Missions:  1-10
1.   It's Only Forever

Angel is asked to go to Venezuela by the Catholic Church to help a mission.  The church is trying to dispel the myth that she is actually and angel from God.  She goes there and helps the mission, but discovers that the town is being plagued by demons that come out at night.  She finds them and fights them and is knocked out of the sky by a mysterious voice.  She is saved by Venom, the next day the two of them meet.  That next night they encounter the Goblin King who asks Angel to join him and retake the world for the goblins.  She says no, and they fight him during the next day.  Venom is rescued by an invisible stranger as they run from the labyrinth before it is destroyed.
2.   Trick or Treat

Drax takes some time a way from the world to go to his uncle's cabin in Canada.  It is destroyed under mysterious circumstances.  Drax is then lured to Washington DC by his old former CIA partner Cindy Johnston.  She says she has been kidnapped and will be murdered.  Several attempts on Drax's life are made before he arrives.  When he gets there he is led to an abandoned building where he finds Cindy and Halloween Jack.  It is revealed to him that it is Jack Hughes, a drug lord he and Cindy had busted when they were in the CIA.  He is unable to save Cindy as Halloween Jack kills her, Drax goes into a rage and defeats Halloween Jack, but he flees before he is killed.
3.   Magnetic Attraction

Angel and Venom return to Chicago and talk to the Cardinal from the Catholic church from their last mission.  They stay the night in a Motel 8.  Outside they see a bum digging for food in the dumpster and throw food out to him.  He sneaks around back and discovers that it is really not a Motel 8, but a place where the Cult of Barakas is gathering novas for food.  The bum introduces himself as DK, a young 17 year old nova from the streets of Chicago.  They join forces and take out the person who is behind the Cult's work here, a nova with great magnetic powers called Velletta.  In so doing they also discover that the town of Chicago is run by HIM.  They defeat Velletta and then are met by one Charlie Rogers who offers them positions with a new nova team corporation called Nova Corps.  After negotiations they move to their new skyscraper in downtown Chicago.
4.   Welcome to Nova Corps

The mission begins by the forth and final member joining the team, Drax.  At first the team is run through the danger room to test their powers and to assign rank for the team.  It is decided that Drax will lead the team, followed by Angel, Venom, and then DK.  Their first mission was to go off the coast of North Carolina where an oil tanker had been destroyed by what appeared to be members of the nova team Soni.  Venom contained the oil in sea weed while Drax and DK fixed the ship.  Angel went and talked to the rest of the crew to determine what happened.  Later when the team returned Angel was contacted by the Directive for what was said to be her own safety.  She was to meet with them, but Drax and DK decided it was dangerous and they went to the meeting place early and DK used his powers to wipe out all of the Directive agents.  Later the team was given another mission, one of secrecy.  They were to go to Colorado where there was a terrorist bunker that had captured a very high tech satellite that had fallen from orbit.  There mission was to re-capture the satellite and leave it at a rendezvous point for their client.  They were also told that they would run into members from the nova team Soni and that they were to stop them from getting the satellite.  Nova Corps arrived, destroyed the people on the base, and took out the Soni team.  They then left the satellite at the rendezvous point.  When they were leaving DK and Angel saw a giant ship move through the clouds, open a door at the bottom.  A figure then floated half way down, the satellite floated up into the ship followed by the figure.  The ship then left the area as mysteriously as it came.
5.   Halloween Jack's Revenge

This mission starts out with a new nova walking through the front doors of Nova Corps.  Her name is Foxfire and she just stopped by out of curiosity.  Things heat up when Charlie takes her to the danger rooms and tries to sign this new recruit.  She decides to try the team out for a while.  Meanwhile, DK is abducted off of the streets by the Directive.  After interrogating him, he gives them no answers as to what happened to their base in Chicago, and to what was the information they were going to give to Angel. Since he would not co-operate they brought in a nova of their own called, The Infiltrator.  He immediately took on a liquid form and possessed DK.  The new DK went back to the Nova Corps team to find the answers for the Directive.  It did not take him long to discover that it was Nova Corps that destroyed the Directive base, and even more importantly it was DK himself.  However he was unable to ascertain what information the Directive agents were going to share with Angel.  If it were not for Foxfire's telepathic abilities, Nova Corps would never have known that DK was implanted with a Directive agent.  The team was then hired by a nova named Baron Von Freezemore to go back with him to his country of Latnia and liberate it from a military army.  However on the flight back, it was hijacked and taken down over a deserted island by Halloween Jack.  He, and the help of several mutated novas, were able to defeat most of the Nova Corps team.  If it were not for Drax, Halloween Jack would have defeated them.  They then went back to Nova Corps headquarters and rested before trying to go back to Latnia.  It was then that Foxfire had had enough and left.  They went back to Latnia and helped Freezemore get into the castle, however when they got there, Drax and Angel overheard a conversation between the military general and the Goblin King.  When DK told Freezemore that the Goblin King was involved, Freezemore then let the team know that Jareth was in fact his brother.  Freezemore was able to convince the Goblin King to let him have their kingdom and the Goblin King disappeared.
6.   Avalon

Things start out with the return of Baron Von Freezemore to the Nova Corps team.  He wants to hire the team to stop a mad man from wiping the minds of the human race.  He shows them a CD that he and every other member of the UN had received.  He plays it, much to the dislike of DK, the chair on the screen turned around and there sat Lord Dred, HE himself.  Dred demanded that the countries of the world surrender the power to him because baselines were not fit to govern novas and he was taking the world back for them.  Dred gave the world leaders three days in which to put their affairs in order and give him their countries, or he would use a high-tech satellite to emit a pulse set for the brain waves of baselines.  Novas would not be affected because their brain waves operate at a different frequency due to the MR Node.  It was shortly after this that a Directive agent contacted DK to verify exactly what satellite they had recovered from their mission.  The Directive then made a deal with DK that he would help them locate the satellite as Dred seemed to have found a way to shield the satellite from all forms of scanning.  This made Venom curious as she remembered she had attended a seminar at MIT by a Dr. Richard Steinboch that talked about generating a negative energy field to shield an object from scans.  When they got to MIT they discovered that Dr. Richard Steinboch was in fact now the nova named Electrode who was known to work for Dred.  They did find a way to penetrate the cloaking device with some research still left at MIT.  And also with the help of Drax they found where it was located and how to break it's protective energy shield.  Drax then informed them that due to his connections he couldn't be there to help the team, and needed to make an appearance to keep his cover.  Angel then used her telepathy to wipe his memories so he could escape suspicion.  Venom, Angel, and Charlie went into space to destroy the satellite.  They were discovered by Dred, who appeared to them in a giant space station named Avalon.  Deciding that he would be merciful after they destroyed his satellite, he had Charlie eject the engine and sent the three of them spiraling down towards the Earth to burn in the atmosphere.  Little did they know how connected Drax was to Dred, for it was then that Drax grabbed a space suit and left Avalon and caught their shuttle before Angel, Venom, and Charlie were destroyed.  Little is now known about Drax and Dred, except that Dred is not done yet.
7.   40% Chance of Tempest

After the destruction of the satellite and Drax's position in Chicago being compromised, Drax left Nova Corps for a time to go to Canada where his uncle had a cabin.  He began repairing it after it had been destroyed.  Out of no where a 17 year old boy emerged from the forest scared and alone.  Drax turned invisible and tried to contact the boy, but he reacted and unleashed a cloud of fog upon the lake.  He started to run towards the cabin and while he was running began flying.  Drax finally showed himself to the boy and calmed him down.  Meanwhile back in Chicago, Angel received a letter from Sister Helda and Sister Frieta that the demons from Venezuela had returned.  Immediately recognizing that this was in fact the Goblin King, Angel then contacted Drax.  Drax not wanting to leave the boy alone brought him with to Nova Corps where he introduced himself as Tempest.  They went to Venezuela and to the mission where Angel immediately disappeared.  A voice contacted Drax and told him that she would be willing to exchange Angel for the boy.  Drax figured out that the voice was in fact Sonique, leader of the Soni.  They made the exchange but were unable to stop Sonique and the Goblin King from taking Tempest.  They were able after much time to find the Soni hide out located in Iowa, and also discovered that Sonique had put a contracted hit out on Charlie Rogers.  There they found that Sonique was using another nova named Doppleganger to copy Tempest and steal his powers.  Angel was able to take back Tempest's lifeless body and get them back to their jeep.  Venom quickly diagnosed Tempest with a form of coma, this set off Drax's rage and he put a hole in the jeep and went back to the Soni hide out.  He immediately killed Doppleganger, but Sonique and the Goblin King got away.  When he calmed, he had little to no recollection of what he had done to Doppleganger.  They were able to awaken Tempest back at Nova Corps and decided to keep him with them for his own safety and much needed training.
8.   The Corny Mission

In everyone's life you have a day that is weird, this is mission is by no exception one of those days.  Charlie called a meeting to discuss their next mission, to bring down a mad scientist named Professor Corn, that had been doing research involving live MR node transplants from novas to baselines.  When they were breaking up the meeting Venom, DK, and Tempest disappeared out of the room in a flash of purple light.  When they figured out where they were, they were in a strange place where the trees grew upside down.  They were also there with two other novas, Mirramax and Grykus.  They then discovered they were brought there by a demi-god calling himself the Gamesmaster.  It was here that they had to fight mock re-creations of the villains from their own world, such as Halloween Jones, and Lord Greed.  They were able to find a portal back to their own world, but the Gamesmaster tried to stop them.  They pulled him through the portal where he became mortal and were able to destroy him.  It was then that they met the rest of the Nova Corps team where Grykus and Drax remembered each other as Grykus was the one who trained Drax in martial arts.  Tempest began looking for Professor Corn on opnet, but happened across a file and bolts of energy came from his computer and tried to fry him.  Drax then decided to take Tempest back to Canada to train him and help settle him down with his new powers.  Grykus agreed to take Drax's place on the team until he returned.  Mirramax decided to go on her own way.  That very next night the Nova Corps building was shrunk to be about five inches tall.  Luckily everyone made it out, and a strange man left a note in Angel's pocket stating, Stop Now.  They got a jet from the airport and headed to New Mexico where Tempest had pinpointed Professor Corn's lab.  Their jet was shrunk in mid-air, and when they all made it down to the ground they were attacked by a giant spider controlled by a human brain.  It was then that Professor Corn took Charlie and transported the rest of the team back to Chicago.  They immediately went back to New Mexico and found his lab, which seemed to be inside a field that was removed from normal space.  Once they got close Corn kidnapped Venom and revealed his plan to take Venom's node and transplant it into Charlie.  They were able to get in, Grykus then defeated a henchman of Corn's named Gorf.  They were able to then break into Corn's lab and free Charlie and Venom.  Unfortunately Corn and Fabin escaped and destroyed the lab, luckily they all made it out.  When they got out they found Corn and Fabin trying to escape in a jeep, they grabbed them and took them to Chicago and made them restore the Nova Corps building.  Shortly after Corn and Fabin disappeared before they could be turned over to the Directive for their crimes.
9.   Chuck's Buy Out

The team starts this mission out by trying to protect Charlie from the assassin that Sonique has sent to kill him.  They also discover that Charlie is in fact a vice president at Nova Corps and that Nova Corps will be meeting with the Soni corporation later that week to discuss the possible buy out of Nova Corps by Soni.  Charlie seems to be the only one on the board that can prevent this from happening by what he knows about the team and Soni.  They go to a nova bar called the Nova Nightshade where they meet a woman called Mary who is newly erupted and fleeing from Soni.  Angel also sees a man sitting in a dark corner of the bar and follows him out, where he drives away, leaving behind a Soni pamphlet.  Grykus, wanted Mary to be safe goes back to her hotel and spends the night with her.  The next day they take Mary to Charlie's office where when she goes to sign the contract both her and Charlie disappear.  They head to Boston, the headquarters of Soni.  There they find Charlie tied to a chair with Mary sitting beside him.  Looking at the time DK sends Angel back to pose as Charlie at the board meeting.  She is able to show up and impersonate him and save Nova Corps from the buy out, much to the dismay of Sonique and her new vice president Jareth.  Grykus then goes to save Charlie from Mary, but Mary is able to stop him and prove her love for him.  Charlie and the rest of Nova Corps returns to their home in Chicago, while Grykus decides to go with Mary to her tropical island where they can be together.
10.   Deep Blue Sea

Drax and Tempest return from Canada where Drax has taught Tempest to control his powers.  They also find that for some odd reason Charlie is under more stress than he can handle.  Shortly after that they are sent on a mission by Broadway Oil, the oil company that they had saved the oil tanker for.  They are told that Broadway Oil has an underwater oil rig sitting on the edge of a deep chasm.  They know there is potentially the biggest field of oil ever found on the ocean floor there.  Nova Corps is sent down because the oil rig has been attacked twice by an unknown force, possibly novas.  They get there and are able to stabilize the station and help with the injured crew.  They find that the station appears to have been attacked by Megladons, prehistoric sharks similar to Great Whites that are approximately seventy feet long.  To find the mystery in the bottom of the chasm, Angel phases herself and goes down the drilling hole where the crew had struck an unusual for of coral.  When she gets there she sees a beautiful under water city, she talks with the leader of the city, Nemo.  He tells her that they have in fact tried to get the land walkers to leave for they are destroying their city.  He also asks her to leave as she is also a land walker and not welcome in Atlantica.  She returns to the surface and a few hours go by while she tells her team mates of what she saw.  The oil rig is then attacked again by four of the great sharks and one nova who appears to be controlling them and is shark like himself.  Angel talks to him telepathically and discovers his name is Hammer Head and he has no interest in a peaceful resolution.  The team goes out into the water and begins fighting, Drax is then taken a way back to the underwater city by a girl named Dyke.  There he discovers that they are attacking because Hammer Head said that the land walkers had taken their leader Nemo.  With the help of Dyke, Drax is able to stop the rest of the Atlanticans from destroying the rig and his team.  The also take Hammer Head into custody, and with the help of Angel, free Nemo.  Nova Corps then contaminates a sample of oil for the crew of the oil rig so that they will believe their own reactor from the rig has contaminated the oil.  Nova Corps is extended an open invitation to Atlantica by Nemo, as they have proven themselves.  Nova Corps saves the rest of the crew and returns to Chicago.