Divine Being
Cost: 7 Points

A divine being is a character whose nature is more divine than demonic.  They have no memory of their previous life, or of who they are and suffer from amnesia.  They get a +2 Strength, +3 Dexterity, +3 Constitution.  Their blood is also blessed and works like holy water.  They also can only die from having their hearts removed and burned, and are otherwise immortal.  They heal Constitution levels per hour and can also identify supernatural qualities of other people, such as if they are a vampire or not.  Divine Beings suffer a 3 point Adversary drawback for vampires and demons as well as another 3 points for amnesia.  They also suffer a 2 point Honorable drawback as well as the Humorless drawback.
Cost: 2 Points

Ex-Priest means that the individual was at one point a priest, or some sort of religious leader within a church.  It gives them a +1 Intelligence and +1 Occultism, as well as allowing them the ability to bless water and other items by performing the ritual.
Cost: 13 Points

Being a ghost means that you were someone who has already passed away.  With this quality you linger here on Earth for a time.  However with this quality the ordinary person cannot see you.  Only those with the Spirit Medium quality can communicate with you or others who may have some link to you.  You can move objects around using a Will and the appropriate Skill roll -2.  You also have the ability to possess others with a resisted Will doubled roll.  However this only lasts success level minutes.  Otherwise you are meant to walk this world with no physical form.
Cost: 20 Points

Incorporeal means that your character can not only become invisible, but can also become phased like a ghost.  Your character has the ability to shift to another plane other than this one.  This is the case in some demon races such as a paranoia demon, or ethros demon where they can give up their physical form.
Cost: 12 Points

A Mantis creature is actually an offspring of Ms. French, the she-mantis from Buffy, Season One.  The mantis can be either male or female.  The males will have the desire to mate and then expect to die, while the females would want to mate, then kill their mate.  The character can actually be aware of this fact and try to fight their instincts in order to do good.  The Mantis has two forms, human and mantis which they can switch at will.  The Mantis gets a +4 to Strength, +3 to Dexterity, +3 to Constitution when in mantis form.  They also 4 levels of Hard to Kill.  When in mantis form they can bite, doing 2x Strength Slash/Stab damage, and use their pincers, doing 3x Strength Slash/Stab damage.  However in Mantis form they suffer a -4 to their Attractiveness, after all they are a big bug.
Cost: 12 Points

Being a mummy means that you have died several years prior and have had certain burial rituals performed on you.  These rituals usually involve binding the mummy to an object of some sort, so that when the object is disturbed the mummy is awakened.  It is up to the ritual to decide if the object is meant to imprison the mummy, or if the mummy is to protect the object.  Mummies get +3 to Strength, +2 to Dexterity, and +3 to Constitution.  They are Immortal and get 5 levels of Hard to Kill.  Mummies can take on the appearance of normal people, but once they take damage and are at half life points they begin to revert back to their mummy appearance.  They also suffer an Obligation of 3 as they are bound to an object.  Mummies can also regenerate 4 times Constitution per turn, but must touch a living person and drain them of an equal number of life points.  Mummies also do not suffer from Slash/Stab damage.
Cost: 14 Points

Nagas are an ancient race of snake-like people who dwell in subterranian caverns under Africa.  The top half of their bodies are mostly human, while the bottom half is that of a snake.  They get a +2 to Dexterity and a +3 to Constition when in their natural Naga form.  They can assume a full human form, but only after drinking a good amount of alcohol.  They have an accute sense of smell, using their tongues like a snake does.  In their natural form they regenerate per turn and can use their tail as a natural weapon, doing 4 x Strength bashing.  However in their Naga form, they suffer a -3 to Attractiveness.  Nagas can only be killed by decapitation and are prone to psychic powers.
 Nano-Tech Robot
Cost: 11 Points

Nano-Tech Robots are just like normal robots except that they are composed of and maintained by several smaller robots called nanites.  These nanites repair the robot when it becomes damaged.  Nano-Tech Robots get +4 to Strength, +1 to Dexterity, and +2 to Constitution.  The Nano-Tech Robot can regenerate Constitution levels per turn.
Cost: 4 Points

Priest means that the individual is a priest or other religious leader of a church.  It gives them a +2 Intelligence, +2 Occultism, +2 Knowledge, as well as allowing them the ability to bless water and other items by performing the ritual.  They also have a 2 point Obligation drawback, representing their commitment to the church.
 Rogue Gundall Demon
Cost: 10 Points

A Gundall Demon is a snake-like parasite that lives in human hosts.  Being a Rogue Gundall Demon means that the individual has become a host body to a Gundall Demon that has turned its back on its own race.  The mind and memories of the host remain in tact, however they are now controlled by the demon.  The host can no longer survive without the demon and will die immediately if the demon is removed.  The host body gains +3 to Strength, +2 Dexterity, +2 Constitution.  They also gain a +1 to Occultism, reflecting the knowledge of their demonic race.  They can also Regenerate 1 Life Point for every Constitution Level per minute, as well as gaining 3 levels of Hard to Kill.  Gundall hosts also gain +5 to resist any mental ability done to them.  They suffer from Mild Cruelty, and Paranoia as they also gain an Adversary to all Gundall demons who wish to hunt them down and destroy them.
 Turquesa Demon
Cost: 8 Points

Turquesa Demons are a half-human race of demons that are mostly good.  Some just try to live their lives, while others become champions for the forces of good.  They get +1 to Willpower, and have both a human and demon form.  When in demon form they get -3 to Attractiveness, +3 to Strength, +2 to Dexterity, +3 to Constitution.  They can Regenerate 1 Life Point for every Constitution Level per hour.  They are not known for having a sense of Humor and have trouble lying, therefore they automatically get the Humorless and Honorable (Minimal) drawbacks and cannot spend the points from either one.  They also gain 3 levels of Hard to Kill.
 Valkryn Demon
Cost: 13 Points

Valkryn demons are a female warrior race of demons.  They are blue skinned with yellow eyes and have sharp teeth.  They live and fight by a very strict code of honor.  Valkryn demons get a +3 to Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution.  They are Immortal as they do not age, but can die by normal means.  They also have retractable finger nails that act like claws and do 3 times Strength, Slash/Stab damage.  They regenerate Constitution levels per minute and have 5 levels of Hard to Kill.  Valkryn demons are also quite violent and suffer a -2 Anitsocial Impulse for it.  They also suffer from a -1 Humorless drawback as well as a -2 Honorable drawback.
 Vampire Hunter
Cost: 5 Points

A Vampire Hunter is someone who has dedicated themselves to hunting down vampires, and eradicating as many of them as possible. While the Slayer was the first human who fought the Vampires head on, she could only be in one place at a time.  Organizing in Brotherhoods (many times supported by the various religions over the course of time), Vampire Hunters strive to take back the night from the Vampires.  This quality represents organized training by one of the various brotherhoods of hunters; unless trained by such a brotherhood, individual hunters will not have this quality.  Vampire Hunters get a +1 to Strength, Constitution, Intelligence, and Willpower (to a maximum of 6).  They also get 2 levels of Hard to Kill, and a +1 to Getting Medieval.  Vampire Hunters also get a +1 to Language, and a +3 Wild Card Vampire Knowledge.  Vampire Hunters suffer a 2 point Vampire Adversary drawback, as well as 1 point of Honorable, 1 point Obligation to the Hunter's Brotherhood, and a 2 point Secret (Vampire Hunter).
 Werewolf Hunter
Cost: 4 Points

Werewolf Hunters have all had family or friends victimized by a Werewolf (and witnessed the attack); in some cases, they are survivors of Werewolf attacks themselves. Seeking retribution, they are recruited by the few groups who actively train to hunt such "creatures".  Organized Werewolf Hunters form societies they call a Lodge.  Werewolf Hunters gain the Nerves of Steel quality, as well as a +1 to Gun Fu and Notice.  They also get a +3 Wild Card Skill for Werewolf Knowledge.  They suffer a 2 point Werewolf Adversary drawback.  Werewolf Hunters also take a 1 point Cruelty Mental Problem and suffer from Recurring Nightmares.