Level One Spells
Bless Water Calm Animal Detect Magic
Disarm Dry Fitted Garment
Flounder Opponent Invisibility to Animals Itch
Lagomorpic Summoning Light Lighted Object
Lightning of Myhnegon Mirror Blast Open Passage
Open What is Sealed Repair Object Scry
Shatter Object Tongue of Fiends Ventriloquism
 Level Two Spells
Anti-Scry Clouding Cook
Eye of Horus Falcon Crown Gaia's Nourishment
Ghost Form Glamour Hideaway
Magical Mail Mental Alarm Return to Rest
Shield of Karma Transparency Whispering Wind
 Level Three Spells
Adamanteus Air Ambient Voice Ankh
Binding the Shell Blessing of Shamash Bolt of Apollo
Breath of the Entropic Circle of Unseen Spirit Darkness
Delay Poison Dream Quest Dream Travelling
Eligor's Respite Firestorm Fuddle
Immovable Mountain Insect Ward Lifting the Demon's Veil
Luna Lends Me Her Eyes Mark of Aeolus Mark of Athena
Mirage Motionless Victim Mystical Tools
Nightmare Neutralize Poison Past Life Seeing
Resist Dirt Skin of Stone Sleep
Speak with Dead Techno-Invisibility Touch of Vishnu
Truth Spell Walking the Clouds Water Walk
Weather Eye Zombie Creation
 Level Four Spells
Collapsing Spell Crypt Trap Force Wall
Frost Shards Ghost Ward Glass Transmutation
Hebron's Binding Mesmerize Missile
Rain of Sin Ritual of Joining Shadow Hide
Silent Tongue Undaunted Fixture Unseen Ink
Ward of Shrouding Warrior of the Earth
 Level Five Spells
Animal Transformation Biting Blade Death Exchange
Double Earthquake Hammer of Govannon
Happiness Hidden Object People Retrieval
Seal of Silence Sleep Ward Substitutiary Locomotion
Time Freeze Unnatural Concentration Veiled Eyes
Wasting Death
 Level Six Spells
Binding Field Circle of Hades Coma
Forgetfulness Heart Rip Life Transfer
Murder of the Crows Statuette of Hatak Steal Youth
Teleportation Binding Time Reverse
 Level Seven Spells
Fafnir's Icy Gaze Life Force Drain Mystical Restraining Order
Petrification Strength of Magic Translocation Trick
 Level Eight Spells
Curse of Caldoon Dispersal Dream Power Binding
Swarm of Death