler and Venom climb up the backside of Olympus.  Hermes then greets Prowler and Venom when they reach the top, the other members of the team meet up with them as well.  Drax then kills Hermes, and then proceed to find Tempest.  Meanwhile DK lures Athena away where he is able to defeat her.  The team then finds Aphrodite and quickly kills her so she will not be able to influence Tempest.  Celest takes on the form of Aphrodite, her and Drax then head towards Tempest.  When they get there a fight breaks out between Drax and Ares, Ares quickly takes care of Drax, causing Tempest to snap and blast Ares.  The rest of the team gangs up on Ares, Celest and Angel use their mental powers on Tempest to bring him back to normal.  Venom is able to fix Drax, but he is in need of major medical attention as all of the bones in his body have been broken.  The team is eventually able to defeat Ares and Prometheus by the time Dr. Sauron returns, the opens the portal and takes them back through time to safety.
15.   Time Waits For No One II

When the team arrives on the other side of the portal they are back in Chicago.  Dr. Sauron immediately leaves to go about his own business.  When the team gets to Nova Corps they discover that it is actually called Soni Corps.  DK quickly gets a newspaper and discovers they are about 22 years into the future.  Prowler finds a phone to contact Pressman International only to learn that they had been bought out by TEOTWAWKI and no longer exists.  Venom is greeted by Charlie and is able to get Drax to her old lab where she can start healing him.  She soon discovered that he has a singular genetic defect that would allow her to create a mutant plant fiber that would regrow into his skeletal structure.  Much to Angel's surprise she discovers that Grykus returned and took control of the team under Sonique.  They all then decide to get some fresh air.  Prowler heads to New York to discover the truth about Pressman International.  Tempest and Venom stay behind in the lab with Drax, while the rest of the team heads to the Nova Nightshade.  DK and Angel meet with Zantique and begin to learn about some of the changes that have happened over the past 22 years.  After sometime they see Drax enter the bar and get a beer.  Much to the teams surprise they find that this is actually Psych, the son of Drax and Sonique who is also a member of Soni Corps.  Sonique then decides to go and talk to Drax privately about Psych as Psych has a lot of anger towards Drax for leaving him.  Psych soon returns to Soni Corps and hears about Drax, but decides not to bother him just yet.  That night Prowler returns from New York and the power mysteriously goes out and comes back on all over Chicago.  Psych is soon found missing and Sonique is distressed as Lord Dred has been trying to meet with the boy so he can finally see his grandson.  Knowing what kind of power shift this would cause and how Lord Dred would use Psych, Sonique is distressed.  Celest also runs into Dr. Sauron who explains that they did not get back to their own time because there are still fluctuations in the time stream.  He assures him that if he can get them back to their original time, then none of this will take place.  He then opens another time portal and takes them team away again.
16.   Time Waits For No One III

This time the team is transported back in time about 15 years from their normal time to a small town in Romania.  Dr. Sauron quickly recognizes the place and tells the team that he cannot help them on this mission.  All he leaves them with is that they have to save the boy, especially DK.  Then he disappears and tells them he will be back when they are done.  The team begins to head into town when the stop a person hauling a wagon of hay and discover the castle is run by a cruel lord.  They head into town and using the torn pieces of gold from Shockwave's contract get a room at the inn.  Soon they see a small boy bring apples to the inn keeper.  DK follows him home and learns that this boy is in fact Diedrick Romanov.  That night DK, Venom, and Prowler stand watch over his house as the rest of the team falls asleep at the inn.  In the middle of the night he comes out of his house vomiting and scratching a weird rash.  Figuring he is getting close to erupting, DK takes him to Venom where she is able to help heal him.  The next day the team discovers that their minds are constantly being touched by a telepath, neither Angel nor Celest have anything to do with it.  They quickly realize that it is Diedrick.  DK follows him to the lord's castle where he is to pick apples, eventually they take him out of the fields and whip the boy.  Diedrick responds by blasting them with a green bolt of energy.  DK frees Diedrick and takes him out of the castle.  At this point the villagers fear for their lives and head to destroy the boy.  Diedrick tells DK that there is a man waiting for him on the mountain.  Tempest created a bank of fog for them to escape in.  When they reach the mountain DK volunteers to take the boy, but Drax insists he go as well, but not for anyone else to go with.  Little do the two know that Prowler follows them to the mountain.  There they give the boy to the person waiting for them and head back down the mountain where Dr. Sauron is waiting to take them back through time.
17.   Time Waits For No One IV

This time the team arrives in New York in the distant future where they encounter a breed of knights that have begun to assimilate novas and people into borg.  Shortly they are captured and taken to a room with two pillars, there the find that it is an evolved Electrode that has created these borg and is planning on assimilating the world.  They are unable to fight Electrode as he is a pure form of energy.  The team is captured and put into a cell until they will be assimilated.  Soon however a borg is covered with white electricity and frees the team.  They are then lead down into the subway where two novas greet them and take the to Chicago.  There they are taken to the old Soni Corps building where they see another set of pillars.  Except this time it is not Electrode that forms, it is Charlie Rogers who has erupted into a computer, energy being.  He explains that he, along with several other novas and humans fight Electrode and his borg.  He then tells them of a prophecy about the return of Lord Dred and the fall of Electrode.  Drax is able to find some old Helgen leads and recover the body of Lord Dred that is then merged with a clone created by Charlie from Venom and Professor Corn's research.  Dr. Sauron then takes the team back through time, where finally they are able to return back to their own time line, and set everything right.  The one piece of advise that Dr. Sauron leaves with them is, "Live your lives like none of this ever happened, then and only then will your destinies be fulfilled."
18.   Smackdown 

The story starts out with Venom receiving a message from a former colleague named Dr. Monroe to join her in Brazil as they have found a new species of flower on the bottom of a pit.  Charlie is approached by the Illinois State School Board requesting that since Tempest and DK are only 17 years old they should return to high school and finish their education.  Charlie not able to stop the state, informs the team that Tempest and DK have to return to high school.  Tempest is very much excited about being able to be a normal kid again, however DK is not.  Venom leaves for Brazil as Tempest and DK head for school.  Later that day Angel and Drax receive a phone call from the Principal of the school who wants to have a meeting concerning DK.  They also receive another call, this one from Venom.  She has washed up on a beach in South Carolina and has no memory of any of the past missions since they fought Professor Corn.  Angel goes to retrieve Venom while Drax and Charlie head to the school.  When they get there they see that both Tempest and DK are in the principal's office.  DK evidently disintegrated some of the girls clothes for mocking him, while Tempest got hit by a foot ball player for talking to his girlfriend.  Tempest then blew him down the hall into some lockers.  Drax and Charlie are able to fix the situation and bring the boys back to Nova Corps where they meet Venom and Angel.  Drax contacts Dr. Monroe in Brazil and finds that Venom and some other scientists went into the pit and have not yet returned.  They plan to head to Brazil the next day to discover what really has happened.  During the night however the team is drugged and captured by someone unknown to them.  When they finally awake they are in a cell and there is a street punk looking at them that DK recognizes as Juan Ton.  They have been abducted and fitted with collars and will be forced to dog fight in an arena with other novas so that baselines can bet on them.  DK immediately places a side bet on Drax.  Drax fights first and was able to quickly defeat his opponent, Tempest went next and was able to defeat his opponent, but was rendered unconscious from doing so.  Angel easily defeated her opponent and it was then in their cage that a cloaked figure came up to Drax and freed him, saying "Kill them all."  Drax quickly freed the others while he heard the screams from Juan Ton and insane laughter coming from the hallway.  There they discovered most of Juan Ton's body and a pumpkin addressed to Drax saying, "See You Soon."  Drax and DK quickly went topside to take out the people and free Angel and the other novas.  Venom took Tempest and left the building in order to properly examine him.  Drax soon discovered that there was a nova behind this arena named Shadow Master and that he was working with Halloween Jack.  Angel was freed and also quickly left the building while Drax freed the other novas, DK destroyed the building.  They then returned to Nova Corps where Venom soon learned that there was another Venom working in her lab.  After some tests and thinking, the team came to the conclusion that Venom must have been cloned by Professor Corn when he kidnapped her.  Not able to figure out which one was the real Venom, the Venom with the memories stayed with Nova Corps while the one without the memories went back to the Amazon jungle to continue her original research.  Charlie then met with the team and re-negotiated a new six month contract.
19.   What's Yours Is Mine 

The mission starts out with Tempest and DK in school, Drax is off on his own and Angel and Venom are back at the Nova Corps building.  Angel watches the news and discovers that the Soni team are missing.  She also has a vision of a young girl being taken from the streets and calling out DK's name.  Charlie returns and they are sent to California to do a rescue mission after some very bad earthquakes have struck the city of San Francisco.  When they return they find that two novas disguised as Sonique and Midas stopped by the building on their way to the Nova Nightshade.  When they get to the Nova Nightshade they discover that Zantique and Electrode have also been abducted.  They then decide to go out and look for the kidnappers and come across a woman hiding in a tree.  After some discussion she disappears.  When they return to Nova Corps they find that the building is glowing with electricity.  After putting that out they begin rebuilding again.  Drax is then contacted by a nova name Genesis who is working for a nova named Kosh.  He tells Drax that Kosh has the ability to copy other nova's powers and has been kidnapping them for his own personal use.  Genesis tells Drax that he wants out and away from Kosh because he is afraid he is next.  They were to meet at a rendezvous, but Genesis never showed up.  That next day Tempest is kidnapped from his room, but not before he is able to write a GPS program for Angel to track him.  They are lead down into the coast of Brazil, but before they can get there, their plane is hit with a hurricane off of the coast of Mexico.  Angel and Venom make it to safety, but Angel goes back to help Drax and DK, when they all return, Venom has also been abducted.  They rest of the team makes it to a city in Brazil where DK runs into a nova named Firestorm that also wants out from Kosh.  They setup another meeting, but Firestorm never makes it.  They are then re-contacted by Chameal who tried to contact them earlier in the tree.  She too is working for Kosh and fears for her life.  She gives them the information they need to break into Kosh's hideout where he is keeping all of the novas.  But she too disappears before she can help them.  Later that night they all see a nova gone mad, displaying all of the powers he took trashing the city in which they were staying.  Angel is able to stop him by singing the song that Aphrodite used on Tempest and causing Kosh to turn into Zeus for a short amount of time.  It is evident that Kosh has the ability to copy the minds of novas as well as their powers.  They then go to the island and free all of the novas captured there, including the mysterious girl named Sara that is from DK's past.
20.   It'll Be A Cold Day

The mission starts out with Drax leaving a note that he had to take care of some personal business and that he would return soon.  The remaining Nova Corps team is hired by Prime Minister Henry Opdahl of Latnia to come back and help him.  It seems that Baron Von Freezemore has been missing for three days and a civil war has broken out amongst the people.  A religious cult calling themselves the Black Scorpions have been recruiting the people of Latnia to work for them in an attempt to take over the country.  The team goes there and quickly discovers that the people are being drugged into working for the cult.  They find however that the cult is using some sort of nova ability to drug the people.  They follow some of the cult members back to their temple where they discover that it is actually Velletta and the Cult of Barakas behind all of this.  They find Freezemore and a fourteen year old boy named Linx that they have been using to create their mind drug from his blood.  Angel is able to free Freezemore and the boy, but the boy, Linx, died in her arms while she was flying him to safety.  Venom summoned several hundred black scorpions and killed the high priest of the cult.  Tempest and DK were able to use Venomox on Velletta just as Angel returned to the scene and dragged Velletta into the ground where she now rests for her crimes.  Freezemore took care of the funeral arrangements for Linx and thanked Nova Corps for bringing peace back to Latnia.